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Sadly Eric, I do not think any deal with the fascists is possible :stuck_out_tongue: The scars and mutual loathing are far to deep. Radical socialists see fascists as the worst embodiment of Capitalism, Fascists see socialists as a poison to the country. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed. (I am mostly not a proponent of Horseshoe theory, but feel free to disagree with me!)
Vacco, the USSR already tried and failed to kill Rosa. At this point their influence is likely limited, and I doubt our nation is very high up on Stalin’s radar.


Probably correct…but smaller and less important nations has gotten the Stalin treatment like Cambodia


Yes, but SPOILERS BASED ON WHAT THE AUTHOR HAS SAID IN THREAD Rosa will not die, at least not if you go solidarity. She is planned to be a national hero in a possible second book having fought the German occupation. Similar situation for Riga


Holy redacted sounds nice… really need to figure out how to do the blue thing…


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Really that bad?.. if we has Vasco who is reasonable , surely there may be more like him on the Right ? :slight_smile:

At last that’s what i hope… and Herta… at least she seems nice to my MC :blush:


For the Empire!!! got it…thanks


If the author sticks to his last known plans for the sequel then Rosa’s death, or at least her funeral is going to be the opening of that game, provided Solidarity or the Popular Front win the civil war.

They will come to hold most of the power in the country for a good long while (whether formally or informally) after WW2. Also she will die in time for the sequel, which was planned to be early 1980’s. So she’ll live to see at least the start of the 1980’s if she doesn’t die in the civil war, same for Riga in the reverse situation.


Exactly! If you go Solidarity, she will live through the game, so no worries about Soviet takeover on that front.


Awesome Now all I need is to go fascist and no allow total fascist take over and make sure we stay mostly moderate and make sure we got to war with Germany


Germany is going to invade Moravia and occupy it in the WW2, it doesn’t matter who is in the power.


Oof guess Italy isn’t gonna help us


Neither France or Italy will help Moravia.


Good luck with that, but I do not believe that will be possible :stuck_out_tongue:. Like I mentioned before, my impression of the moderate right seems to be a moderate authoritarian government. I think someone here compared it to Spain at the end of Franco’s regime. Where as the Popular Front seems like it will end up pursuing the SDP policies, which seems to be essentially New Dealism. I dont see how a coalition with Conservatives and Liberals would allow anything to Radical.
Urban, I wouldn’t say it does not matter. I think who ever wins this game ends up leading the post WW2 government


It will not matter for the Nazis is what I was saying.


Unfortunately even the Moravian fascists cannot avoid war with Nazi Germany either since they loathe Germans and Riga and certainly King Georg (provided you go “moderate” authoritarian) will refuse to bow to a jumped-up Austrian corporal and art-school washout. The Germans are well aware of Moravian sentiment in both cases and since Moravia is not a peninsula and has no Pyrenees to protect it they’re not gonna allow Riga to be a second Franco and for Moravia to become a hostile neutral at best. As in that case they’d leave one of their flanks unprotected in case Riga and/or Georg succumb to an Allied offer that would simply be too good to refuse in order to attack Germany’s weak and un(der) protected underbelly at a time when they are dealing with the Eastern Front.
It might even play out a bit worse for them with their former ally Italy stabbing Moravia in the back too, whereas France is at least simply unable to provide much aid due to getting badly overrun themselves.

Not quite, think more Scandinavia then the American New Deal, since you have to realise that by European standards the American New deal and Johnson’s Great Society (that the Republicans are now quickly demolishing in a reprise of the “Gilded Age”) were fairly anemic and centrist liberal to moderate conservative policies at best.

I think I worded that poorly, Italy will betray Riga/Georg and Moravia in that case, not Germany. While they did turn on Germany too near the very end, that only came after the ouster of Mussolini and Allied landings in Italy.


Ah! I stand corrected! Ya, the Fascists are very anti-german fascists.


I just hope if my person becomes the leader I can determine the economics and how the government will be run…and hopefully be able to avoid a civil war…or prevent the US and it’s allies or Russia and its allies doing what they do in the Cold War


Oh boy…I honestly would love to see that…Italy backstabbing Germany
Italy: ”YOUR TOUCHING MY SPAGHETTI!!” stabs Germany