Looking for a Writing Partner

Hello. So, umm I try make a story for the game but I think I need a writing partner to help me with the process, I’ve already written some of the chapter but maybe the wip topic already closed… So here I am.

I’m from Indonesia and bad at English(only in the level of understand I suppose), so maybe it’s a translator I’m looking for… I’m doing the coding myself and still learning…

My current story in mind is about superheroes, or if you fine to be with me we can think of something else, cuz I really enjoy writing and arguing…

Thank you for reading this topic

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I’m pretty fluent in english if you need a translator @Crow_Ainsworth

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Hey, I’m also Indo and I’d say that my translating ability from English to indonesian, and vice versa, is pretty good. I have some minor writing experiences too, as well as operating choicescript so I’m down if you are :slight_smile:


Maybe we three could work together?

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@lol_me @LutunkKasarunk the three of us?? That’s great!! Umm so? How we uh start?? Pm? Or discord perhaps??

I personally prefer Discord :0

I sent a friend request on discord