UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over



It looks like it’s got the old cover but new content so will have to wait and see. I’m nervous steam is a big deal.


Mate you earned this this game is one of the best I’ve played and is more than worth the steam title and launch


Oh cool, so does that mean the app version will be updating soonish?


Hopefully! I’ll be keeping an eye out myself.


Congrats on the Steam release - I’ll put this on my gaming budget for sure.


Thanks it should be reason enough to pick up the pace on season two.


Is the Steam version available to anyone else? Or am I just crazy…? Because it still says “Coming Soon” for me :pensive:


No it seems to say that for me. The release date still says 5th July but it says coming soon. I was hoping it was because I reported that they were using the old cover not the new one. But not heard back from them yet.


Feelsbadman… I check every day for it’s availability Lol


Same here, same here… And I’ll keep checking till it’s out!


I’ve just had my android app update to the new version! So hopefully Steam will follow soon!


…Aaaaand now it’s out on Steam!!


Is the Apple version being updated as well?


Not yet. At least the artwork hasn’t changed to the new one yet. Keeping an eye out.


Sweet. Can’t wait to try it again with all the updates to it.


Initial opinions of the updated season one are very positive so far. Looking forward to hearing more opinions.


I know this is a old game (actually have it on chrome but got it also for steam). I just did the Tooth and Claw mission (SPoilers)

I didn’t kill Denise. I actually saved her (shot the brown wolf) but when i got back. Arthur informed me it was a shame that Denise got killed. Was this a missed bug or was Denise always suppose to die?


What was your mental stat? Did the text say you hit the brown wolf? I’ll look into it.


I’ve buyed yesterday the game…the same thing happened to me. Plus, at the end, I had the achievement unlocked about not have anyone dead, but the game said many people of the team were dead.


I’ll look into that as well.

Edit: who did it say had died as that achievement is mainly for the named members of Gamma.