United We Stand - Political WIP



Considering fascism is such a loose ideology and there’s no single, widely accepted definition, I think whether Juntas in general would qualify as such is a matter of perspective.


Very nationalistic, kill all the opposition, controls the economy… It seems fascism to me.


Very simple explanation/difference would be “Does the state have complete control?” or “Does a single leader have complete control?” If its the former it is fascist. If its the latter its a dictatorship. Military juntas tend to be ruled by the military so no single person tends to be in charge but it also isn’t necessarily the state that has absolute power. It can vary depending on the circumstances. It all gets very grey but there are differences between them.


I agree with you. Any material effects of the civil war would be mitigated by WW2. Its main legacies would likely be political and cultural.


I was hoping there isn’t going to be a case of civil war if we won the election :slight_smile:

@AlexClifford1994 are we going to be given an option to name the army of our faction?.. for example my faction is the Popular Front , but that is a political faction…there should be a different name for the military force associates with that political faction right ?

I plan to name mine " The Army of Unification " - AU :slight_smile:

I am also curious, so Vitari will be the leader of my Political Faction(Popular Front) …that means my MC will be leader/commander of the military force ?


My understanding is the MC will be in charge of the Interior ministry. That likely gives them influence, but actual command will likely fall to who ever is War Minister. Probably from one of the more moderate parties. I assume if the Popular Front is formed Vitori may remain as the civilian head of the Popular Army. Not sure if the front is not formed (tbh I am not sure if it is possible for the left to even win the election without the PF).
Also, while winning seems like it will not prevent war, it would likely give you greater opportunities to strengthen your position before the war (like has already been mentioned the Civil Guard sides with who wins).
I have a question though, assuming the MC wins, will there be options to decide what to do with those enemies who have been captured? (I feel franz and Herta would probably be decent choices to decide what to do with the lower level opposition members who are captured in the war)


Full Pardon to everyone … in the style of American Civil War :smile:

then i can have a chance to befriend Herta too :sunny:


Sorry to :cloud_with_rain: on your parade, but I highly doubt the Solidarity folks can ever befriend Herta :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait until I get the chance to kill Herta. :grinning:


My solidarity character would probably not go so far! Certainly she should probably be arrested for a good long while though! My male fascist character on the other hand probably wants to marry her :stuck_out_tongue:


Go too far? :open_mouth: As my Solidarity MC would say: “No quarter for greys!” Never mind such a high-ranked grey.


I guess it depends on high ranking Herta is in the Solidarity play through! She seems to play second fiddle when you are playing as a fascist, but without you to compete with she may be the rising star. On the other hand her parents might limit her ability to rise.


In the American Civil war, General Grant had accepted the surrender of General Lee with such grace that , he even laid out an astonishing generous term of surrender to General Lee…to the extend of ordering his troops to stop all celebration, saying the “war is over; the rebels are our countrymen again.” :slight_smile:

Such is the example i intend to follow when my Solidarity MC win the war … embracing Herta and the fascist as my countrymen and countrywomen again :blush:

Why not ? Once the war is over, everyone should return to civil once again … If the Northern Union can do it with the Southern Confederate , surely the Left can reconcile with the Right as well :slight_smile:


You do realize that the north and the south was never really reconciled right? Confederate glorification and flag waving is still going strong despite the flag being banned for being a hate symbol. Hell the KKK was literally born out of disgruntled former confederate officer who wanted a secret society to plan the second uprising that never came. The only “reconciliation” was that confederates went back to civilian and political life but I wouldnt say it was peaceful or good.


Somehow I dont think less peoples waving confederates and nazi flags would be a bad thing + making it illegal to use on government buildings is a ban in itself. But anyway this is getting off topic. My point is that relationship between the US north and south are far from being at their best so expecting even more from the two polar opposite of politic is a bit much to ask. Especially after a civil war that is going to cause thousands of death. I know for sure that I have no desire whatsoever to befriend someone who’se belief is that I should get executed for liking peoples of the same gender, of different ethnicities or simply because I disagree with their worship of authoritarianism.


I agree. I do not believe that Morovia will be really in a position where attempted reconciliation would pay off. It would just re-empower your political opponents in this case and alienate your allies.


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Will your class/background and decision to receive aid from France or Italy have an impact on the war? I vaguely remember the aristocrat background mentioning something about your family owning a mine in my Solidarity playthrough.


Gotta say…this seems nice…and fun…though I was looking for a more middle path you know. Instead of you either being a dirty commie or a hypocritical Fascist…I was looking for the middle road…because well…it looks fun and sounds interesting…but that’s my opinion…


Dude its already an option…