I need a hero! And a pc...please help!


Im writing and coding a futuristic cyberpunk game title Poisoning the steel mind. But i dont have a pc. So i cant open modify the my game file in choice scrip folder.
So without the help of a good hero, with a white pc riding in drop box my demo and first chapter will remain in my fisical notebook forever.
You will be credit in the game like co-coder
You be a character cameo in the game
Please somebody help me! Having a demo and cant see it in action hurts!!!


so we assist you coding or a name


The code is done already, you will be give the credit of cocoding if you can help coding better but its not required. Only a pc with wifi nothing more.


I have a PC that I’m using right now.


And you want to be my hero?


Sure! What do you need me to do?


I pm you now :smiley:


Please if someone has good heart, in this chrismas time. I need a pc guy or girl and who now if my code works or not. Please help this poor writer.


Well since you have been asking for a while I guess it’s up to me, I’m not a coder I’m an artist but if you need me I’m here
What do you need me to do ?


I need someone who take my files and put it into a game directory to run the demo.
This is dropbox link of my scene files


Ok no promises as i have never done this before
but ill see what I can do
I love a challenge


I change mygame.js file take this.
So people the first who achive this working gain a kiss and all my thanks.


So people start the challenge, now!!!
You become a badass character in game!!


A kiss and thanks yup sounds like a standard hero fee lol


And the character @Pale_Strider a general inmortal or a martial rebel … Design about your wishes.


lets see if i can do it first :wink:


Yes you can do it!! Cant be so complicated if someone achive it pm the results probably there a code error its my first demo or coding patience cog heroes


whats the order of these scenes ?
i assume startup is 1 but what about the others

and i think the mygamejs you posted is just the basic version


nav = new SceneNavigator([
Thats i put in the mygame.js file


i got the startup page to load up sweet
you seem to have a bunch of spacing issues i will try to clean them up
Ok it’s working up until you hit your first variable
Where are all your variables listed?