UnNatural Season Two Released 4th May 23

Are the fixes already pushed through to the actual game. (I dont rememember there being an update). If not, might i ask when you think it will be available.

Cool that you decided to put shimmer in too. I was gonna adk about that, since it seemed like when used in 1 it coulda only been available due to extreme stress level.

There should have been an earlier update pushed which corrected the game to the edited version. I’ve been bug squashing some of the reported issues which seem to have been in both versions. If you go to the start of the game where you can choose whether to create a new character or import a save the main title screen should say when the game was last updated.

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Telling me it was last updated in…October? And the acbeivment bug for it still showing up is still there. ((I literally just imported. Got to the first part where they let you choose. So nothing is level 5. And it bave jt to me))

Edit: Ignore the achievementment thing. Apparently something did get put to five

My version is 10th May. I’ll get these extra scenes written and then I’ll submit another update.

Just to clarify as I’m from England. The date for the update is in the following format [day]/[month]/[year]


Ok so when we first startup the new company SC I notice we don’t actually get to pick our starting field agents which is disappointing cause I really wanted Marie on the team

Yeah my initial thought was to transfer the surviving members over. Marie was meant to be an option as was Samuel but I could never decide how I wanted them in the story so I removed their option as possible recruits.

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Ok… So, i was replaying the first book… Can someone reminds me how to get the azure healing ability venitor(?)…

Is it possible to get shimmer (teleport) ability without becoming soul vaccum?

you get the venetor ability just like the angelus and levitra vatra, u just need to choose to get your azure powers in book 1 and that shimmer ability was created by your mother so u know what u got to do :imp: :imp: :imp: u have to eat just one soul and it have to happen in book 1 because i don’t where the chance comes again

You only need to claim one soul to be able to use Shimmer.


oh yeah but still u become a renegade and out of all the soul I choose to devour is always the leader of sol and i leave the rest when deciding how i want to achieve shimmer

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I still don’t understand why are we not given the option to talk with the azures that use shade because I really think is not fair to not give them a chance or join them, seeing as the mc is a shade or once a shade and the way we just interacted is just strange that we choose to fight without any evil thought or a decision to betray the azures or is the mc designed to just be a hero/anti hero?, hey author there is nothing wrong with the character I was just curious if the mc can become a villain, since the mc is capable of doing evil like soul sucking and sacrificing someone for they desires @Nocturnal_Stillness

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The Azure and the Utvara are two different Unnaturals. They just have opposing powers Azure manipulate light and the Utvara control Shadow.

The MC is an Azure regardless of whether they reclaim their powers or not.

The Azure power is made up of two halves; the first is to consume light the second is to reform that light into their wings.

What happened to the MC results in them only being able to do the first half which is what results in the “Shade” power. Also the power isn’t actually called “Shade” it is just the name that Ren gave it when explaining it.

There is no plan to make the MC a full on villain but they can be a lot darker.


I literally don’t know how to respond this, so you are telling me that we cannot be evil or at least pretend to be evil while mostly we are just a hero or every action we do is heroic without any moral consequence, and the only moral compass the mc follow is either chaotic or lawful good. Oh well my brain have shattered for the day and to top it all you are saying that Utvara aren’t azure but are different unnatural created by the same creator that created the azure, I am really sorry for saying this but being a student of psychology and sociology can make a guy see too much and now if u excuse me I am mapping a plan for the mc to soul suck to the best of they ability

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By villain I mean I’m not planning on letting the MC take over the world murdering everyone (although that kinda happens in the truly bad ending in Season One where the MC loses control over their power and sends out hordes of shadows killing everyone).

You can spare or kill most enemies and the way you can go about it changes. For example you can kill some enemies mate brutally depending on the circumstances.

As for Soul sucking that can be seen as evil or justice depending on your POV. The fae definitely see it as an evil practice as do the pure Azure that didn’t take souls which is why they do what they do in Season Two

As for the Azure = Utvara yeah they are different.

As mentioned earlier Azure power is split into the consumption and then recreation of light. Shade is the result of only being able to do the first half which is what creates the MCs Shade.

Utvara effectively embrace and control shadows which allows them similar feats as a Shade MC but at the same time their shadows are taking over them which is why one of them is almost completely made of shadows


Ughhh in book 1 didn’t Ren said that is what we become if we rejected our azure side, so I am confuse and how does the fate of Utvara differs from our shadow manipulating mc or do the mc get affected when we use up our humanity?

The lower the humanity the less empathic you will be. A high humanity MC who chooses to kill a dangerous Unnatural might make it quick whereas a low humanity would make it slower and more painful.

I’ll post a more detailed information about the difference between the Utvara and a Shade MC this evening after I’ve finished work and have time to get additional info from the games themselves.


Okay, the first thing to remember is that Ren is literally part of the MCs subconscious, created to stop them from going insane. When they explain Shade it is just to make it easier for the MC to understand. Shade is the part of the azure power that consumes light but because they can’t reform it there is just darkness left. I suppose a way of thinking about it is Shade is artificial Shadows created by the absence of light where as Utvara don’t create shadow they manipulate and control what is there naturally.

Utvara absorb shadows which they then can manipulate. The Shade MC effectively takes light from a point and manipulates the shadows created when that light is gone.


Has it been fixed yet?

I played at launch and hoo-boy

It should have had an initial update as the wrong version got pushed for the release.

I’m just finishing off fixing some additional reported bugs which I’ll be sending CoG later today.

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Anyone know who the new Romance Options are? I can’t find anything written about them.

Thank you

The new romance options are Avery, Cassandra, Jennifer, Catherine and Lucien. It is also possible to romance Anthony this time round if you aren’t dating anyone at the start of season two.

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