United We Stand - Political WIP

Damn, @AlexClifford1994, just got to read the new chapter… Bloody amazing. Right when I thought you couldn’t set the bar any higher in terms of quality (writing, character-wise, plot), you went on and did it.

Best chapter so far, loved every single bit of it. And those romance scenes? Damn, they portrayed the characters so well, I feel I’m going down a really weird path with Kant, but who cares, that woman is amazing, strong and fragile, idealist and pragmatic, all at the same time. Bloody hell, every character is great, and every scene is amazingly well done.

I haven’t had the absolute joy of reading something I liked this much in CoG for a long time. Thank your for writing it, seriously. My most liked CoG in a long time.


Right now, I’m very envious of the reds. I’m suffering for the lack of chapter 5 for the New Order, by soon I shall join you reds, just wait…

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New Order chapter 5 is finally up and I am so happy! Writing 13 versions of that ball scene has been a bit of a slog and taken much longer than I thought but it’s finished at last… sorry for those who have waited.

Thanks so much, this is so kind of you, I really appreciate it!

With all the romances I aim to have aspects that are difficult. I didn’t want it to be a sort of idealised romance system where everything is perfect and the RO does whatever you like. There’s going to be twists and turns in the romance side


Well any relationship is a compromise and remember that the Select very much wouldn’t have been my mc choice, so he only does that for Jules already. :wink:
As for the “difficult” aspect it is a cross-social class gay relationship with a foreigner in the 1930’s. So I’d guess that aspect at least would already be taken care of for a working-class mc like mine wanting to romance the cute French spy diplomat.

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Can’t wait for them! I’m really enjoying romancing and hanging out with Kant. She is perfect, probably the best RO I have seen around here, closely followed by Heather of ZE (I guess I have a thing for “problematic” romances, hence my growing fondness for Kant). I mean, I’d totally join the fascists if she asked me to, that’s how happily tangled I’m in her web. :smiley:

I was surprised by how well Alex handled the LGBT romances so far, he made us feel the pressure and discrimination such relations were bound to suffer (with all the necessary secrecy), while letting us fully enjoy truly romantic scenes.

Even with Kant we had the whole desire vs need for secrecy conflict very well fleshed. Maybe way too well fleshed, because now I’m dying for more scenes with her :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only imagine the huge amount of work such scenes must give you. From my part, I can only say it’s totally worth it. Each one of them makes me love every character a bit more, they are incredibly fitting.

Will now get in the most recent New Order chapter :slight_smile:


Alex, during the speech the PC makes to New Order’s supporters after the trial, right at the beginning of the “earnest” choice, it says «This is not an easy speech for you me make». Shouldn’t it be «This is not an easy speech for me to make» ?

In the dialogue between Riga and Harzberg the following is written: «Our deal would last four years, until an election in 1939. That election we would contest as seperate parties, unless all particpants were in favour of an extension»

«There’s no need to be hysterical" Niedermoller counters, "We’ve already worked with the Nationls for some time, they are our closet allies»

In Lydia’s ball version, this is written: «Herta says hello to the Niedermollers and Waltzs, asks the former about their recent holiday, shakes Alessandra’s hand and pulls up a chair.»

In Lydia’s romance scene, when we kiss her: «Tentatively, you get up and sit down beside her. You rest your hand on the back of your head, and then you place your lips on hers» Shouldn’t it be the back of her head?

Herta’s ball scene: «Do you want to come back with you?» Shouldn’t there be some “me” between “want” and “to”?

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@AlexClifford1994 Here is my feedback for the New Order update. Extremely happy to see it is out and I can continue. Love your work (as evident below). :rofl:

It would make more sense as changed.

There should be a new paragraph started; someone else is speaking.

Same thing here.

Makes more sense as, “and others who have used you.”

Riga, my leader, is male! Gender swap error.

Not sure if the font style change is intentional or not, but I know that slash, i, and parenthesis are not.

