Upcoming Games by Lucid


Congrats to Toni Maree Roxas on the Great Daria Mapmaking Contest! A bit of a double post, but I know that there are people who will want to see this map who aren’t following the contest thread.

Great work! Very beautiful.


Congratulations! Looks awesome


Just one question- where’s that new city I built in the wilderness? :smile:


Looks amazing :grinning:.


I made a homebrewed Soulburner class for my d&d world and has become a beloved and integrel part of my world, thank you so much Lucid for that awesome concept.


I am surprised that some games by @Lucid have not been published as a COG title. (Lost heir trilogy).


Will the Last Wizard be CoG or HG?


I’m surprised too. They have a specific esthetic vision that my games don’t fit. I’m glad that other people have the same taste as me… :slight_smile:

HG. I did my best to fit their esthetic while maintaining what I think is good in a game, but I guess it was still too different. I look forward to having it released because I think it turned out really well.

I learn and grow with each game. I put extra effort into having conflicted characters with their own faults and problems, so they feel extra deep this time. I also enjoy stories of growth, and the MC goes from zero to hero by the end of the story. The choices have huge impacts and greatly alters things too. I can’t wait for others to see it and let me know what they think.


When the real hero of lost heir is our hand maid lol.


In no time flat?


Only a few thousand words and countless skill checks…


I like your kind of game. A lot of the others CoG/HG are very focused on the narrative with poor gameplay, there is no thought about what choice will lead to a better outcome or how should I raise my stats. The games I replayed the most were there games where stats mattered (like LH, Hero of Kendrickstone, Lords of Aswick, etc), and I hope you keep doing games like that I and others enjoy to play.


Thanks, everyone. Yes, I’ve tried to keep that balace between story and game. I think that keeping that balance is integral to what Interactive Fiction is all about. I love books and I love games. This medium allows us to have both.

The Last Wizard is a little bit closer to release! https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/upcoming-hosted-games-releases-2018

It’s mostly out of my hands for the moment. I’m awaiting some final edits from CoG, which shouldn’t take long to correct (since we’re in the final stages and I agree with the changes they’ve suggested.)

I’m also waiting on my image. My graphic artist has indicated that he’ll have something any day now.

So very close now!


Why would it need to be pending assets? Would they have not done all of the reviewing and additional stuff during the competition?


I need to send back the files with the latest (and probably last) edits made. Also, the image is still being put together. There’s other stuff happening with post production too. It’s moving though and shouldn’t be much longer, I hope! :slight_smile:


So tears and my cries of agony will be expected.


I literally just heard you shelved HoD. I literally sat in the library one day and beat the demo three times in a row with the same character with my Spotify blaring through my headset. I really hope you pick it back up some day. Your fantasy stories are the best CoG has to offer period, in my opinion.

Alas, may I inquire as to your next project? Or is it break time for you? That would certainly be most understandable, but, usually, only mortals take those.



Well, my first goals are Last Wizard and the Legacy Advantage for the Lost Heir. After that? I don’t know! :slight_smile: I have lots of ideas, so I’ll have to pick one and finish it. :slight_smile:


@Lucid So, from my understanding, the Legacy Advantage allows our hero from Life of a Wizard to make a cameo and offer aid to our Heir? By the Gods, Lucien, you have truly outdone yourself! Just how deep does this go? Will our Wizard maintain their appearance/abilities (mine was a Nercromantic Lich Elemental, as I like to call him)?


A DLC for the Lost Heir trilogy.