Upcoming Games by Lucid


think it might now how it fits in in life of a wizard i remember Spoiler> that two worlds was about to merge one where you couldn’t use magic and i think that that world might be the one we are in in paradox factor now i don’t know haven’t played paradox factor just remember that it was in the modern world.


So your child will be in the new game and the orphan and you stumble upon them by mistake and see you as a enemy(if thief) and youre forced to kill him/her (please no)


@Lucid i’m interested in how your gonna implement the legacy dlc. like how your going to add new story moments in the lost heir 1-3 cus i never think thats been done (has it?) like will we just buy it and then it registers an adds new content? or is this gonna be like some sort of prequel that you have to play and then save and then at the start of lost heir it will ask you to load the save?


I am not up to date with the news, so what’s this Legacy update about?


from what i know the legacy dlc is about bringing bonus content to lost heir games and its about the choices in you make in life of a wizard im not really sure exacly what hes gonna bring over but it seems sweat


So, it’s more of a (paid) expasion pack rather than a new update. I still don’t mind paying and revisiting an old game if the content’s good.


yes from what i know is paid and it adds extra content i dont really mind either i actually like dlc or rather how they where back when it was called an expansion pack where the game was a complete game that didn’t need dlc but they did it any way to give more good content to the game


Welp, the only game I have trouble with that has DLCs is Crusader Kings 2. It’s basically “buy this DLC to have a load feature.”


ya thats kinda bs to do my favorit example of it done right is prob dragon age origins awakening expansion


I am not finished with the main story yet. I have that DLC but don’t know what it does, yet.


i see well in that case enjoy the rest of the game :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Aside from the combat being too boring and the religion too shallow, it’s good.


Yes, you’ll buy it in Lost Heir 1 and new things will happen. As that character moves into Lost Heir 2 and 3, more new things will happen to them. Old characters won’t be affected.

The games are complete as they currently exist. This IAP will just give you a little bit more. More stats, and a little more story. :slight_smile:


ok thanks for explaining :grin:


So a new dlc is coming to lost heir huh. Well time to add another 37 save files (I’m not joking please help)


ya man i also got to replay life of wizard when he updates it and make it so i can save my character almost had a perfect save but dident get archmage sooo… RESTART! (also kinda excited at the ide if Lucid maybe bring back some artifact like the dragonwish or something)


Once you have finished the legacy dlc, are you going to work on the Hero Of Daria again?
I really miss not being able to play the game.


That’s a great question. I’ve been totally swamped and have had no time. My first goals are to get The Last Wizard released, which I think people will really enjoy, and the Legacy Advantage.

After that? I honestly don’t know yet!


Speaking of last wizard, how’s that coming along?


There’s quite a back log due to the contest. The game is going through post production. Editor, graphic designer, etc. I need some time to assemble some screen shots and make some more suggested edits.

It’s a strange time to guess deadlines, since so much is going on and the CoG staff is so busy, but it’s still moving along.