Untitled post apocalypse choice game

Behold, a post apocalyptic game where I haven’t actually come up with a decent name for it yet.
I’ve had the vaguest of ideas bouncing around in my head for the longest of times, so now I’ve decided to try putting my brain to use.

Right now, there isn’t barely anything in the way of content, prologue remains unfinished but the character creation’s done. If you feel like checking it out, use the link below.

Character Creation involves:

  • Gender choice, [m,f,nb]
  • Hair/Eye colour
  • Class Selection based on three emergency services.
  • Male, Female, NB names.

My updates are likely to be sporadic, but I will try to commit enough time to this project whether or not it does garner public interest. Optimally I’ll try to put in enough effort to make bi-weekly updates as my work schedule takes up most of the week.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/nethox/untitled-post-apocalypse/mygame/

I plan on making this game with the audience in mind being generally 16+ as this will eventually contain adult themes and violence. I take interest in certain post apocalyptic/wasteland themes so if there’s a tag for that I’ll inevitably add that to.


@Verdancer found this:

prologue line 125: Non-existent variable ‘has_pa’



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Thanks, soon as I get home from work I’ll try to fix this. Most likely that’s on the paramedic path I take it?

Post passing out edit: I will try to fix it the next time my PC is functioning.

Yes, that is correct. The fire and the public service is fine. Just the error with the paramedic.


Update, I’m unfortunately going to have to set this aside for now. At least until I can afford a new computer. I was so hyped for this too.

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This seems good, not a lot to comment on so far, but the mention of clans gets me excited. Just some notes that’ll probably get removed as they should, and more hair colors that will probably get added.

Never mind just saw this.

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