Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that, after a long absence, Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster has once again resumed in development. Suffice it to say, one of life’s “little hiccups” got in the way of finishing this thing in 2013, so here’s hoping 2014 will be a better year…

I’ve decided to start a brand new thread for the game, partly for a fresh start and partly because the last one was, I understand, way too big for easy phone access. If you’re interested:

Rusty as I am, I’ve spent the last few weeks easing back into things (and trying not to break anything in the process!) but there is at least an update of the Demo Chapter One now online. It will however be quite a while before the full actual Playtest resumes, or is even itself updated.

This Demo update includes -

  • Reworked some aspects of Big Jim’s Bathhouse, mostly involving Carina’s story.

  • A brand new potential romantic interest / entirely new Demo scene if you choose not to ‘linger’ too long at the Bathhouse… and thereby have some spare time before attending Gina’s funeral later in the day.

  • Various minor tweaks and balancing throughout, e.g. characters you meet will more often take your appearance into consideration.

  • The Modus Operandi screen has had an overhaul too, partly to begin taking into account the improvements made to ChoiceScript during my absence, and partly to implement some planned long-term features. An immediate example of this is the “Your Appearance” description, which now mentions more than just the clothes on your back, and alters accordingly as you progress through the game.

As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated.

WIP Games Hub:

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Welcome back! Been patiently waiting for this for 6 months :smiley: No rush- quality over quantity.

Quick question, how’s the romance going to go in the story. Multiple romances? At the same time?

I like the new updates, and looking forward to your future works. Best of luck and I hope everything is well for you.

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Great game I like the way its written and how the story ks playing out


Good god, this is the best news I’ve seen on here in at least a month.

Welcome back Vendetta! I hope to look through things again before too long.

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awesome, glad your back, love the game, one of my favorite COGs so far.

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Welcome back! I really like the game, it’s great to see you around again

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Welcome back your game is still one of the best…I hope you the best of luck

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I think this is perhaps my 2nd comment on the forum but it’s worth saying that this is one of my favourite games on COG. Truly delighted that you’re back

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I had wondered where you’d gotten off to. Glad to see you’re still with this project. it was one of my favorites on the site.

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Welcome back! I’ve been waiting for this to come back for a long time!

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Good to see you back, @Vendetta!
I look forward to seeing the changes you’ve made and your continued progress.

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Cheers to seeing you back @Vendetta.

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Hey welcome back! I remember this project as something special. Glad to see you picking up where you left off.

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@Vendetta: Welcome back paison! Good to see development on this little beauty of yours being restarted.

Aaaaaaaaaw yea! @Vendetta’s back! Woot!

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Welcome back can’t wait to see more of this

woo he’s back


Seriously, I’m glad you’re back and have decided to continue with this gem. Hope all is well!

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It is a great day on CoG!

I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this. And no, not just because I am that guy that’s been waiting since forever to have more Mariella scenes (though it’s also not not that. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

He has returned!!! serious you are awesome.