United We Stand - Political WIP

Clearly. We will save the nation, one red underneath our boots at a time. The people will have a glorious nation, rising out of the ashes of the elite who betrayed them and saving them from the god forsaken communists, who want to take away their lives, their homes, and their property. We will never let this happen.


@AlexClifford1994 I really liked both Herta and Alessandra scenes.
Herta is godamm cute. How the hell a hardened paramilitary fascist and politician can be so cute?
Her secret crush on the Male MC made her lovely, “you don’t know for how long I waited for this”.

And Alessandra is a goddess, she is classy, sexy, provocative, every scene just makes me want more. My MC is going to eat out of her hand.


Lydia’s romance route sets Alessandra’s flag instead of hers. It doesn’t do anything for now, but will undoubtly mess up things later on.

Anyway, Alessandra is definitely the one I’ll be romancing, unless she has some big secret.


Don’t worry, it has already been reported.

Well, she is a Italian spy…

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Must’ve missed that, my bad.

As for secrets, I was thinking more about personal ones. I am well aware of her affilation and accepted it when I decided to pursue her, so any demands or favors for her won’t be s problem. On the other hand, I don’t really know what to expect from her as a person. We only met three times and considering she’s a spy, she could be acting up all the time. That’d be concerning.


@AlexClifford1994 said all romances will have some kind of problems, and being a spy will be one point of contrition in her romance IMO. I doubt you will ever have a concrete answer to if she really loves you or is only using you to spy on Moravian government, so it will up to you to decide if it is worth continuing the romance or not.


I done her romance and dear god you can write a believable Romance.


Yes, the characters so far feel very real, @AlexClifford1994. I especially noticed this when I gave Herta a spin during the dance, when she states she’s been waiting for our character to make a move. She then says the same thing later that night in bed, really driving her passion for the MC home. It shows a hopeful, loving side of her that we’ve never really got to see until now, and really does her character a favor in terms of expanding who she is and what she wants, and makes her that much more in-depth. It also happens when you choose someone else over her. That scene where she gets drunk when I invited Alessandra over her was a revealing and even a little sad scene, but it communicated all these things with the same effectiveness. Praise just has to be directed toward you for this.


@AlexClifford1994 I have a question my good sir if we do one of the middle path governments do you get titles and knighthoods😊 Specially considering we can become a military commander.

Speaking of is their system of honors in Moravia?


That presumably why she is a spy in the first place, eh? It is exactly the same with my mc and Jules.
And why in real-life none of our mc’s would pass the top-secret background check with those relationships.

While this is true, with cute French representative I get the feeling that the attraction at least is genuine, as for the rest to qoute from Evita the musical:
"There is no one, no one at all
Never has been, and never will be a lover, male or female
Who hasn’t an eye on, in fact they rely on
Tricks they can try on their partner"
And that goes doubly in politics and among the rich and powerful, since everyone always has their own (hidden) agenda. :wink:

Yeah, with my mc that would probably need to be done posthumously. Otherwise, while he may need to, reluctantly, become the more moderate face of Solidarity (as Rosa would presumably be saving herself for the elections of 39 and beyond) his relationship with the Queen outside of the public view, if there even is any wouldn’t exactly be a smooth or cordial one. Particularly since my mc is pretty much openly a republican, much like most of Solidarity I imagine.

I thought we could become the de-facto “commander” of the police/civil guard and possibly the SPD and Solidarity paramilitaries if we find a way to either integrate them into the civil guard or turn them into police auxiliaries. That’s not exactly military high command.


Yes, and she is too good at it. Like she said herself:


“Well you must let me know next time you want to be persuasive,” she says, raising her eyebrows, “I might be able to learn a thing or two from you $!{fn}, after all persuasion is part of my profession as well.”

Sad but true. I expect his relationship with Alessandra to annoy Riga.

I think both of them are attracted to the MC, but the real question would be if they are together in a relationship because they can get access to secret info of Moravian government. This will be a shadow that will always follow any MC who in a relationship with them.


Too bad we can’t romance the Queen. Ah, well.


The Franz ball scene ends once we arrive. Is it unfinished?


@mistylavenda no, I’ve obviously made the same error as I did with the herta scene and the trigger is wrong. I will fix it but I’m currently on holiday, so it won’t be I till next week. Same for that error you spotted @readher

Thanks for the praise around the latest chapter, especially the romance element, glad you like it!

@idonotlikeusernames if you win the election you become interior minister with control over the civil guard, but I think @rogar was referring to the military career path in the civil war/coup scenario which comes late in the game.
And to answer you question @rogar I hadn’t thought about an honours system, I suppose I’ll have to now!


New Order Chapter 4:

Herta says he needs to relieve herself and goes to the tiolet. There’s a slightly awkward silence between you and Riga. But when she comes back, she seems brighter, happier and you all have a laugh.

Should be she.

New Order Chapter 5

“The jury, your verdic,” asks the wrinkly old judge.

Should be verdict.

Before you know it, you are standing at the door of Alessandra’s luxery city centre apartment.

I think it should be luxury.

Many people have tried since my husband died. I suspect it might have something to do with my being one of the richest women in Moravia."

I think it suit be “me”.


Damm, I’m already missing this WiP @AlexClifford1994. Can you tell me anything about Alesssandra that we don’t know yet? Anything to make the waiting more bereable?

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@urban Haha, sorry for making you wait, I’m sure you coped! Information? Hmm, well I’m currently planning the romance section of the next chapter (and have written the Kant one) and I suppose I could tell you that in the next chapter Alessandra invites you round to her flat for a delightful Italian meal, and maybe more…

Feel free to ask any questions about characters and plot though



Whenever you have it all to your taste, I’ll be right here, patiently dying to read it :smiley:

As our ancestors used to say (no idea, it seems the kind of thing they would), the stomach is the highway for a man’s heart. Italian meal? Well, lets just say it makes her get there as fast as the crazy Italian drivers :smile:

Alessandra is a good RO, btw, I know I haven’t said much about the New Order ones, but that scene with Berta was really, really good, and the Lydia (I can’t remember her exact name, the rich aristocrat) romance also seems quite interesting. Oh, and I hate Riga even more (the good kind of hate, not the “this character is badly written” one, the “gosh, I really want to punch the villain of this story, as I am supposed to”).


Well I think you can intuit what I would ask for when it comes to the romances by now. :wink:

Same here for the ones for Jules and Franz.

For me it’s Riga, von Harzberg and Howe, the whole unholy triumvirate.

Of course the new Order mc can work with the Prince to rein in Riga, but that would just be trading in one villainous overlord for another.


From an RO perspective, Howe was the only New Order male whose behaviour I didn’t disliked (the prince was ok). Surprisingly enough, the general is the most sweet and romantic of them, the others were too misogynist in their romantic behaviour (which actually fits them quite well, I am not criticizing that, quite on the contrary).

Btw, @AlexClifford1994, I was here thinking, you should find some way to let the reader play without being forced into romantic interactions in the ball, maybe something as simple as going alone. I don’t know, but we do have asexuals and\or aromantics in this community, you don’t need to include those orientations (it wouldn’t fit the story that well) but you might want to give them the opportunity to don’t play the romances (because if they go with a character and then refuse to start a relationship, the stats will take a hit, and the characters are written so that is the natural outcome).

I don’t see much problem if you don’t do it, honestly. But it might be something you haven’t even considered yet, hence me talking about it.