United We Stand - Political WIP



Wh- where definitely don’t feel like a idiot


You can either allie with kant and create a broad leftist alliance with the social democrats if you’re solidarity or you can make an alliance with the conservative monarchists if you’re new order. I believe both cause tensions with your leader tough. You also will have the option to betray your alliae during the civil war to keep complete political control. It will also probably be possible to completely integrate into your allied group once the civil war is over.


Oof, I was mostly looking for the option in the start…since well… shrug we always hear about how Hitler came to power and the same with Lenin and Stalin…always wondered what would be if our person was a neutral…just wanting to protect the nation…not being a violent person…not ordering the beatings…meh…


You can. You are not forced to take radical actions and you will have the choice between a military and political path during the civil war. So far you can play the whole game without doing anything violent if its what you want. There’s also options to pay respect to your rivals (clapping for the queen, trying to discuss politic in a friendly way with conservative MP’s, etc.


Well…in my play through…it had my person leading gangs of sorts…leading them to beat the competition to submission…don’t know if their is a way to avoid it or not…


Last I checked I wasnt forced to do that. If you’re talking about the takeover part we could either assasinate a fascist leader or take over beer halls but if I’m not wrong there’s also another less violent option. If anything just bide your time, you will get what you want.

Edit: You can choose to simply disrupt fascists meetings. Nothing violent there.


Well…in my play through…I was assigned to be the head of the thugs…the ones who would go out and beat the opposition…and it seemed like I was forced down that path probably wrong…probably made a choice and didn’t realize it just…I’m gonna need to redo the play through…hope I can not be forced into that kek…because I really rather be a moderate politician that is only trying to save his country from a civil war…

Edit: for me I was a fascist and I was sent to disrupt communist meetings


Cant say I went much down the fascists route but I’d say its constant with their methods. That said if you truly want to be a reconciliatory force of moderation I’m afraid this game might not be for you because there will be a war, peoples will die and you will have to pick a side moderate or not.


True…though I thought since the title of this story was “United we Stand” there was going to be a moderate route…though I’m not disappointed…I enjoyed what I read…it was fun…just sorta wished there to be a moderate route…definitely liked it…


I really hope not, I envision my mc as a decent scrapper in a street fight and he knows how to play a crowd, but he knows next to nothing of actual warfare aside from what he may have learned if he did a stint of mandatory conscription, but then someone of a lower class background like him would hardly have been an officer so even that is likely limited to firing and maintaining a rifle, polishing boots and giving a proper salute. None of the fancy tactics officers learn in short.

They both really don’t seem to have the temperament to make effective judges for their former enemies. Herta even more so then Franz, but they’d both be pretty bad at it.

Certainly not the gay ones. Ruheri summed up Herta’s attitude to her enemies in general and a gay Solidarity member in particular here:

As for this:

With both sides employing ever increasing numbers of militia and both utterly unwilling and unable to come to any satisfactory compromise a civil war or uprising seems pretty much inevitable to me. Best case scenario you are able to squash it quickly if you have Anhalten on your side and win both key objectives in order.

That is likely necessary for the grunts, not so with the leadership though.

The circumstances and also the ideological divides are rather different here, do that and you’ll have a second insurrection against yourself on your hands or if you didn’t seize absolute power you’ll likely be quietly retired.

I think it may be possible for Solidarity and the SDP to merge into a new party, though historically democratic socialist merging with social democrats has tended to mean that most of the political talent from the latter had to be resigned to a fate of being perpetual backbenchers or just resign altogether.


My guess is no for the background, as my impression is that for the aristocratic one you have pretty much cut yourself off from your family, disgusted by their treatment of the miners.


Well… One of the reason why i want to take command is that , i intend to ensure my troops fully conduct in good ethic of war, this including manner in acceptance of surrender and the treatment of prisoners of war, military necessity, along with distinction and proportionality, most importantly is the prohibition of torture that may cause unnecessary suffering… Oh , and to prevent massacre of rival villages or cities too. Only the highest chain in the military command may implement such ethic, a mere low ranking officer won’t have sufficient authority to justify such act …

Since i play the vital role in forming the Popular Front, i believe Vitari can help in the favour of making me among the top decision making military command officer :slight_smile: I don’t want event like the France’s " September Massacres " to occur, hence a strictly discipline and high ethic troops has to be maintain under my command.

