United We Stand - Political WIP

Howe is a woman not a man.

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Now I need it more than ever.

Interesting, I feel the same way, but the target of my punch is Wulf instead of Riga.

Interesting enough, Riga is very charismatic if you play New Order.

She is the best RO :stuck_out_tongue:.

It is Herta man. And indeed it was good.

There were parts of her romance I liked, but I didn’t like the ending. Not for the lack of sex, but how she still treats you as below her, even when she likes and is attracted to the MC.

From the red side I liked Kant the best (Cougars ftw) and I liked Lou too but not as much as Kant. Sash is not my tea of cup.


Has the foreign powers deal ever been mentioned after its been agreed upon? It seems like, as much as economic and military support is welcomed, the leaders of the parties would be against not nationalizing French or Italian businesses. I assume that because New Order is nationalistic and Solidarity would control the means of production either way. Am I wrong?
Btw I love this wip and can’t wait for the next chapter

It is a risk for their government, but that is not their primary concern, what France and Italy really wants is to stop fascism and expand fascism respectively.
They now the risk of either extremist party nationalizing their business in Moravia, but it is a calculated risk, of it happens then they will simply cut the money and military support.

Now I doubt any party would actually do that, Moravia is going through an economic crisis, if either part don’t deliver the population will rise against them. It is better to keep receiving Italian or French money at least until the crisis has passed and the party power has already solidified.

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Damn, I’m clearly confused with the names of NO. I meant the general.

This is it.

Sorry about that, didn’t get to memorize the names of the NO RO’s.

Those times where I should just shut up before checking the names. I guess I didn’t cared enough about New Order to went through with it. Sorry.

Shame on you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well unless you go Solidarity hard-line. The popular front with Kant and the SDP will keep nationalization of businesses to a minimum. Even on the hard-line there are some techniques to exempt some businesses.

Well with most New Order chapters I only read the code too. Since gay boys like me have no business being in New Order anyway. Though I suppose the author could have inserted a Rohm analogue in there somewhere, but we’d all know that would end badly eventually and the game is already big and complex enough as it is.

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“First, I’d like to ask, has what has happened to you changed your political outlook at all? Will we be seeing a different David Haller now?”

Gotta take that bold “has” out…

But for a moment, you pause, doubting the wisedom of what you are about to do.


WoW awesome game! Can’t believe romance is cute too :grin: good luck!


This is true. However, I doubt Italy will keep its promise. I don’t know why, but I feel Mussolini will go back on their support like he did with Hitler and Germany. For now, my MC will accept Italy’s “help” (along with Alessandra), but he is smart enough to know not to rely on their support. NO needs to get a firm grip on the state before WW2 happens.


When all hell breaks lose, both France and Italy will break the deal, Italy will not keep funding an enemy of their main ally (even if they will not join the war at first) and France will concentrate every resources on trying to stop the Nazi incursion on their soil.
The game will end in 1939, the deal will not hold for much longer, so it is better to take advantage from it until it last.

Welcome to one of the best WiP of the forum, beware it might cause severe addiction.

I forgot to mention this part: Hell yes, my MC will accept Alessandra.


Yeah, I actually like how things are. There is no need to try wash up history. Fascists were extremely conservative and prejudiced against large chunks of the population (women, gays, racial minorities, foreigners, etc.), even more to the minorities who even today face discrimination. I like how things are this way.

The fascist attitude towards women is even expressed quite well in most of the New Order’s male ROs, something I actually like and praise Alex for doing.

Yeah, even in a socialist regime those businesses can exist freely. Lets remember Cuba, things weren’t nationalized overnight (well, the beaches and stuff were, but that was only natural in the face of Batista’s craziness), most of the foreign companies were nationalized as time went through (lets remember the oil companies, which were only nationalized after refusing to work with the Castro’s increasingly socialist regime).

