Unlimited (WIP)

So I’ve decided that I’m a try to be a little less lazy and Actully work on a game. I planned on the story for a year but I just kept it to myself.

The MC will be in a secretive group I have yet to decide the name on. They will be starting off at the academy where they will decide which of the 7 branchs to send you off to based on your preformance. Each branch is lead by a Royal Guardian the Elites of the group and protector of the leader of the entire group. Each Royal Guardian also has a assistant referd to as The Guardians Hands. They all do have super powers, but I have yet to decide on the MCs powers. You will be able to either betray the group or remain loyal and rise in ranks.

Offensive Branch
Royal Guardian - Flare
Power: Enchanting.
Hand - Night
Power: Magma and Steel Control

Stealth Branch
Royal Guardian- Pain
Power: Illusions
Hand - Vill
Power: Smoke

Elite Branch
Royal Guardian - Cieris
Power: Wish Granting
Hand - Melis
Power: Conduct Mover (Think of undertale sans and his soul grabbing ability.)

Hero Branch
Royal Guardian - Electra
Power: Lightning
Hand - Prendor
Power: Prediction

Defensive Branch
Leader - Shev
Power - Enhanced Reaction Speed
Hand - Alenic
Power: Atomic Energy Manipulation

Agentcy Branch
Royal Guardian - Spen
Power: Chiverlance
Hand - Kentos
Power: Weapons Summoning

Support Branch
Royal Guardian - Spirit
Power: Spirit Sommoning
Hand - Ginva
Power: Can slow down time.

Planned Features

  • Plan to have a different route for each branch.
  • Plan to add other villian groups and hero groups.
    Updates on the story of it will follow later.

Well don’t overtax yourself

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It sounds interesting.

What kind of super powers are we talking here? Comic book powers? Sci-fi powers? Slightly enhanced humans? Just curious.

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More like comic book or super powers you see in boku no hero. So far the Royal Guardians super powers are op with one of them having Wish Granting and another having Metal and Lava manipulation. (Note the wish granting one power is limited for every wish they make has a price.)

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Will we be able to choose our power or you will?

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I may decide that one with a poll.

hope work out with you l hope to play your wip

Sounds interesting defo staying on here to keep an eye on this

I am looking forward for the demo

This sounds pretty niiiiiiiiiicccceeee…count me in!!!

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