UnNatural Art Competition (Extended)



Yes I’m working on season two but it’s been going slow due to my work being really busy lately.


Done with the male RO (The ones whose route I played.)


The sculpts are being moulded now.

Due to only two people actually submitting entries so far I have decided to extend the competition for a week to let more people enter.


Sorry it took long! I was really indecisive on which I should submit and ended up with plenty of drawings on my laptop. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I drew my own MC Mayari Nikola White who ended up using shade. Here she is.

And her appearance at the start. Plus Ren.

I really am indecisive I even made a gif.:grinning:


I even posted this on my artstation so that it can be downloaded easily. Here’s the link! :blush:


It’s okay I extended the competition so more people can enter :slight_smile:


3 artists have submitted work so far.


I’m sorry but there will be a delay in this competition. I was on the way to my holiday with my family when we were involved in a car crash we’re all okay but the next couple of weeks will be busy sorting insurance stuff out. So I’ll leave the competition open until further notice. My apologies.


Oh nu “sends hugs and kisses nocturnal’s way”


As an apology for the delay here is a thank you for understanding. The actual casted figure is done.


This is how the sculpt comes. So it requires a little assembly. Put it next to an amibo so you can get a grasp of the size of it.

Edit: my wife and kids thought it came broken and I had to explain why it was sent like this lol


I had a go at fixing the arms on earlier today. It looks pretty darn cool.