United We Stand - Political WIP

I got bored and because you brought it up again @Urban I decided to look for more images, so here it another little moodboard of ROs. Feel free to ignore/disregard, I know some people like having an image of a character in their head.



Sash!! I got to say as a heterosexual straight man you choose very handsome fellows.


Yo, love the new chapter, especially they Vitori romance scene, although I have to ask, is she curvaceous/rubenesuqe or thicc/BBW?

Because I love it!!!

Is there any chance you could show us what she looks like physically more? Because the picture was pretty skinny. Plus, not to police you, but you think you could rephrase the equivalent of the phrase of “Looks good for a fat girl” during the ball? It’s a one off line.

Also, I know it’s not that type of game, but I’d love it for there to be like a DLC option or something for the romance scenes to be ultra steamy.

I think that’s best left to the reader’s own imagination…

The pictures are just sort of an inspiration, not necessarily an accurate image, if you don’t want them to be.

Yeah, reading it back, it is a little clunky (not quite as bad as how you remembered it, but still), so I’ve changed it.

Hmmm… pretty sure I’m at the limit of what CoG would publish tbh…

But to take your point, in a slightly different direction, I suppose what I’m trying to do with this game across all of the sex, violence, speeches and politics, is convey what I’m going to call an intensity of feeling. It’s the 1930s and everyone is really passionate and extreme and the stakes are so high, so I want the game experience to be vivid and to provoke strong emotions.


How can we impress the reporter after being stabbed.

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Collapse to the floor in a really dramatic way.

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then quote some lines from shakespeare. that stuff always works.

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Well, you’ve certainly accomplished that! You’ve done a great job with this game my man! I’m just hoping that this game keeps going for a long while, because I just can’t get enough!

Thanks for accomplishing what others have tried to do, and make it succeed in your own way.

Edit: There should definitely be a save system to nit have to reply everything for the romance.

Edit 2: Damn prudes. :grin:

Hmm, well you can get good headlines from good answers but you can’t really impress Jana Starc. She’s not easily impressed. However some excellent suggestions from @Dominic and @MasterChief117John. Always nice to have the Chief drop by though. Please do tell 343 next time you see them to remaster Halo 3 plz.


This actually something I was thinking about but can’t work out how to do, could anyone direct me to a straightforward save system I could use for CS?


Just wait until New Order take control of Moravia. If she is not impressed by that, then she will be impressed by the gas chamber I will throw her!


I’m hoping to try and get New Order chapter 5 done this weekend, so please do harass me if I don’t because I need the motivation!


I need the next chapter! After having a disappointment with another WiP that I was hyping, I need another to take its place. Please release it this weekend :cry:.

Edit: I found a few typos in New Order chapter 4:

With that you set off, practically sprinting the short distance to pary headquarters.

Should be party.

The apartment is well appointed, smart to the point of not looking lived-in. The again, safehouses are usually kept empty.

Should be then.

You recognise them of course, there’s Hans Zweig, one of the founder members of the party and chariman of the party for many years.

I think you meant chairman.

Not a typo, but I find this part strange:

Riga thinks over his response, “You’re impressive $!{fn},” he begins finally, “You’re decisive, committed, talented…
*if leaderbudgetbetray = true
And I was very disappointed with your stance at the budget vote…
Your hard work and achievements to date are worthy of merit, and our movement rewards ability above all else. More urgently, we as a party find ourselves in a changed landscape. We have had to accelerate our plans for capable MPs to be prepared for government roles.”

Riga is giving the MC several compliments, but in the middle of it he will talk how disappointed he is with you because of what the MC did at the budget vote. Wouldn’t it be better to start with her talking about his disappointment and then he starts complimenting the MC?

“This $!{fn} is I’ve promoted you to the leadership panel,” Riga smiles.

I think there stuff be a “why” between the two bolded words.

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We can wait. Few games explore historical politics as greatly as this one.


Love the game, will report all typos I noticed in my playthrough here:

Very first scene:
“To know more about the history of this country and how it has got to where it is today, see the breif political history of Moravia in the guide screen.”
breif should be brief.

During character creation:
“The Civil Guard is beginning to lose interest in you now that it seems unlikely you’re trying to decieve him. He lazily picks up a typed sheet and peers down the list, looking for a name, your’s presumably.”
decieve should be deceive.
your’s should be yours.

Describing middle class background to Franz:
"“I saw that and couldn’t help but contrast it with my own privilaged upbringing.”
privilaged should be privileged.

Describing Wulf during meeting:
“In temperment she is also more latin than typically Moravian;”
temperment should be temperament.
“However, because of them, it is not without trepedation that you knock on the door to her office,”
trepedation should be trepidation.
“Our dedicated activits, they’re the heart and soul of the party and my door is always open to them.”
activits should be activists.

She also answers a telephone in that meeting, and it says reciever instead of receiver.

Again, love the game, sorry if these typos have already been reported and rectified. The game is currently very topical considering recent events. :wink:

More typos to be edited in here:

Meeting Franz at Park:
“There’s more half-naked bodies, towels and picinic mats than grass visible on the packed lawn.”
Picinic, picnic
"“I’m sure you’re aware of the 1921 Noise Disturbance legislation,” you begin, “You need a permit to play that in nonsense in public.”
“In nonsense”

Kant meeting:
“Which leads me to the topic of precisely what this meeting is all about Mrs Kant.”"
is all about, Mrs Kant. Lacks the comma.
“Niether of our parties can beat them alone.”
Niether, neither.

Union agitation:
“Gigantic crates full of every concievable import and export await a solution.”
Concievable, conceivable.
"“Accordinig to regulations, at an extraordinary general meeting such as this,”
Accordinig, according.
““It’s called democracy Kovak,””
democracy, Kovak. Comma.

Disrupting fascist meeting:
““Introducing the saviour of Moravia, our glourious leader, Viktor Riga!””
Glourious, glorious.

"'New Order leader Viktor Riga, who was unharmed, condemed the attacks, "
Condemed, condemned.

Film union:
"directors, camramen, crew and indeed actors. "
Camramen, cameramen.

Budget debate:
“Stop this terrible idea every becoming law.”
Every, ever
"“I’m suprised”
Suprised, surprised.
““An ammendment to the budget, I…””
Ammendment, amendment.

Disrupting victory parade:
“Many of your friends, whose Enlgish is not so accomplished,”
Enlgish, English.

No confidence vote:
If you vote against this motion, you are voting for your own distruction."
Distruction, destruction.
"for he also maintains that aristocratic tradition of a paternal instinict to protect the poor and needy. "
Instinict, instinct.


Thanks a lot @Haresus, very thorough work and glad you enjoyed the game as well! I have corrected those typos and will include them in the next update.

Talking of which, yes, apologies, it is late… I’m currently writing the ball scene for all of the New Order romance options, I will have it out tonight or tomorrow, I hope.


I love to hear of a New Order update. However, you don’t need to apologize to us about how long it takes for updates to come out. I am just glad we are getting one.


Quick update, if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s not going to get finished today, but I’m pretty close, so should be tomorrow. Once again, apologies, ended up being a week late!


How I would like to play the chapter 5 :cry:.
I shall wait, patiently, for it… But please don’t take that long :cry:.


Pining for the prince there @Urban or is the Italian spy more to your tastes. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Italian spy is more of my tastes, but the Moravian aristocrat is tempting too.