Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



I really think being easy is part of charm and also include a sexy lady. And well em sex sells. I really think some choices should be easier but the others give more influence and fame etc.Also in some origins just don’t have sense go guns blazing like political path…

What i would love is a quiet sabotage way like poisoning alcohol and that cause so much havoc that newspaper and police officers will crush them for you .


I am not an expert on Firearms , so i am wondering whether the sniper riffle those days is as reliable and powerful as today? Aside from the assasination of Kennedy , i didn’t encounter much news about assasination using long distance sniper… most mobster movies will apply those old machine guns or shotguns as fire weapons
@Vendetta why to leave the past where it belongs is consider optimistic ? :slight_smile:


Tbh I think I meant to select the guns blazing with a bar last stand, the twin 1911’s made me feel like fucking John Wick. So in reality no one chose to shoot then run.


Any rifle equipped with a scope can be considered a “sniper” weapon. Snipers have been in use since the American Civil War:

Never the less, it was World War 1 (The Great War) that the militaries of the world really adopted specific strategies for sniping.

The MC background most likely to lend itself to this would be veteran/nurse but it was still common for hunting rifles to be used by most people in America, so any background can in theory follow this path as well.

I think @Vendetta touches on this when discussing nicknames but often the news media accounts and movies are sensationalized or “adapted” … I think a saying of the movie industry is that if something was portrayed as 70% accurate and 30% fiction that was “darn accurate” for a movie.

There have been gangsters killed by snipers in this time period: here is the FBI’s famous gangster sniper:

So, it is not too much of a stretch to have this in the Vendetta game.



Well Rosie is all my college boy has got, literally and he’s not the type to just let O’Hara walk away from killing his childhood friend.
I always assumed that the real cost for enlisting Rosie came later as my mc now owes her one (and I remember from the beta that she does collect on it later). So no changes to that short scene would be needed for me. I suppose the new female private eye could dig up her own dirt on Harrison or another prominent law enforcer to blackmail them. Ex-cop may similarly have one or two people who owe him one last favour and the political bagman could perhaps try to use his own connections.
The college boy though pretty much only has Rosie at that point as they have been away at university (and juvenile hall) for the last 4-5 years.

Your own military background coming through strong here I see. :grin:

The associates screen apparently now lists more people then just our hardened criminal associates and gang-members, cute, young Adamo being the case in point. So if we associate with Rosie enough I don’t see why it wouldn’t be reflected in the new way of handling the mc’s “asociates”. But only Vendetta himself really knows anything at this point.


So, we can enlist Rosie into the actual gang?


for my main MC I always choose the raid with the hellions because even when the stealthy option see more appropiatre with my background ( political bagman ) I see the raid the more boost stats for my MC ( give a fair amount of leadership and awareness to not appaers a fool when I use it )

I think @Vendetta say that she can’t “oficially” form part of the gang but she could be a useful ally in the future


Several possible reasons, take your pick!

  1. From Vendetta’s Basic Guidelines: “Be aware at all times that this is a game of consequences. Any action you take may have consequences… if not immediately, then almost certainly at a later stage.” (Choosing not to take a particular course of action is itself considered an action, due to #3 below.)

  2. O’Hara has a grudge to bear, and naturally he blames prominent ex-Hellions of his era (which would include our intrepid protagonist) for losing five years of his life. Moreover, he also has some obviously powerful & influential friends.

  3. CoG Guidelines recommend against “No, I don’t want to do this.” type options, as they feel such options can potentially cause players to miss out on too much of the story. For very obvious reasons, this does not suit Vendetta’s ‘sandboxy’ basic structure, nor my own ‘freedom of choice’ design philosophy. Sometimes, walking away is simply the best / smartest thing your particular character can do under those particular circumstances–and sometimes it’s simply a roleplaying choice to do so!–so in my view, it must be an option in Vendetta.

My alternative approach, to both best suit Vendetta’s design and attempt to adhere as close to the guidelines as possible, means that every such option either falls under #1 above (i.e. has consequences of its own even though it might appear to be the end of the matter), OR, if choosing that option really is the end of that whole matter in the story, then an alternative, additional and / or entirely unrelated scene is encountered instead, so the player doesn’t actually “lose out” overall. It’s essentially the best compromise I could come up with.

