"Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives"—Spy for your sire to save an undead Prince!

The ways to go to Arundel’s off the top of my head are:

  1. Working with Vivian
  2. Working with Bouchard
  3. Relationship with Jordan
  4. Working with Ward
  5. Good relationship with Qui (with or without romance) but you must not be on Corliss’s good side. If you’ve been playing nice with Corliss you might not trigger Qui having the opportunity to take you to the villa.
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How do I take down the tremere with rats as a nosfertau successfully

I just looked in the code, this is the check: ((manipulation > 59) or (charisma > 59))


Thank you I’m gonna try that as well and I’m having a problem trying to achieve the SafeWord achievement I can get to it but it doesn’t matter what clan I choose Ophelia always beats me can anybody help and oh yeah by the way I’m having fun with this game already completed 39 out of 65 and thank you for the assistance

Are they going to add Lucca as a romantic interest in the next update?

The test is:
*if ((intelligence > 49) or (resolve > 49))

@cornpop I hope to. I’m still working out the details of additions and/or dlc with my CoG editor.

The next update hitting this week will add 6 new portraits (Sevinc, Hauberk, Trevor Haidt, Prince Annabelle, Ophelia, and Henrik Lang. It will also have a few story / bug fixes.


New patch should be live on most platforms, including six new portraits!


Such good art!


I’ve got a question does a ping your resolve to beat Ophelia‘s mind control also release civic from hers at the appropriate time because my brain is telling me that it would work and also I’m a little bit confused on the password the hint it’s confusing

Your resolve must be 50 or above to defeat Ophelia’s mind control…

The password hint is asking you to: Look at Arundel’s biography on your stats page. The password is there.

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Does the password have anything to do with the word because I’ve read the princess biography over and over and that’s the only thing I can come up with tlight

read the biography when you need the password.it changes

I understand that it changes but where do you look in the biography is the question

When you lopk the biography after you encounter the secret door a text appears at the top saying that a phrase comes to mind. that’s the password

if you still can’t find it
Password: Collective Lucidity

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So what you’re saying is the password is collective lucidity am I right or does it change and here’s something odd to sometimes I’ll look at the biographies and sometimes the princess will be nowhere to be found


Does anything have to be over 50% for the password to work or do you just type it in when prompted

Just type it

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Please use spoiler code for the password.

Have a question for snooping do you have to be Nosferatu