Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster


IT’S ALIVE(again)!! Seriously though, good to have the gangster back.


Welcome back, @Vendetta. I was beginning to worry that you had abandoned your prestigious project.


Welcome back @Vendetta :slight_smile:


Yay vendedetta is back first IF game my friend got me into was this one so I’m stoked to see you back :smiley:


I’m so glad your continuing with this game. Its a great story and I think it could easily be one of the best games on the site. Good luck with the project and well done for creating such a masterpiece of a game so far.


I’m happy to see you return @Vendetta, considering the huge potential this project has, it would have been a terrible shame to see it go to waste. I’m interested in trying out these new features you mentioned as well, welcome back.


Thanks everyone, it means a lot to me to know it was missed, and it’s great to see so many familiar faces (well, names & icons, anyway :smiley: ) around here still.

@Davo Generally speaking, you’ll have just a single actual “partner” at any one time, but this is not intended to prevent you from actively pursuing other people on the side, and occasionally you will also be able to dump one for another… (although whether that’s actually a good idea is a different matter entirely!).

@Anansi Well, Mariella might be a while in coming (still Chapter 3), but there’s a new lady in town in the form of Donna Gioverdi, so she might provide some company for a while? :wink:


Welcome back @Vendetta
I have to say I was very disappointed when the updates stopped coming, but I understand life has it’s way in getting in the way. I wish you the best in your writings :slight_smile:


So, so, so, soooooooooooooo glad you haven’t abandoned this one. W00000t!

I nearly had a heart attack seeing “Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster” at the top of the WIP board again.



loving the revisions so far.

I think Lucinda might have competition lol


You’ve been much missed - glad to see you back!


@Vendetta one question: will the people who did the ‘hard-save testing’ before still be able to do lots of testing?


A question, if I may, regarding the Veteran Soldier background…Will we ever find out what happened to the Veteran MC that got him a medal, by any chance? It’d be interesting to know. Also, if you’re going to do that, maybe meeting a fellow Veteran from WW1 in your platoon or something somewhere in the game?


@Vendetta, I just read the reworked bathhouse scene regarding Carina, it’s quite an improvement over the old version. I always thought flashing a gun at Big Jim made him capitulate a bit too easily, considering his reputation, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a new side of Carina, her reaction to the situation was unexpected, but makes her a more complex, interesting character than I would previously have thought.

I find the appearance stat is a very nice touch, giving a contrast between your superficial appearance, (clothes, jewellery) and your more substantial possessions (car, home), with a brief, informative description on the impression you have on others, nicely done.

Regarding the suspicion meter, to be honest I preferred the older system which kept track of which department was keeping an eye on you, for which reason, and what level of suspect they considered you to be. The current percentage-based suspicion meter seems somewhat shallow, generic, and less detailed in comparison. Although to be fair, I can understand the old system would be rather unwieldy and take a lot of work to code properly, especially considering the wide array of criminal activity our characters will be involved in over the course of the story.

I would really like to see the full playlist opened again soon, but honestly, take as long as you need to get things done, and whatever this “little hiccup” of yours was, I hope everything is going better for you these days, COG writers just seem to attract all manner of bad luck over the course of their work.


Wow your description is amazing sent wait for move it’s really good


we missed you Vendetta, and no worries, I just came back from a hiccup irl, so i understand what you mean, can’t wait to see the new improvements for Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster! remember to email me with a beta whenever you want so I can check it out for errors and spelling errors (WiReDcHiMpAnZeE Grammar Nazi since 1996)


Yay, between Vendetta resuming again, Choice of Rebels and Waywalkers 3 2014 looks to be full of promise indeed.


Quite like the new bath house scene, wasn’t expecting to get my ass kicked after flashing my gun lol and love Big Jim’s reaction when Carina’s got him at gun point, just beautiful. Although I would have loved to of had the chance of pulling the trigger after conserving Carina’s innocence (malevolent justice after getting delt to lol)


Playedthe demo multiple times and found each time I liked it even more, great work =D>


Hey watch up Vendetta you okay?