23 AM

Shouldn’t it be, “If Solidarity wins?”

Should be a comma after hysterical.

Looks to be a word missing after Riga, there.

Should be a period there, not a question mark.

Should be: “Has anyone told you?” Then a new line: No one has. Then a new line for his next following dialogue.

Miss? My character is male. Typical Crown.

Believe I have found a huge bug. I took Herta to the ball, and was going to try to trigger her romance, but then, without my control, my character leaves, goes to the Prince, and I seem to trigger his instead. This isn’t even the last thing I would do. Seems to be a sizable coding problem.


@ruhenri @Voldy thanks very much for the error reports, all fixed now! Appreciate your efforts. The Herta problem bewildered me when I read your report but it was actually really simple. The variable if you asked out Herta was ball = “friend” but I had the Herta ball scene activated by *if ball = “herta”, which of course would never trigger, so it just went down the page to the Prince Georg romance scene. Changed the variable and moved the Georg one into a *if so that it will never happen again!

@idonotlikeusernames very funny edit, doesn’t show up when I try to quote it for some reason.

That’s very kind of you to say. I guess what I’m aiming for is that all the ROs to some extent feel like individuals with their own goals and flaws, which will sometimes be problematic for the player. In the case of Kant, you’ve got an illicit affair with a married woman, of another party, who your leader actively dislikes, who also has a problematic relationship with alcohol. So not exactly a picnic :laughing:


Great! You’re welcome!

Now I can finish my error run.

Edit: Sorry for giving you so much work. :sweat_smile:


Hi I don’t post much on here, but i noticed that when you invite Rosa to the ball during the solidarity route it ends as you’re getting in the cab and doesn’t continue.

ps: love the wip

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@ErraticArtisan Hi, just realised that the error I mentioned above for Herta also applied to Rosa and Riga, both now fixed, apologies, and glad you like it


Glad to amuse you, but what were you trying to quote exactly, since now I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re talking about?

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The spy crossed out which I don’t even know how to do


Oh, you mean the strike-through? It’s easy just do [ s ] then put your text in here and end with [ / s ] Without all the spaces of course.

It is also an open secret that many of the younger diplomatic staff at many embassies are highly “flexible” even today. :wink:


Here’s the last of my findings:

This one’s rather obvious.

It should be, “after he saved you that night.”

Should clearly be, “saying”, plus there should be a period before the “you,” and the y in it should be capitalized.

Should be, “she then,” instead.

Obvious unnecessary spacing.

Should be, “your.” EDIT: It’s not highlighted, but look where it says, “And what my that be?” This should obviously be, “And what might that be?”

…And that’s it. The content in this update was completely satisfying and well-written. I shall try Alessandra’s ball route next. I enjoyed Herta’s alot. Cheers, mate. Keep up the stupendous work.

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@Voldy thanks very much!


“I can see how she persuaded you to sell us out Karl,” is her opening gambit.

Who is “she”?

“We would risk a SDP takeover.”

Rosa is a persuasive woman.”

National Bloc

“We should go,” Lydia sighs, rubbing her eyes, “I’ve had enough of this. And I’ve not had enough time with you $!{ln}. Would you join me?”
*set romance “aless
*set aless +5

Both should be lydia

*if background = “working”
“It played a part you reckon,” you say, “She .”

I think there should be something after she.

Franz says a polite hello to the von Harzbergs, shares a joke with Riga, straight up ignores the other half of the table and pulls up a chair.

While this scene amuses me, I think you meant Herta.

Obviously with my being Prime Minister I would give you the finance ministry as well as your post as deputy PM.

I think it should be me.

“Many people have tried since my husband died. I suspect it might have something to do with my being one of the richest women in Moravia.”

Same here.


No he hasn’t got an excuse not to get off his arse!

Should be now.

“Herta doesn’t diappoint I hope?” he asks as you go over.



@Urban I seemed to have missed those. Good job, comrade.


We all work for a better Moravia brother. With the exception of the reds, ofc.