Looking for a Writing Partner

I’m writing a story for this game, but I would prefer a writing partner to help me with the process, you know get an outside opinion other than myself, I’ve already written a chapter and just started the second chapter, so you know it wouldn’t be like I want someone to write it for me. In my head it sounded like that, so I just wanted to make that clear.

I enjoy writing, but I end up discouraging myself and then I ditch the story altogether, I can’t tell you how many stories I have yet to finish because I didn’t think they would be good enough.

Okay, well long story short. If anybody’s willing it would be cool if we could be writing partners.

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Wait that possible:no_mouth:

Hello. I am definitely interested in this, as I very much enjoy brainstorming and refining. What is the story about?

Sorry! I later realized that I should’ve put what it’s about in the forum.

Also sorry for the late reply, had to run errands.
It’s basically about how your choices create the backstory of a villain. You know how there’s stories where you play the hero’s path, well in this one you play through the villain’s path (or in this case the hero turned villain.)

I’m open to tweaking this if you have other suggestions on making it better, so yeah.

Hopefully we can write together!

Sorry, what? I don’t quite understand what your commenting about.

Oh! Okay. Well, I have been doing a ton of testing and feedback for “Birth of a Superhero…or Villain” and have also played through the demo for “Villain: the Catalyst,” so I’m definitely interested in the genre.

Feel free to hit me up privately if you wanna talk more details.

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to have a writing parnters

I would love to write together, however since I’m only a new member I can’t pm someone just yet, so maybe there is another way we could talk?

Oh, I get ya. Yeah I’ve seen other companies like Episode have writing partners on their forums, so I just went for it. I figured if it was something that they didn’t allow here, I would’ve gotten a comment saying just that. So no harm in trying, right?

Oh, weird. Didn’t know that was a restriction. In that case, I strongly recommend playing through the demos of the games I mentioned, because they have a lot in common with what you proposed. We can keep talking here, I guess.

Okay, first I’ll check the demos like you said and read up on them!

Hmm at least we got something in common i love the villian aspect. I used to write short stories, created original heros, villian etc . I also had my first book locally published in 2010. I can brainstorm alot and create any back story. But i lack the skills for progaming , nowadays i only write mature content and my specialty is fantasy .

Get discord it helps