Noted! Thanks for the clarification. Clearly, I need to take another look at that option. It requires the highest Firearms skill, so the rewards for success should match the very high risk of failure – especially since leaping the bar and making a fight of it is clearly far more fun. :smiley:

Pretty much. Shootouts, drive-bys and the like are always far more exciting in popular entertainment, especially if involving lots and lots of bullets… Many gang clashes were also often the result of accidental or otherwise unexpected encounters, so were fought at fairly close range. Prepared ambushes (usually from a rented apartment window overlooking a location the target was known to visit) were however a common enough feature of planned gang conflict to be included in Vendetta, and rifles were often used for long-range accuracy – especially lethal in the hands of ex-soldiers trained and experienced in their use.

Rosie is discussed in an earlier post way back in this thread. She can become an actual gang member but only under very specific circumstances. She’s very independently-minded… more of a friend than a follower / underling.


I agree with you very much … personally i would prefer Rosie as a powerful (and trusted ally) rather than a follower within my gang , because to put all valuable assets within one compound will eventually cloud our judgement as it is more difficult to detect any corruption from the inside, we need trusted aid to watch from the outside and warn us of any internal decay …

Hence , i would prefer to help Rosie to set up her own faction if that is possible … with the condition of she answering my call for help when the time comes :wink:


And what will be Rosie dynamic with a female npc or the scene is only for male. Also the relationship with Helions would be different with a female I supoose


An intriguing thought, but not something she particularly aspires to. Her ambitions (or perhaps her self-confidence) don’t stretch quite that far.

Despite outward ‘appearances’, Rosie is actually, privately, a lesbian, and in recent years has come to have a very low opinion of men in general. She is far more trusting of our female MC for that reason, whether or not pursued as a possible RO.

Not so different as you might be assuming, to be fair. Bear in mind that for all the female roles, the MC was an active Hellions gang member between the ages of seven and sixteen – it’s only from that age (with the death of Billy the Nose) that each of our nine girls begins to head down a different path… To give you a better idea of what I mean, I’ll quote below one particular paragraph from the female backstory covering that particular period:

Most girls in the gang were really just there for the boys and didn’t often take part in the constant fighting, thievery and other petty crimes which the Hellions pursued with such relish, but from a very early age you were never one to refuse a challenge. Without parents to control you, and with Gina always working, you soon turned into a tiny terror, becoming the gang’s unofficial mascot and lucky charm. While you could never match the bigger boys for sheer brawn, as the years went by your speed, agility and utter fearlessness gradually earned you their respect as well as their affection, and for a long while not much else mattered.


And I’m not seeing young and cute Adamo being a real gang-member either. :thinking:

Awww…so even my college boy and Adamo? US LGBT people have to stick together.


I don’t know Why but maybe Burlesque Mara end with Rosie she is really cool. Also She likes sexy dresses too so we could working together in the scenario


Could I get revenge in the Helions instead. They called me lucky pet… Theif mother are the pets! I mean i understand you and the setting and for that is understandable.
but that is machist and I can’t believe Mara now adult won’t take revenge in the asshole of their supposed friends. It could be a amazing choice destroy both groups of assholes.


I think that’s a bit extreme.


i don’t think being LGBT or not would change who is ready to shoot you in the back and who isn’t, just like IRL, gay gangster shoot innocent people as much as any other gangster


Yeagh, that’s the point Vendetta is the name not Ponies and rainbows. and so far except Adamo I don’t like any of the guys in the game there are all very not cool. I like the girls So i totally see Burlesque Mara as saying go to hell to everyone Con artist mara would go with nickchoice


You misunderstood me, but I get what you’re saying, now.


I wasn’t calling game machist or anything I only saying a character could feel so and want revenge to both sides. Game is accurate and cool


Missing the point, I did not mean all gay gangsters I meant my gay mc, his (hopefully) lover Adamo and his lesbian childhood friend Rosie as the LGBT people standing together here.