Virus Crisis: Ace of Hacker



This is my second game I am planning to work on after I finished ‘Way of Monarchy’ (Still currently working on it.). I will be working on it in a few…month? Maybe two? It’s after I finished my other game though.
Here is a plot I am thinking of…

In the future, when there is no worries in food, when people lived happily under the space dome, or when diseases can be cure no matter how severe they are. What people feared the most isn’t lack of resource, or incurable diseases, but it is ‘Virus’.

Covering more than 80 percent in human’s daily activities, ‘Virus’ is labeled as a nightmare. The instant moment when these viruses enter yours live, it will goes to your friend, to your family, and to any other people your interact with.

These viruses aren’t only have an effect on the computer, people who rely on technology for medical attention will died, or the businessman will go bankrupt when he found out the he got a ‘virus’.

What if, one day, there are some unknown ‘virus’ emerging out of no where?

What if there are some insane person that create that ‘virus’?

What will you do when you found yourself suddenly thrown into this mess?


Sounds interesting. What kind of choices will we be making?


It is a setting where you were bound by some event of virus outbreak and literary been dragged into some kind of organization that fight off these these viruses and find the criminal (The one who release the virus). Something like FBI?

You ability depend on the occupation before this virus outbreak. I still working on that.
Literately, it was like fighting off the villain thing. You could be a hero who save the world, or end up dead.


Sounds like fun. I take it then that this story won’t really offer a villain path.


Right, there are no villain path.
It’s not that I didn’t think about it, but the plot that I am thinking about doesn’t offer much in villain part.

If there is villain route, it would be like-
fight off the virus=>find out who is behind it=>Kill him or join him=> begin world domination (or something)
This is what I think of when there is a villain route. It is something I really want to avoid because I think it is something anyone could guess.

But if anyone have any other ideas, feel free to suggest. I will be glad.


Sounds pretty cool I can’t wait for a demo