I am looking for people to collaborate with on a game called "Inferno"

Hi, I have been recently working on a project for quite sometimes now, but the more I continue , the more the need to have a partner to help and contribute to the project.

So if you are interested in helping me out, be it a coder cause am not really good at coding, or a very good writer and experienced one. Anybody is welcome.

The project am working on the is titled Inferno, *It’s a story where the MC is kidnapped by a powerful criminal organization of specially trained and enhanced individuals after witnessing them murder an important government official.

You’re used as a test subject by their scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, you became a superhuman, bio-tech killing machine, “Inferno”.

The memory of your past life have been erased as you’re trained with some other super-soldiers and cannot remember anything of your previous life. But, once your memory start flooding back due to an accidental event. You will break out of the facility to get revenge on the group and establish your own criminal group or join hands with the special operatives to help fight the bad guys. *


I want to help but my grammar so bad

Hello there. I’m interested in teaming up. I’m an experienced coder (choicescript) and a decent writer. If you are still looking for partners, DM me so we could talk about conditions and the likes.

Hello there, I’d love to help you in the writting part, I’m awful at coding but l love to write, and might even learn something myself :wink:

Don’t worry :wink:
You can contribute to certain things that doesn’t involve grammars.