United We Stand - Political WIP



Number 2 is not bad (assuming that’s deputy PM to Vitori, since all party leaders remain as leader of their own party, the deputy PM should from 2nd most successful party within the coalition, who is not party leader) … as long as Lou agree to stay with the marriage :slight_smile:


Considering my MC is romancing Vitori, there are so many ways this can end badly for everyone in the entire nation :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… or perhaps we can have a political marriage with a princess ?? to strengthen the harmony within the nation …but wouldn’t Rosa kill me for that ? :thinking:


Probably very painfully tbh


Rosa’s just jealous you picked someone else instead of her :wink:. But having a diplomatic marriage would in my opinion be very beneficial for Moravia. Especially if said nobility was part of a neutral nation or an Allied nation that wasn’t invaded. It would give us somewhere to put our exiled government if we lose to the Germans and would provide us with financial and military support pretty much unhindered throughout the war.


The country has a royal family though, so you would not be a very good catch :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but Solidarity doesn’t seem to be very keen on working with them from what I can tell. Plus I don’t see the royal family lasting very long once the Germans take charge.


@dary0004 @Jeeshadow1

what if during our exile, we manage to meet Anastasíya Romanova ? the marriage between an exiled leader (our MC) with an exiled princess of the lost Czar empire will make a good tragic romance story during a war time :slight_smile:


Well the author would have to deviate a bit away from history for that. It has been proven that Anastasia was killed in 1918. But seeing as there was no nation called Moravia in Europe in 1934 it wouldn’t be to much of a stretch to put Anastasia in there. That would make a good romance.


Had it really being proven it was her body? some conspiracy theory told she escaped and live a quiet life till she died of old age ? I would think it will be a difficult choice on whether we choose to reveal Anastasia’s true identify or keep her identity hidden when we return to Moravia with her as wife, won’t the newspaper trying their best to figure out who she was ?


Yeah back in 2007 they did DNA testing on a grave and found out the bodies were of Anastasia and her mother. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend otherwise :grin:.


This is not a prince(ss) romance story however, so all of that seems most unlikely.


Maybe, but nothing wrong with me headcanoning my MC having a happy ending with an exiled Russian princess.:wink:


Or a woman claiming to be one. There have been dozens, perhaps even hundreds of self-proclaimed “Anastasia’s” surfacing over time, some with half-credible stories even.


As long as their story is credible enough that we can get the Romanov fortune out of the banks and retire in a nice little castle somewhere thats fine with me. But on a more serious note, I found it interesting learning about all the imposters there were. When I was in school in Russia we were told the whole royal family was killed for treason, no survivors. I didn’t even know people thought she was still alive until the forensic report came out in 2007.


I doubt the Romanov had any fortune hidden… If you love Anastasia , it will be out of true love and compassion :wink:


Well it was at least rumored that the Romanovs had tons of money in European banks. And my princess deserves a castle. I just don’t exactly have the money to buy one is all. That’s why we need the money.


If I remember correctly, their fortune was hidden among their body at the time of capture and all the diamonds and jewels were in padding and such. It wasn’t until after execution that this was discovered.

What happened after that to the family fortune is a mystery, just as what happened to the Confederate gold after Jefferson Davis was captured at the end of the American Civil War was never known.

For some unknown reason, captured fortunes tend to disappear soon after being captured, no matter what nationality :slight_smile:


I am amaze to how people were willing to take possession of dead persons belongings ( i am assuming someone took those jewelry themselves) , didn’t they understand those items are likely cursed :slight_smile:

But back to topic , i am still wondering why Solidarity were against the Monarchy ? My MC chose to clap enthusiastically when the Queen spoke , resulting in wide eyes from fellow MP…it was quite a funny scene


Royalty implies that they are better than you. They are somehow superior to you simply for being born into a royal family. Communism/Socialism is against the idea that one can be born into higher position than another. Thats one of their ideologies few redeeming qualities.

Most of the fortune was taken by the Soviets and used to line their pockets. Other pieces of jewelry and such were bought by foreigners. The some of the jewels from the Tsarina’s crown even found their way into the hands of the British Royal Family and onto one of their crowns.