Hmmm… i would think Herta should at least be grateful to anyone who spare her and her family right ? :slight_smile:

That’s another reason why i want to be in the highest rank of military command , i need to train those troops myself so that they will follow my vision and command “zealously” , a well discipline, high morale and high ethic military army unit is essential for maintaining law and order …

Oh and i forgot Lou… I am wondering what will Lou do if we are romancing her, i don’t believe Lou will stay and fight with us, if she fly back to America… can we ever see her again ?
If i persuade Lou to stay , perhaps i can enroll her to play a role in my military command ? Lou is a good actress … i might need her help to promote military morale :slight_smile:


Regardless of the player’s actions or high command’s attitude towards war crimes, they’re virtually guaranteed to happen, especially in an ideologically charged civil war. Even if strictly prohibited, the stresses and chaos of war are gonna cause breakdowns in discipline, and it’s far easier to internally justify, for instance, the execution of surrendering prisoners when you believe they cause they’re fighting for, and by extension the soldiers themselves, are evil

The MC may prove themselves a competent soldier, but they have no military experience whatsoever. I doubt we’ll be able to write the army’s manual of arms, especially when there’s a high probability you’ll have actual, trained officers on hand.


Along the story , there is a chance to receive help from the French …could they send someone to train the army ?

@AlexClifford1994 the prisoners of war also make me thinking, are we going to be setting up prisoners camp ? and thus allowing us a choice on how to manage our prisoners camp ?

I agree with you on that, but there should be no reason for a commanding officer to abandon all code of ethic, if the commanding officer doesn’t enforce it him/herself …who else is going to enforce it ? I feel that it will ultimately fall to the responsibility of the high ranking officer , so ideally we can take charge of the highest command , set an example so that the rest of the officers will follow suit…


I feel like the war will probably not last long enough to truly allow for the training of professional troops. Seems like it will be a fairly haphazard thing with fighting breaking out one day, likely after a failed coup attempt or crackdown.


There may still be French and/or Italian “military advisers” present either way, but particularly for the popular front and Solidarity any equipment the French can spare would be invaluable since it seems that at the start the Fascists will control most of the regular army and what heavy equipment there is.

Nope, well I think if Moravia has conscription and the aristo mc didn’t dodge it they may have been junior officers for a couple of years. That’s still not much to go on though.


It’ll probably depend on just how much they’re willing to involve themselves, but military advisers are certainty a possibility, though as @Jeeshadow1 mentioned, the war will probably won’t last particularly long (I’d put my money on a year max), so a truly professional army is unlikely

Don’t get me wrong, generals and the like certainly play a role in shaping the culture and attitude of the forces under their command, but at the end of the day they’re one man, hundreds of miles from the frontline, in the midst of a bloody civil war. Having commanders that take a stern stance on war crimes will discourage it to an extent, but their influence only goes so far, especially in an army made mostly up of hastily trained volunteers and militias.


That get me wondering too… usually Aristocrat or royal family will be the first to receive some sort of military training , provided they don’t dodge it or being lazy about their “formal” education … So it could be that a Aristocrat MC had been given adequate military education and he/she took it seriously , so when Aristocrat MC decided to join the Solidarity , it could provide the Popular Front a huge boast with the MC’s former education :slight_smile:

I think i need to give them an incentive …like bringing home villagers from rival village alive(all of them) will entitle the entire unit receiveing extra ration, these villagers can be put into a central camp to perform some form of labour while at the same time persuade them to change their ideology … hopefully they will consider voting for us once the country go back to democracy …


This is back tracking to the original post on the war, it seems like if you are Solidarity you can get the Army, and if you are the New Order you can get the separatists. I wonder what events decide that. Will the separatist issue arise during/after the election? It has not really appeared up till this point.


I’m not sure sending civilians to labour camps is the best way to convince them of how good and kind your army is. Might be a quick way to turn them against you actually.