Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented

Well like my old mara account was hacked years ago with my old Facebook and old mails so I didn’t receive it So I am same timw old and new lol Thankfully I am weird enough to be recognizable lol


Fair enough and makes sense. Don’t think I ever did say ‘sorry you lost that’ to you about that. But yeah, everyone knows who you are. Just a pity alot of oldies aren’t here. ( Disclaimer, not that I don’t appreciate the new ones or those still here. You’ve helped this forum grow, more or less :smiley:)

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Cog were really helpful back then to give me another account all that right away. They believe me was me really fast. Same all people here I had far more problems in other forums asking for arcane data to change stuff in accounts.
Most people here are funny and useful and thankfully normally not toxic also if Vendetta Alex and lace are back others can return. I miss you @FairyGodfeather


True, but then you remember others like ScarletGeisha and etc… Ah, no moping about the past, we look to the future and persevere.


Actually that is where my username comes from an experience where I was locked out of a forum (that doesn’t even exist anymore) because while you could retrieve and change passwords by email, if you forgot your username you were stuck.


How do I change difficulty

The difficulty will feature in the new demo, not the old one we have access to at present.


Thx buddy

I haven’t given up on this game. My mentally and emotionally broken, murderous, alcoholic and chainsmoking veteran will rule the city


No clue how I missed this, but Vendetta, just wanted to say how glad I am to see you’re back (I know, I’m a little late on the ball here)! This is by far one of my favorite WIPs and I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Did a demo playthrough for old times sake:

Name: Tagliatello Bolognese

Background: Veteran Soldier
Money Clip: $1540
Weekly Take: $82
Net Worth: $3672
Primary Weapon: Twin 7-shot Colt M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols
Your Appearance: Quite respectable, not too cheap. You also trundle about in a Ford Model T Highboy Coupe, but still don’t wear any jewelry and live in a squalid, cockroach-infested dump. To be blunt, things could definitely be better.

Henchmen: 1
Businesses: 1
Rackets: 0

– Leadership
Initial: 30 – Current: 42 – Gain: + 12
– Intimidation
Initial: 40 – Current: 38 – Loss: -2
– Persuasion
Initial: 25 – Current: 42 – Gain: + 17
– Awareness
Initial: 45 – Current: 58 – Gain: + 13
– Coglioni
Initial: 35 – Current: 47 – Gain: + 12
– Business
Initial: 15 – Current: 18 – Gain: + 3
– Streetwise
Initial: 10 – Current: 27 – Gain: + 17
– Contacts
Initial: 20 – Current: 24 – Gain: + 4
– Firearms
Initial: 50 – Current: 50 – Gain: + 0

Overall Attributes Improvement : +76 (+28%)


Wow, @Vendetta I really love this. Its one of the best I have played since I joined and I mean its in top three of my best cogs

I really wanna beta-test this

Currently, Vendetta is busy trying to make sure he will get the new beta in time. Hopefully, it will be soon so that we can all beta test it.


Do you have romance options?

@The_Blaze, currently, most of the ROs, barring one (Felipe), you meet in the Sauna. There are additional ones, one you meet if you don’t specifically pick someone at the sauna and another you meet at a tailor if you choose to be gay. For the new beta which Vendetta is currently working on, there will be a even bigger host of ROs, including a major NPC becoming a RO for the female MC.


I wanted to date Rosie is that possible? Cus im not gay.

That’s the major NPC I’m referring to who is going to be a RO for the female MC (Rosie is a lesbian).

How do you choose genders?