W E A K [Psychological Horror] WIP]

Could use some suggestions for this game. Premise is a darkness cuts a shut-in off from the rest of the world and you have to survive a week (but it’s also about human weakness ya feel)

Give it a try, it’s kind of a mess right now (ignore the formatting for when stats increase/decrease):

Could use some ideas and such, what works, what doesn’t, what should I add, is the repetition stuff boring?

And if there’s any glaring issues lemme know.

Thing I’m still trying to implement–
-Companions (bringing someone with you into the darkness)
-Endings (I know they suck right now lmfao, what sort of endings do you think would be appropriate?)
-Better conversations with certain characters (Oliver should probably do more than just sit around right)

7 Days, 7 Characters (one to find each day, whether outside or inside), 7 Stats & their corresponding lack/excess (I want to add Anger/Calm, Jealousy/Compersion, and one opposing pair that I’m open to suggestions for)

IDEAS (thoughts on these?)
-Time moves backwards if sanity is low enough (you’ll go from Thursday to Wednesday)
-Some means of getting lore about the what’s going on (or keep it ambiguous)

If you have a good idea I’ll like 99% put it in eventually.

UPDATE 1: Added a companion feature for the first couple nights (you can bring people you save with you outside) but it’s untested. Also fixed some grammar and syntax stuff.
UPDATE 2: Oliver will talk to you about his dreams on Day 4 now.


Pretty good so far. Haven’t gotten far in my playthrough but here when you choose “You had a child” it says your guilt increases, but instead it increases your acceptance. Some other choices similar to this do the same thing as well.

Also, some of the list description like “trapping you, swallowing you, crushing you” could use periods instead of commas and or be in italics to create more drama. Maybe. Don’t have to do this one just a suggestion.

Enjoyed reading it so far. Looking forward to reading more.

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This…hit close to home. Remarkably good work.

There’s a syntax error when looking at the Renaissance painting. There’s also a grammatical error (i.e ‘sad’ instead of ‘sadness.’)


What the story about I don’t get it

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Its about humans’ weaknesses.

Oh man… this remind me of my own… Good job on describing all of the weaknesses! I believe I got to end but I’m pretty sure you aren’t finished with it.


there is big history of human weaknesses

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Is it just me, or is there no option to interact with a pet you still own in the present?

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So did we end up with Anabele at the end or was it all a dream sequence im confused…

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There is an obvious opportunity for a pun gerr but I’m not taking it.


Ah that’s worrying cause you’re definitely right in that I’m sure I missed some lines but I double checked the child thing and that code looked to be working fine. I’ll make sure that the rest of the stats are working as intended, thanks!

Honestly it’s pretty obtuse and abstract and I could work on that. I want to keep what the darkness is sort of vague but that means I need more concrete things happening I think.

Still working on pets and what they should do so I’m receptive to any ideas.

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$(victim} is dead, his eyes still open, staring at you, the light stolen from his eyes.

You could always make them turn into direwolf-esque creatures at night to defend the MC lol

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I noticed this in my stat screen:
-A hunting knife. Kept on your person. -A note, made out to the old man’s wife. Unread. Kept in your bedroom.

-A hunting knife, given to you by an old man you rescued from his collapsing house. Kept on your person. -A note, made out to the old man’s wife. Unread. Kept in your bedroom.

I’m pretty sure this is a typing error. Just thought you should know!

Yup, thanks!

I thought of something like this, maybe the trade off is you have to feed them and then they protect you?


I still need to make individual endings for winning with each character + character’s you romanced.


Hey again. For some reason you can’t check the stats.

It says: "choicescript_stats line 112: invalid line; this line should start with ‘percent’, ‘text’, or ‘opposed_pair’ "

Just thought you should know.

How many chapters is there and will there be more or is it finish

You should definitely add saves mostly because there is a lot to read through and at some choices game bugs out.

I seem to encounter an bug, where after the light contacts me, when I try to go outside my game crashes

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Did you try clearing your cache? It works just fine for me.