Until The End (WIP, without demo for now)

The sins of the past come back to haunt us…

Eight people, one manor, an apple tree, a mist that shrouds everything…
Is it destiny? Will you find a way to escape from it?

Game Description:

Until the End is an interactive mystery and thriller game developed by Snowpanther and Knightstrike.

The game is set in a manor in an unknown location. As the main character, you will have to find out how you have ended up in the manor, solve puzzles, gather clues, interact with other characters and find a way to escape.

But beware, there’s a sinister force lurking from the shadows…

Will you be able to survive UNTIL THE END?

Demo coming soon…


That’s a pretty good sales pitch. The ‘A Mystery, Thriller, Interactive Story’ thing on the picture doesn’t feel quite right though. You might want to rephrase that.

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This certainly looks really interesting. Looking forward to the demo!

Thanks I was a marketing specialist. Hahahaha…

Sadly, I’m not a graphic artist.

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Replacing story by “game”, for exemple?

No. That’s fine. The dry listing of the genres is what bothers me. I think a descriptive sentence would feel better.

I’m quite sure I’ll probably get the very first badend immediately. I have no confidence in my survival skills.

Sounds interesting and I like the way you introduced it. Good luck @Snowpanther @KnightStrike !

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@Snowpanther, add murder to that and I am officially on the hype train.:wink:

Is there any significance to the tree in the picture?

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Maybe we’ll welcome you aboard, then, we’ll see :grin:

Yes, it has some significance indeed.

Thanks mate.

There will be a save/load function, and it is made for someone like you. Hahahahah…

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I bet one of the characters has some kind of relation to this sinister force… If not the MC, he/she might be helping this Siniforce do the dirty deeds… out of fear… Amiright? :smiley: Or am I way off?

Anyway, looking forward to the game! I was wondering when someone was going to make a “Mystery in the Manor” type of game. Speaking of endings… are there any endings where all 8 people survive? Or is there something like a maximum of 4 survivors, where there’s 2 or 3 characters that die no matter what?

If that’s too Spoilerific then it’s fine if you don’t answer.


Some yes, some no. I won’t elaborate further. We’re going for mystery after all.

But nice deduction Mr. Deadpool. Hahahaha…

We’re close to finishing the prologue. It should be out by early next week.

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Oh please, call me Chris! Mr. Deadpool is my father :smile:

Looking forward to it, I want to see what this sinister force really is…

looks around the thread

I am excited to see this come to fruition (the Apple tree tie in)

I know the writers are putting a lot of effort and thought into this project and all I gotta say about the mansion is … beware of the pool.

Just saying.

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Thanks for your support Evil Twin :wink:

Glad to see you :smiley:

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Well, well, look at what I found :spy:

I gotta say the picture definitely caught my attention. Though I’ll agree with @Cecilia_Rosewood, a slogan, message, or such would probably fit better then a simple descriptor.

With that said, nothing like the past coming to haunt us is there :smiley: I’m looking forward to figuring this out. Though I don’t know how much of it I can handle → Not knowing who really did it or the answer to the mysteries drives me crazy with wonder.

As for escape, I take it that breaking through the wall, window, boarded up door is out of the question… as is setting the opposite end of the manor on fire, hoping for structural collapse, and running through wouldn’t do…

And finally, I gotta know…the apple tree, at least tell me the apples are edible. You simply can’t have an apple tree and not have the option to eat one o.o


We are finished with the writing. The only thing that’s left is the coding.
The coding is a bit tricky but my partner is on it.
She has exams though so it will take a bit longer.

Yes, you can eat from the apple tree. Hahahah…

And yes it’s not that easy to escape. It won’t be a simple, just hop off a fence and leave. We hate B-movies, so we’re making sure that things are as close to reality.

But I have another game in mind. We’re still in the concept stages. We’ll make use of Arcanium too.