Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented

I really wanna beta-test this

Currently, Vendetta is busy trying to make sure he will get the new beta in time. Hopefully, it will be soon so that we can all beta test it.


Do you have romance options?

@The_Blaze, currently, most of the ROs, barring one (Felipe), you meet in the Sauna. There are additional ones, one you meet if you don’t specifically pick someone at the sauna and another you meet at a tailor if you choose to be gay. For the new beta which Vendetta is currently working on, there will be a even bigger host of ROs, including a major NPC becoming a RO for the female MC.


I wanted to date Rosie is that possible? Cus im not gay.

That’s the major NPC I’m referring to who is going to be a RO for the female MC (Rosie is a lesbian).

How do you choose genders?

This will be in the new beta that Vendetta is currently working on.

How goes Vendetta and the progress? Also, I’m really excited to play this game.

Well, he hasn’t been around lately to comment. I’m assuming, hopefully, he is simply busy, if not writing, with other stuff. Currently, all we can do is to wait patiently for when he has the revised Ch 1. ready. A long wait yes, but definitely will be worth it, knowing Vendetta.

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Yeah your right, I just hope they’re doing okay.

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Wow I tried playing the old version and I’m so amazed…It’s deep and detailed…I’m really looking forward to play the new one…I hope Bob will pursue this project…I like his writing style. Kudos!

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