Even Lenin created a system were foreign investment was allowed, and Gorbachev tried doing the same, despite being socialist. Socialism isn’t a one-way road, it has many ways to achieve, which is usually the reason why leftists disagree so much with each other.

We should create like a group or something. Americans do it for everything, doing for a game doesn’t seem that preposterous. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the same with me nowadays, even if it is as well written as the Solidarity path, let me make that clear, Alex.


You should play both paths, it really is as well written. I understand the refusal to play NO completely, but I feel it offers an educational and immersive historical experience, just like the Solidarity playthrough. Both systems are so flawed, it’s fun, I think, to see what it was like, even just a bit, to see what it was like to live in times when they were somewhat dominant.


It isn’t a matter of refusing to play New Order. I don’t exactly refuse it, until the new chapter, I played it. The thing is, even if very well written and entertaining (and certainly educational, is quite obvious that Alex dominates this issues and this time), I just don’t enjoy it that much (because of emotional politics, not because of lower quality, I’m in no way saying that). Reading the code is a good way to enjoy Alex’s writing, Alex’s characters and an especially good way to give feedback (because I don’t need to keep replaying the whole thing to check different parts and give feedback on them, my beta testing process is basically play the game a couple of times, or as many as I feel like it, and then just check the code to read parts I didn’t read before), without having to role-play.

Indeed. You just reminded me of one more thing I like about this story, Alex actually shows that the “red-menace” was, at the time, deeply exaggerated, because socialist/communist parties weren’t in any condition to assume power (much less maintaining it) during this time, it was just the byproduct of the first peak of the movement by the end of the WW1 and first years after that. While the fascist/extreme-right menace was a real one, hence so many of those parties taking power throughout Europe (most of Europe, actually, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, most of the Balkans, most of Eastern Europe, most of Central Europe). And is that war of perceptions, more rooted in propaganda than in actual equality of competitive power between both movements, that is so well portrayed in Alex’s Moravia. New Order is in a much, much better position to assume power, not only because it has more power, but also because it has much better relationships with the established elite. Solidarity is struggling for survival, and while when Wulf says it we can actually believe it, when Rigga does we are all like “really? Are you guys really struggling for survival? Or are you in a good path for power while Solidarity does not?”


Fabian Society my friend, it was (and still is) a real threat.

Yep, no “red menace” in Moravia since Wulf basically kicked out Kruler’s Moscow backed Communist Party. It also means Solidarity is cut-off from the one and only possible radical source of external support it might have had.

As for the power disparity, I believe Alex outright stated Solidarity cannot win the elections outright on its own, it always needs other parties, whether Kant’s national front or covertly building up their forces for a coup. New Order on the other hand doesn’t necessarily need von Harzberg or the Prince. An mc working with the Prince here probably does so because they are genuinely a “moderate” or consider Riga dangerous or both and are in a sense obstructing New Order by keeping them weak enough to not win outright on their own and keep them reliant on conservative support.

Like @ruhenri said, the starting situations of Solidarity and new Order are almost exactly reversed. One is struggling for dear life while the other is clearly ascendant in Moravia’s political constellation.
This of course makes the Solidarity path all the sweeter for me, because even on the popular front route the left wing in Moravia would be bucking the general trend of the era. If the popular front wins the election and Solidarity makes huge gains I’d expect the international press of the time to take perhaps even more notice then if New Order wins outright.

Oh, they are but see ruheri’s post above for the reasons. Reading the code is more efficient plus there is no gay option on the New Order path.

And the popular front is emphatically very much not a socialist regime. It is incremental progressiveness at best. The US model of liberalism watered down into a bland milquetoast pastiche of it (at least by European standards, in the eyes of the US European milquetoast liberals are probably pretty much still hardline “commies” :unamused: ).


Which Solidarity can ironically only succeed in on the moderate route due to Wulf leading the resistance during the war, which allows Solidarity possibly merged with the old SDP to form a South African ANC style elected dictatorship due to holding a politically unassailable position for decades.


