United We Stand - Political WIP



The Civil War will only be avoided if you kill the rival party after you win the election and before they can rally and prepare themselves


You did poorly word it…but I could t help myself but to add the little hehe haha into this kek


Errr… the Civil War can be solve with Civil manner too right ? :wink:


Of course my fellow Aristocratic fellow


No, it will not be possible. You will either win or lose everything.


While Urban and I may disagree on plenty of things, I think we both agree on this. Conflict is inevitable at this point. Both sides have become to radicalized and the center to weak and divided to prevent war at this point. The countries that managed to either avoid war, or an authoritarian take over did not have the polarized politics of Moravia, such as the UK, France, US, and Czechoslovakia.


I still believe that their is a chance…a slim chance…but a chance nether the less…though the chance required your MC to be elected the Prime Minister and being moderate and…appealing to both sides… Until Germany does its thing during this time and invades


Signs Anti-Commitern Pact

Please don’t hurt me Herr Hitler.

Remember, they don’t mess with the Balkans until after France and the Benelux fall which gives us plenty of time to go.

“Oh my God, we are in deep deep deep shit. How about we align ourselves with Hitler to prevent us from dying.”


“How about we go underground and wait for Papa Stalin and his Mosins to secure us victory.”


MORE SPOILERS BASED ON WHAT HAS BEEN SAID IN THE THREAD, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I GUESS: I believe it is not possible for the MC to become PM and/or party leader. What will happen, if they are part of the faction that wins the election, is they become Interior Minister. Not entirely sure what events and stuff they will deal with in that position, but it is undoubtedly a powerful office. The Interior Minister will likely dictate how much of a crackdown there is on the opposition. Not sure how much sway they will have over other policy, like economics.


We don’t have to become prime minister … if we have good relationship with Vitari , we can convince her to give peace a chance once she became prime minister …

On the New Order part, if your character is there, thing will be easier :stuck_out_tongue: Else, we just need to hope Herta is reasonable :smile:

Hey hey …this is proof that there can be common ground on both side right? you and @Urban can agree on something while me and @Vacco_da_king also share some common ground… we can all give Peace a chance :grin:


I feel like if the Popular Front wins the election, the Fascists will see it little more as a puppet for Solidarity. Thinking that, they will likely conclude that they are on the verge of extinction. This would likely only escalate violence, and eventually lead to the Civil War.


I don’t think you get just how diametrically opposed these two sides are. This isn’t simply a political disagreement into, it’s a fight to the death between ideologies that fundamentally require the other to be destroyed. Each party believes the other to be the single biggest threat to their ideal way of life in existence, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure they’re the ones who come out on top.

The situation in Moravia is long past the point where peaceful reconciliation is still possible. The only feasible option left to resolve this conflict is force of arms.

I’m afraid we’re gonna have to leave the feelings of peace and brotherhood for the sequel, cause right now we got some commies/fascists to kill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must they be so cruel to kill one another ? that’s so sad …i am not joining Herta’s faction but i don’t intend to kill her either :sweat:


Sadly yes. The far left and far right see each other as threats to each other’s existence. There is also really nothing to compromise over. They have little to no over lap regarding economics. Fascists want to bring an end to democratic elections, where as leftists either want to change them, or the communists want to end them as well. Neither can survive if the other is in power.


@Verand @Jeeshadow1

Oh Damn… the War is coming :disappointed_relieved:

" Left in the darkness
Here on your own
Woke up a memory
Feeling the pain
You cannot deny it
There’s nothing to say
It’s all that you need to find the way
Oh Damn, the war is coming!
Oh Damn, you feel you want it!
Oh Damn, just bring it on today!
You can’t live without the fire
It’s the heat that makes you strong
'Cause you’re born to live and fight it all the way
You can hide what lies inside you
It’s the only thing you know
You’re embracing that, never walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Raised in this madness, you’re on your own
It made you fearless, nothing to lose
Dreams are a drug here, they get in your way
That’s what you need to fight day by day
Oh Damn, the war is coming!
Oh Damn, you feel you want it!
Oh Damn,…"


Yep the sequel mc would seem like they’re poised to be younger, more idealistic and since it also doubles as a coming of age story more likely to fall for the peace and brotherhood thing and move to the mushy political middle that will unfortunately come to be dominated by ill-advised supply side economics imports from the Reaganite US. Though of course Carter had already set some of those wheels in motion too.


Really loved Solidarity path and whole story. You’ve really put some serious effort into this and it shows. Keep it up.


Well I certainly do. :smile:

(Oh wait, we discussed this already. Whoops.)


For a bit of a change of topic, I wonder if we will interact with the Queen after the election. She appears to be a competent politician, and I doubt she will sit entirely on the sidelines as the country descends into anarchy.
Also, does anyone know if it is possible for Solidarity to get into government without forming the Popular Front? I thought I saw somewhere that they have a harder time than the fascists when it comes to the election.


I assume we will probably interact with the queen a lot more if we do the alliance with the social democrats but I fear she will try to sideline us more than anything. She is more democratic and peaceful than her brother but in the end she’s still a royal who will do everything in their power to hold on to any bit of power they can. Unless we are entirely SocDem chances are that the queen will be our biggest threat outside of the obvious ones.

And yeah I think we can without the alliance, its just going to be hard. I know that we can already begin to convince SocDems unions to go solidarity and if we gain enough influence chances are we will be powerfull enough to sideline the SocDems and become the principal leftist party. The real problem will be to counter voter fraud and such.

Edit: That led me to wonder, is the other side going to take their alliance or will it depend on things that happenend trough the story? Will being violent, causing the other side to retaliate with equal violence, alienate our rival allies? Basically can we bait them out of an alliance by turning them aggressive?