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so i got a question about demons in daria when i played life of wizard i could summon alot of demons without any mentoning of a demon stone but in heir of daria i need demon stones could you explain that?

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Short Answer: It was a long time ago and the wizard used a different spell than what the Consortium uses.

Long Answer with Spoilers From Lost Heir: Many years before the Lost Heir or Life of a Wizard takes place, the Som’Reth tried to take advantage of this demon realm, so they crossed over in full body and soul. Their plan worked and they gained every power that they could imagine, but they didn’t anticipate that they would lose their humanity in the process.

In the time of the Lost Heir, the Consortium had uncovered many old Som’Reth ruins and used their magic to summon demons. The demons summoned are a combination of old demons and new Som’Reth demons. There is still a question as to who the original demons were. There’s a good chance that the Life of a Wizard character was summoning a third type of demon from a different plane altogether.


thanks you thats intressting kinda sounds like your character in life of wizard is kinda op. now that i think about it if my wizard sleep with the princess then my character in heir of daria would be his descendant?


Yes! In fact, you’ve just stumbled into the main plot connection of the new Legacy Advantage IAP that I’m working on! :wink:


i was actually gonna ask if it was gonna be included in the legacy dlc. hell ya power runs in the family well cant wait until it comes out.:grin:

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Lots of things going on! Make sure you read the whole post. :slight_smile:

I’m very excited and proud to announce that I will be working with @Eric_Moser : Fiction by Eric Moser: Fearless Heroes, Endless Thrills​ and @JimD : Games by JimD​ on a joint promotion. We’ll be giving away free games from our libraries! Keep checking in for details.

The Legacy Advantage is coming! Through an IAP in Lost Heir 1, the famous wizard from Elmvale (from Life of a Wizard) will return to help the lost heir. This will give the heir a head-start with regards to skills and introduce an interesting new story which will intertwine through all three stories. Working hard on it. It should be ready for July.

Don’t forget the Daria Map Making Contest which runs to May 31st, 2018. Check this post for details.

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And finally, I am pleased to say that The Last Wizard is in post-production. It should release sometime in the summer. It’s off to the copy editor and the icon image is being designed. Thanks for your patience!

Lots of cool stuff going on. :slight_smile:


Wait didn’t the wizard die like hundreds of years before the heir was born?

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I’m more interested in how does the Paradox Factor fit in there

The paradox of the lost in time wizard???

Great collaboration btw!


well maybe depends i guess wizards was alot more powerfull back then it seems also you could become a lich if you wanted also could be blessed with angel blood and i assume you could be blessed/cursed with demon blood. on a side note magic have change alot under those hudred years dont think i ever saw summoning, or transmutation in lost heir series two magic schools lost TT_TT.

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But when the game ended you were around 80 years old and it seems like you retired already (and probably didn’t have many years left to live). You could probably still live if you were a lich/druid but even then you’re already retired and not really doing things anymore. I’m not sure what the demonic/angelic blood actually do too, in game it only gave strength to your thief/cleric.

And about the magic, I think it’s more because of the MC. In LH the character isn’t a pure wizard and can be many things so they don’t focus on magic that much while the wizard studied magic alone their whole life.
The Heir is also not really old while the wizard is about 80 years old in the end so they have far more experience in magic. And there’s also the gameplay, all these magic stats wouldn’t fit in a game that already have a lot of other stats like LH


Could be that the Wizard is just a spirit that guides the Lost Heir on their side quest like Cheshire in the American McGee’s Alice games.


true but as said the wizard in life of a wizard could very well make himself immortal by using magic since as said he did have 80 years to study it or who knows maybe Spoilers> he did as Tyborr and his people and became a demon and depending on how good or evil he was in life of a wizard he either loses his humanity or keeps it. or as @viper32153 says and he is gonna be a spirit


think it might now how it fits in in life of a wizard i remember Spoiler> that two worlds was about to merge one where you couldn’t use magic and i think that that world might be the one we are in in paradox factor now i don’t know haven’t played paradox factor just remember that it was in the modern world.

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So your child will be in the new game and the orphan and you stumble upon them by mistake and see you as a enemy(if thief) and youre forced to kill him/her (please no)

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@Lucid i’m interested in how your gonna implement the legacy dlc. like how your going to add new story moments in the lost heir 1-3 cus i never think thats been done (has it?) like will we just buy it and then it registers an adds new content? or is this gonna be like some sort of prequel that you have to play and then save and then at the start of lost heir it will ask you to load the save?

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I am not up to date with the news, so what’s this Legacy update about?

from what i know the legacy dlc is about bringing bonus content to lost heir games and its about the choices in you make in life of a wizard im not really sure exacly what hes gonna bring over but it seems sweat

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So, it’s more of a (paid) expasion pack rather than a new update. I still don’t mind paying and revisiting an old game if the content’s good.


yes from what i know is paid and it adds extra content i dont really mind either i actually like dlc or rather how they where back when it was called an expansion pack where the game was a complete game that didn’t need dlc but they did it any way to give more good content to the game

Welp, the only game I have trouble with that has DLCs is Crusader Kings 2. It’s basically “buy this DLC to have a load feature.”