I disagree with this, nowhere it is stated Solidarity is struggling for its life, quite the contrary. Solidarity won 22 MP , a record for the party, and is the fourth party with most MP on the congress.
New Order is the third party with most MP, way behind of both SDP and National Bloc.

That is only true if you go for the moderate ending, the established elite doesn’t want a fascist state.

None of them are struggling for survival, what they are afraid is that the other extremist side ascend to power, it would mean the end for the losing party.

I will not get into this discussion. I will just ask this: how many countries in the years between WW1 and WW2 became socialist? One. How many countries became fascist or at least conservative authoritarian? Dozens of them.

At the time, Socialism was not a real threat, at least not with the size the conservatives made it seem to be. And Fabian Society had almost none influence in the socialism of the time, outside of the UK I mean, and even there, the soviet model and influence was clearly dominant.

Please not that I am not talking about today, Alex has made it clear that he doesn’t want discussions regarding ideologies and related organizations in this thread, lets respect it.

Indeed. Solidarity isn’t really a threat to democracy, only a threat to the established regime.

Just like real socialist parties during this period. The only threat they represented was the disruption of the “social peace” due to their influence over the unions (and even then, there were many countries were anarcho-sindicalism was more dominant, especially in the Iberian peninsula and South America during this period, only by the middle of the 20s did communism started being the dominant ideology inside unions).

Indeed. Every Popular Front to have ever existed was, at best, social-democratic, and even then usually to the center of the spectrum. Socialists/Communists were essential in building those fronts, but they weren’t subscribing to their political program, they were subscribing to the social-democrat, progressive, or even social-liberal political programs. It was a matter of making sure democracy survived.

Alex said that Solidarity can’t achieve their society through elections, that is good enough to me. And when you have the Center Party, the SDP and even the most moderate conservatives saying that every one of them is fighting for survival, yes, Solidarity is at risk. Just like every socialist party at the time. You need to understand the times we were at, not the ones we are at today.

Once again, look at the fascist regimes of the time. The elite didn’t necessarily wanted a fascist state, but they were pretty happy living under one and allying with the fascists. That was the whole reason fascist governments were much, much less anti-establishment (and quite pro-establishment) than before achieving power. It’s a matter of history.

And isn’t that survival? If your opponent has a chance of achieving power and if it is certain that when doing so they will eliminate you, you are struggling for survival. The difference is that New Order doesn’t need to worry about electoral success of Solidarity, it only needs to worry about a coup, while Solidarity needs to worry about electoral success of Riga, because it is actually possible (as in real life at the time).


Let me say that just because facism had more power at the time in Europe, it doesn’t meant the Red threat didn’t exist.

If you go radical it actually is.

He didn’t said that, he said it will be almost impossible to win alone, but it still possible:

And both right party said the same thing, if the left win those 2 parties are finished, the reverse is true too. Both sides are apprehensive because there is no way to know the result of the election.

And look at the game, National Bloc only wants to work with New Order if they are in the strongest position. That is why they invited New Order to join the government and why they proposed the Right Alliance, they don’t want to New Order to become the top dog in Moravia. Ofc if NO achieve the power, they would all bend, but until them they will not make it easier for NO.

Actually it has, almost impossible is not impossible.

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So when it mentions that some Solidarity members wear overalls, did you mean more “soldier” looking ones like these:


Or more “worker” looking ones like these:


The soldier ones, I think, green paramilitary overalls. The exposed upper body and shoulder straps holding up your pants would be pretty impractical for paramilitary use.
Besides there’s little difference between the soldier overalls and long-sleeved workers overalls like these:

And more in-line with the game 1950’s style here:


@mistylavenda Think more heavy duty factory overalls then the bib trousers in your picture


That makes so much more sense; when I started playing this WIP, all I could imagine was a bunch of pissed off Super Mario Socialists

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