Unnamed Game ATM, not going to be worked on anymore, at least for now


You’re probably wondering why, well both my computers broke so I am currently working on getting a new one. So while I’m getting a new on this won’t be updated. Ik sad :cry:, but you’ll just have to wait.

Hello all, the amazing tophat is here to remind you to buy a Tophat, Okay enough, I’m here to tell you that I’ve begun work on my new game, it is currently Unnamed, the story will NOT be thought out before hand, the main concept will be, as I am terrible at planning storys, but great at making things on the spot, in fact, my friends told me that i’m great at doing so, YES I have friends, I know right what a shocker, anyway I’m done on this paragraph, for now at least.

Currently it’s about (0.000001%, 0 Chapters, 1,092 Words) done, and I plan on updating randomly/when ever I’m not lazy.

Update info:
You can name your god, choose gender(only male and female), choose hair color, and hair length, and maybe, a little easteregg with the purpose of wasting your time, man i love wasting peoples time. :slight_smile:

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/4930
^demo link is different cause I forgot my password and my emails ain’t working so new account.

Okay, That’s it folks, Please be patient for updates, as I seem to be lazy pretty often, but I’ll make an effort to update when I can, I also tend to stay up all night reading, so that may also play a factor in the updates, this is not a project I will prioritize, over my reading or sleeping or gaming, but I’ll do it when I do it. So DON’T Complain. :slight_smile:

Forgot to add this in, but this is the “Interest Check” thread for the original idea, the idea has changed some what, but as time goes on, ideas also change, so put up with the minor changes that appear. :slight_smile: Okay time for me to go read more books, Bye Folks!

Seriously? AGHH! I forgot to post the link: Interest Check Thread - #1856 by tophat okay bye now!

I’m back after like 2 years, and decided to say this instead of just disappearing out of nowhere, I have no further plans to work on this story anymore, I’m sorry but I really can’t care enough to work on stuff like this anymore, again sorry if you liked this, but as I’ve been gone for 2 years I’ve matured and I don’t think I can continue this story the way I had planned back then, and also due to be not having the same mindset anymore, if I where to work on it again, I’d have to change a bunch of stuff about it, and I really couldn’t care about doing that, so I guess goodbye.


walloftextwalloftext make it unreadable…


Well, you know the saying “The customer is always right”.
I’ll make it more readable, to me its perfectly readable, but that’s probably because I read to much, anyway thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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don’t you get headech from wall of text like that ? lol

My eyesight been bad since I was 16, and it is getting worse with old age . So I really can’t read it like that when there is no space between paragraph , my vision just get all blurry…followed by a headech :sweat_smile:

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well, it is fixed, and no I don’t really get a headache, but i do sometimes lose the spot i am reading. anyway gonna sleep. Good night.


Could the name be rise of evil or rise of the powerful??

All you need to catch my attention, is saying that MC is not a human and I’m hooked. :]

I like it myself…reminds me a bit of my own. With MC being half human.

Dont mind the wall of text either it is needed sometimes…to explain stuff. Breaking it into multiple pages is just…weird for me.

The wall of text makes it kinda hard to read.

I can see you’re really excited about this to post it so early. However, I’d suggest your update be more sizeable. There’s nothing really to give feedback on. In fact, it’s more of an interest check than anything else as you only have 1 page.

Also, I’d recommend learning grammar. You broke up the wall of text, but your sentences are running together. It makes it heard to understand still.


Like spunkycatninja mentioned, I find the demo more akin to an interest check rather than a demo where readers could already get a feel of your story. I would suggest to create a sizable demo and PM me or the moderators to re-open this thread once you’re ready

Good luck!