United We Stand - Political WIP



Think it in this way, in a war where there can be civilian casualty … putting them in a centralised camp (sort sort of safe haven ) is actually habouring them from harm’s way right ? it is far better to stay in a war torn village or town where they need to stay alive from looters / bandits / renegade soldiers :slight_smile:

I read from news that , residents in a war torn zone actually thinking of leaving… but they can’t because there aren’t safe escort or safe zone for them to survive . So in the centralised haven, they can plant corps , do laundry , build their own home … is consider the quietest life they can ever dream in war time right ? We take a portion of the corps they plant is also a good strategy to maintain our troops’ food supply … win-win situation for both party , i believe the common folks will appreciate it most ? :wink:

I believe so, if we won the election , we should be considering as National Troops ? :smile:

Curious to ask, do you think it is better to just let them separate out from the country and let them govern their own territory ? Will it avoid the war ?


What if they dont want to be in your camp though? Are they going to be held there at gunpoint until they rethink their political opinions under the pretext that its for their safety? Its easy to think you provide a safe haven without realising that you just held all those civilians in a valuable military position. By trying to protect them you put them in the center of the war. Do you honestly trust your enemies not to try to either take over or liberate one of your main source of income? Cause they will and when that happen those civilians will be even closer to the fire than if you let them go where they want.


I doubt the actual fate of the separatist region will be decided immediately after the election. You could probably promise them more autonomy or maybe the most radical option of a referendum on independence in a few years. Also, I did not mean the New Order were separatists, just that the separatists could align with them, but they are more sympathetic to the left wing.


Hmmm… the safe Haven should be at the back line, the strong hold position of our Head quarter :slight_smile: Unless we fall, they should be safe for as long as we stand :wink:

Give them the choice of whether they want to join or stay in that ransacked village/town , give them a sound reasoning of the pros and cons of joining the haven… if they want to stay , we take what we want ( but leaving them enough ration to survive few days )
I mainly design such action so that my troops have a sense of moral purpose for them in a war, rather than the simple command of “take no prisoners alive” :wink: , i think spiritual ideology is a good food for the souls of my troops as well … :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point, if the Popular Front is elected …i will aim to persuade my coalition to allow autonomy for the regional partizan , to ensure more power sharing … isn’t that Solidarity aim for “equality” ? that means more power sharing , even with the royalist and nationalist …if they are willing :slight_smile:


So…I guess I’m the minority here…I picked the fascist side…yet I’m more like a moderate…I preach about making the country better and that’s my thing…I romanced party bae…and…I think of my party gets in power…I may mysteriously disappear…I decided to do the one ticket thing with the National Bloc…it seemed like the best choice and best way to beat the communists…


Hmmm… i think we are in the true spirit of United We Stand :smile:

Perhaps we could yet prevent a civil war if things are up to us :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree…hopefully we can…because My Mc isn’t loyal to the party but to what’s best for the country…


Yes i totally agree… i would perhaps add that we should also perform what’s best for the people so that they can remain safe from discontent among the society , there should be a common ground for everyone to live peacefully :slight_smile:


Yeah…common ground is possible to find…I know not everyone will be happy but it will avoid a civil war…


Love your idealism yall, but this is the 1930s with two radical extremes. With radicals so strong, sadly the only way to prevent civil war is for one side to completely crush the other. Compromise between radical socialists and fascists is not really possible. (I mean you had strasserism that was part of the Nazi party for a bit, but the New Order seem to be Italian style fascists, who were not very left wing at all).


I’m loyal to what works best for the country which is why I will probably end up disappearing if the Fascists take over


Each opinion to their own, but I feel the probably most moderate route is actually the Popular Front. Each of the ideologies, minus Fascism, is represented. It would likely preserve the status quo along with the passage of social democrat reforms. Where as my impression so far of the fascist/conservative alliance is they are not as concerned with maintaining democracy, and want a more authoritarianism lite.


The best for Moravia is the New Order in power and the red rabble six feet under!


That’s probably correct…but I can’t bring myself to picks the commies at the start still wish for a option to be a moderate at the start and while the National Bloc isn’t all the way democratic…I believe that they will uphold it…


If it makes you feel any better, technically solidarity are not communist. They are radical socialist. They have broken with Moscow. Probably more Titoist than anything.


Well that is true but I just know the leader is gonna end up dying in the first month and will end up getting replaced with a hardline Stalinist…


Then support the popular front! It limits the power of Solidarity. Also, I dont think Rosa dies. Also, as the USSR tried to kill Rosa, most of Solidarity rather hates them :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean…I see it happening because she seems too nice and well…the USSR has killed off communist leaders and had their supported leader put in charge…and well…the taking of my land and money…I can’t agree with whatsoever


But this is an alternative universe right ? where Anastasia may still be alive :slight_smile:

surely the protagonist will have a mandate to change to course of “history” ?

I think if you and i can both held an important role and status within our coalition , we can aim to strife a common ground for both ideology … it is hard t find an ally from opposing party , but hey i found you :smile: I hope Herta will be as open mind as you…

At the end of our days, it will still be “ashes to ashes dust to dust” , why we need to kill one another …my friend ? :wink:

No…I need Vasco to stay with the New Order so that we can both have peace among us, we cannot clap with only one hand right ? :slight_smile:


Ha! I bedded Heart in my play through…was interesting…left the party lickdly split kek…so she shouldn’t be too hard to convince