Vulture Of Shadows


My first game, it’s gonna be about a Zombie Apocalypse, cause we don’t have enough of those… Either way, I’m hard at work daily on the project :smiley: By the way, English is not my first language, it’s actually my third, so I’m sorry for any grammatical mistakes I make. It’s actually based off of a short story I was working on. Which is also not finished yet, not even close, so they will develop together and when I’m done with them, you will be able to read the original story it’s based off of, and then your choices, and compare the two.

That’s the logo for the story, and if you want to read the short story I’m currently working on, just ask, I’ll happily comply.

Welp here is the original story, note that there will be diverse story lines and difficulties for example you can live in NYC and its very hard there, or Chicago for medium etc. But heres the story:

If you want too see developments in the game as they happen you can check out my snapchat: Double O’ Fedoro (Name) or victor.s27 (Username) Whichever one you actually need. Also, sorry for the bad quality, my outfacing camera got broken, well the lens is still there, and I haven’t gotten a replacement cover for it yet so, yea. Some extremely small pieces of glass are on the lens, adding black spots in some areas.

Alright, I’ve finished the first playable demo, It’s pretty short with only Dallas City available, and only a small portion of the game available, this will be changed in the future, alot, probably. Either way here’s the Dropbox link:

So I’ve “finished” the first section of Dallas City in the game and the stats. Instead of the old, complicated, nonsense stats, I now have much broader themes. The new stats, which might be reworked again, are:

Vigor, Furtiveness, Embezzlement, Thrift, Synthesis, and Resilience. Feel free to google those if you would like.

There will probably be more added over time, but no one can know for sure. Also The game will have a very branching storyline, I know I’ve said this earlier, but now it’s more prominent than ever before. As you know you can choose from one of 4 starting positions, well the one I’m currently working on, Dallas City, branches off into 4 other unique areas that it is impossible to get to otherwise. In the future I’m planning on addind in even more unique areas that are inaccesable unless from a specific storyline. Hopefully this adds to the diversity and uniqueness of the game as I don’t know many with extremely diverse storylines.


I know , right !? :wink:

Yes , please ! :smile:
Put a link to it in the original post , it really helps to actually see how the game/story is holding up !

Also , good luck with the game ! :grin:


Not really a lot to go on, but if you add twists and turns to make it different from ZE I’ll be totally up for it.


Can’t wait for the demo hope it up soon


You haven’t really told us much about the story itself. But it sounds good. :slight_smile: I shall wait for le demo.


Yay! I enjoyed ZE quite a lot, and I hope you do very well with this, I’m looking forward to any progress and I would actually like to read what you have so far on your own short story :smile:

If it isn’t too much to ask, would you be willing to tell me what your first language is?


It’s Ukrainian, my second is Russian. Although I have been in America for quite some time now, so I’m pretty fluent in it, so there shouldn’t be many mistakes, but if you try to hold a long conversation with me, I sometimes struggle with words. People say that I have an accent, although I say I don’t.


It’s like a story not a interactive game


Well when I wrote the story I wasn’t planning on making a game. That is just an example of some of the elements that can be used. The actual game has very diverse story lines and choices will have huge affects. The game will be pretty different from that. The story was just a sort of inspiration for me to create it, so there will be some Easter eggs and such in the game that have to do with the story.


Thanks for sharing, I’ll help as much as possible!!


It sound great I love it so far but not there’s not enough zombie apocalypse games but I think there’s not enough without zombies playing in it but good luck to you


Hey, man! Your game sounds amazing so far! Can’t wait for more details on the story. I heavily enjoyed ZE, Zombien, and CoZ, and I’m glad we are adding to that list! (I’m a zombie fanboy, if that wasn’t already evident.)

I like the idea of choosing where to start, even if there’s just two locations, it sounds highly intriguing. Could we get more info on the character creation at least, if I may ask? I’m just curious. Is it basic, or advanced, like some other CoGs? And what about the zombs themselves? Will you tackle that in a basic way, (slow moving, little to no intelligence), or more advanced, like with mutations and all that jazz?

