United We Stand - Political WIP

Francoist Spain is the model, as I stated a little while back, 1940s Francoist Spain for the radical approach, or 1960s for the moderate.

Yes, set in the late 1970s, but that’s a long way off!

I’m not going to spoil it for you, however what I will say is that you won’t be given the choice of murdering her husband!

Hey, give yourself a bit of credit, it was many, many posts ago!

Hmm, well you can’t go out alone with Franz, but if you go out with the more unpretentious characters, Wulf and Sash, you find a more reasonably priced, if less glamorous bar. Otherwise, the Select is the other character’s choice, i.e. a certain classy French diplomat…

And finally

I love the dedication and imagination of the fans and testers who always inspire, encourage and develop my project. The amount that you have invested in the world and characters really does spur me on!


Damn, that is just cruel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Kidding aside, I really like many of the characters you created. You are able to make them great in only a couple of small scenes. Congrats on that.


Her achievement is named “Bizarre Love Triangle”.
So prepare for the poly relationship :stuck_out_tongue:.

Imagine when your MC is in bed with Kant and then her husband, who is trying to sleep on the other side of the bed, tell you guys to keep it down :stuck_out_tongue:.




A more serious interpretation of her romance:
She doesn’t love her husband and is deeply in love with the MC, but for a woman to get a divorce at the time would be scandalous. She would have to give up if everything she fought hard to achieve as a SDP MP to live with her love, by she can’t do that after all her hardwork.
So for the MC to romance her, they would have to have a secret affair at first, but who knows what might happen after the turbulence that will hit Moravia? The two lovers might finally reveal their love, or the status quo might be maintained.


I’m glad someone appreciated it :grinning: off-topic let’s finish up our first round and Legion of Honor.

@idonotlikeusernames that sounds like a good time if I was into the gay scene. From my personal experience being blond it’s like having a two-point plus in charisma and -5 intelligence.

@AlexClifford1994 you are very kind soul my friend. And you’re a sequel planned for the seventies.


@AlexClifford1994 I hate Franz for what he did at the ending of Chapter 4, but I will say I respect what he did, that took a lot of balls from him.
Now I’m left wondering what will happens do the MC because of that.

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If you want a good fascist outcome you essentially achieve Francoism and hang on to power for the next forty some odd years.

Hope he doesn’t expect my mc to be able to afford that kind of extravagance on a daily basis, as not even the Queen’s blood money, aka the salary of an MP in Moravia will likely be sufficient for that, unless we engage in a serious expenses scandal of course. :worried: :sweat_smile:
Particularly since for my mc it is only the charming company that makes the Select remotely fun at all.

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I love this game, but it drives me crazy. As a conservative-libertarian who believes in an almost-confederate style of government, I can barely stand to play as either the New Order or Solidarity, especially the latter (after growing up hearing Cold War stories from my late grandfather and father). Honestly, reading the list of Morovia’s political parties, the regionalists sounded the most appealing to me, even if my MC wasn’t from there.

So a couple of questions about the game:
What role, if any, does religion play in Morovia?
Are there any members of the regionalist party that are not from that region?
Are there plans to expand the parties available to the MC, or will we be able to start our own party? That would be amazing!

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Played through for the first time as Solidarity MP Anna Koller. I LOVE the choice system in regards to politics and the difficulty of the choices that must be made. I supported the budget amendment so I could help people out a little bit even under the bad budget, but it was a tough choice.

I can’t wait to romance Harry.

Also, I definitely thought I made a wrong choice somewhere and that when it ended in the metro station I was dead and had to start over.

I’m super dull so I’m going for the moderate socialist ending - I just hate being a bad guy.

I’ll have to do a New Order playthrough at some point - don’t know if I can really stomach it, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s awesome to be able to play through on either side.


Wedged between Catholic France and protestant Germany, I imagine the usual low-key involvement at the very least, of course all religions of the period hated gay guys. Therefore I’m thankful it isn’t more involved on the religious front.

Odds are 1-2 immigrants may have become assimilated enough. Maybe look to the SNP in Scotland as an example.

I don’t think so and probably no, the game is focused on Solidarity and New Order, there was a discussion a while back about retooling it to drop New Order as a playable party/faction in favour of the Moravian Conservatives, but I’m glad that ultimately didn’t happen.



This exact line was found in the previous page. It repeats for some odd reason. Looks like it is meant to be in this one, though.

…The rest are typos found, All this in New order playthrough. Expect more to come. Just not from the Solidarity parts of the game. :laughing:

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Thank you for that forenesic proof reading @Voldy, those typos and minor errors have now been fixed.

Chapter 5 reveals all!

I’m glad you enjoy the game even though conservative-libertarianism isn’t an option. I can’t really think of any parties with that sort of ideology at that time, the only major libertarian organisation was the massive anarchist movement in Spain but they were definitely not conservative…
Thank you @idonotlikeusernames for tackling a few of those questions. My own answers would be:

  1. Moravia is a Catholic country, National Bloc generally protects and promotes the interests and values of the Church. The left obviously don’t have much love for religion and New Order has an ambiguous relationship with God; some members are committed catholics, others atheist. Riga reflects that ambiguity, praising the role of the Church in the country’s society and history but being very vague about the role he sees for the church in a fascist Moravia.
  2. No, while there are plenty of people who live in Anhalt who are not ethnically Anhaltian, they vote for the national parties. The Regionalists represent Anhaltian interests and promote their culture and traditions
  3. No, because the game would never get finished! Particularly the option to start your own party would lead to a mind-boggling amount of variables and possibilities. The main reason though is that this is a story about the clash between fascism and socialism in the 1930s and a study of how that might play out in a hypothetical nation.

Interesting you bring up the SNP… if I haven’t already said, I’m British, from the North East of England and the idea of English people being immigrants in Scotland or vice versa and ‘assimilating’ is an alien one. Scottish people aren’t even a separate ethnicity, at least not technically, the ethnic groups are white British or white Irish in this country (in terms of indigenous whites I should say!). I guess being united for over 300 years tends to blur the ethnic and cultural lines somewhat… It’s hard to explain, but the idea of an English person assimilating to Scotland or a Scot assimilating to England just isn’t a thing, we’re just too similar.


Now I’m stuck between ROs: Herta or Alessandra?

But Moravia is on the Danube River, between Germany and Austria-Hungary. Considering the Danube runs right through the capital, I’m guessing it’s centered around modern-day Passau. Depending on how much land they control, it could be Linz or something instead.

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Alex will refuse to explicitly endorse any real location anyway. But I personally like this map best.

So the neighbours would be France, Germany and Switzerland.

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Then the entire WWI plot falls apart, Germany invaded to secure access to their closest ally, Austria-Hungary. In that map, I can see Moravia being a battleground like Belgium in WWII, but they’d have little reason to bother in WWI.

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On the other hand for the game it makes sense, particularly concerning the French influence in Moravia.

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I personally think it is further east, to the east of Germany, that is the whole reason the 70’s game plan that Alex has would make sense, Moravia would border both the Soviet Bloc and the Western countries. And besides, as much as this discussion is interesting, I fully agree with Alex’s stance of not giving any precise location for Moravia. The game is about the struggle of democracy vs communism vs fascism that many european countries saw happening, Center and Eastern Europe included. Any other detail would give Alex less leeway concerning external politics and even internal politics (because different regions struggled with the 3 big regimes in different ways), this way, he can write the story he wants to write and we all win with that situation.