Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



I can just imagine the number of excuses the MC would try to pull out of their ass.

“I, uh, saved them so we could raise some vicious mutts, yeah! They’ll be bigger an ox and try to bite yer head off if ya mess with us, capiche?! So outta my way; I gotta start their triaining!”

The MC was then reported to have taken the puppies to their home and had several hour long cuddle sessions with each of them.


Just easy kill everyone that comments about your cute puppies as a bad thing. Puppies are far better than them.

Now seriously I want to rescue puppies and kittens and make a legal pet rescue business


Could name it “Gangster’s Dog Care” and have the staff to be extremely intimidating to keep up the tough person appearance. Lol

That would give us an excuse to go there under the pretense of picking up money when we’re secretly sneaking in cuddles with the adorable puppies and kittens!


Michael Corleone can finaly go legit with, “CORLEONE’S DOG CARE SERVICE”, with a Genco Oil Import right next to it…how convienient


Hey Vendetta, at this point, you now have to make sure we have pets in this game. The crowd demands it. I wonder though, would my MC look intimidating with me holding a kitten :thinking:?


Oh hell yes! I vehemently support the idea of having a pet. Though my idea of a pet might be a little unconventional… I must make Tony Montana proud after all.

Push it to the limit!


Well I can’t show you that but hear is this


Unsurprisingly my mc’s “pet the dog moments” would probably lie in trying to help LGBT youth. Of course given that this is the 1920’s USA we are talking about it would probably all need to be very hush hush.
That said once he’s got the money and stature for it I can see my mc creating his own scholarship fund whose main, though not exclusive, recipients would be other bright but disadvantaged gay youths.


You know It could be both. Like a community helping with animals and support people. Like a community garden animals and education people in a equality system. But sadly doesn’t go with the game theme. Mara the Burlesque would certainly have a feminist group disguised as dance academy Of course lgba could be part in Maras cabaret called Poison kiss


Why disguised? The first two waves were needed.


Because i need money from the academy and the feminist group doesn’t attract clients?
Burlesque dancing sounds better commercially than Feminist dancing academy


Can’t argue that. Plus 20.


If it’s anything like the movie, I’m game.


which movie? (20 chara)




Intimidating? No. Purrsuasive, perhaps… :wink:


[ dashes off to write in some drowning puppies… ]


In my wait for the new demo, I’m playing The Godfather game for the ps2, its just as good as I remember.


What about allowing a Dove resting on my hand ? :slight_smile:

Will I look cooler with such gesture ? :wink:


Good choice. :slight_smile:

Who are you trying to kid? :smiley:


Our recent poll on the Hellions Revenge sequence proved a real eye-opener for me, forcing me to reevaluate everything I’d previously (mis)understood about how most players generally approached this. My particular thanks to those of you who elaborated on your poll choice to describe your thoughts and feelings, both in-character and otherwise. That was exceptionally useful stuff to take into consideration, especially in terms of helping me to better understand the motives and reasons behind your chosen option.

The biggest surprise was that a huge 41% of you go for the option I’d always perceived as being the minor one — handling things “quietly” and bringing in Rosie Mallory to help out. The more stealthy approach clearly has definite appeal, and for a variety of perfectly sound reasons… Well worth bearing in mind. :slight_smile:

Conversely, just 20% choose to go in solo with guns blazing, leaping the bar to make their stand. Easy enough to assume most of these do so as they have good Firearms skill and enjoy making the most of it!

Similarly, 18% opt for bringing together a bunch of ex-Hellions and stirring them up with a rousing speech, which to a large extent probably also has much to do with the particular type of character they see themselves playing.

Of the others, 11% lead a Hellions charge from the front (bringing the total ‘rabble-rousers’ to 29% — a healthy second place), and a single intrepid gunman (here’s looking at you, @D4nkViking) shoots O’Hara and goes for a hasty exit, bringing the total of “this is personal…” types to 21%, for a reasonable third place overall.

Just 9% agree with Nick Morello and aim (perhaps a little optimistically :wink: ) to leave the past where it belongs…


The ‘rabble-rouser’ option is already the most difficult approach (and potentially most rewarding, in terms of actual Attribute gains and reconnecting with some useful contacts), and with a 29% total following is reasonably popular. No real changes needed here.

I am somewhat concerned that the 21% who take these things “personally” tend to be only those with strong Firearms skill already (possibly due to having previously killed off characters who were weaker in this respect?). This being Chapter One and your opponents in this case being fairly low-level street thugs who just happen to carry guns, it wouldn’t hurt to ease up a little on the minimum Firearms skill required to actually survive this scene.

The significant changes will be in the “do things quietly” approach. On reflection, having previously been considered a rather ‘minor’ option, the lack of actual player interaction in this comparatively short piece (not to mention the shorter path itself) concerns me greatly. In addition to adding other, optional ‘quiet’ means of eliminating Danny O’Hara for specific character Backgrounds, the main one with Rosie’s help should perhaps also be expanded to include some actual choices and a possibility of failure if not handled quite right…

Then again, perhaps its popularity was at least in part due to precisely that swift and comparatively easy resolution…? Thoughts would be appreciated!

Many thanks to everyone for helping to shed some light on this. :slight_smile:


An “assassination” route where perhaps it branches from there to a “sniper” sub-route or an anarchist “bomb” sub-route would be a huge lure to me. I especially like the idea of the sniper long distance route because I could see a character of mine developing those skills for an eventual “Murder Inc.” role play.