Like I said, can’t wait for more info. Your short story is good, and you seem like you could make another awesome, original game.


Well for starters I’m planning on having 4 different locations and each one with different difficulties and story-lines. Many choices will have consequences in the future and people will remember your choices, if you stay with people.

For the character creation, not quite sure how to classify it, but there will be a gender, and name choice. There will be stats, the ones you get to choose to put points are popularity, proprioception, thrift, logistics, steel-trap photographic memory, and visualization. Each one will be useful in different scenarios. Then of course you can decide where you start and what job you have in that area. The jobs will affect your skills and ability to perform different tasks and jobs, for example, a mechanic can fix vehicles and understands them more than a doctor.

While in the super easy difficulty area, there will be very few mutants and zombies will be weaker, if you choose to go into more difficult areas there will be more mutants, zombies will be smarter and more advanced, and in that scenario you’ll have to cover up every little hole in your base, if you have one, or the zombies will break through. So zombie intelligence will matter on where you decide to live.

If you have any more questions about the game I’ll be happy to answer them, as long as they don’t spoil anything. :smiley:


Sounds awesome, man. You should put up a list of the professions, if you have them all planned out.

Actually, if you need help with anything at all involving the game (including ideas, suggestions, feedback, or mabye things like English stuff), feel free to shoot me a PM anytime. I’d love to help out.

Good luck man, I’ll keep an eye on this thread for the future, definitely.


Alright, I’ll keep it in mind. But the professions aren’t all planned out yet, I only have the ones for Dallas City, IL, which is the super easy difficulty area.


Sounds a lot like ZE which is awesome, but I was wondering if you had something in mind to make your game different than all the other zombie games out there. Anyways good luck with coding! :smile:


Well, I’m planning on having multiple story-lines, creating replay-ability as you can decide to stay in many different areas each with their own story arc, and even those places have their own arcs. Every choice you make, except a select few (which are quite obvious) will come around and bite you eventually, the skill sets will affect your survival, and even choices you make and get completely depend on them. There are choices, within choices, within choices. Different jobs will affect gameplay differently, and sometimes you will find mutants. The way I’ll try to do it is that whenever you encounter a zombie, there will be a random number chosen from 1 to (something depending on difficulty), and if its a mutant it will skip down to a script specifically for that encounter. I don’t know quite how to implement that yet, but I’m sure I’ll find a way. Thanks for wishing me luck, and, as this is my first project, there might be a few kinks here and there, but I hope to get it ready as soon as possible, while maintaining quality, the first playable demo, which will include character creation, and chapter 1 of Dallas City, will be available (hopefully) by the end of this weekend. I don’t have much time during the week to work on it, but with the amount of work I get done on the weekends, I hope it’ll be ready then. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :smiley:


Will do, awesome sir. :slight_smile:


Awesome. A Ukrainian accent is normal … and most American born think its sexy. :smile_cat:

Your written English is very good so far and better then some natives; also use some Russian and Ukraine phrases in your characters and they will add to your characters development… it should be easier for you to do so, so take advantage of your other two languages.


Haha [quote=“Zolataya, post:19, topic:16622”]
Awesome. A Ukrainian accent is normal … and most American born think its sexy. :smile_cat:
Alright then, whatever you say :smile_cat:

That is an interesting idea that I will likely include. Haven’t thought about it much but it would add a great touch to the game. Having a different language will add a flow that most games here don’t have, you won’t understand some characters and writing around you, it will certainly add some signification and differentiation in the world. Also have you make choices based off of a language you don’t understand (unless you do, or use google translate) can be an potential addition to the game, it will definitely be a great addition showing the true form of people after the apocalypse, there will be many languages and people you will meet, not everybody will be American, or people that can speak it,