United We Stand - Political WIP

Yes, portuguese would be easier. Now I will try to get some sleep. 6 in the morning and the damned insomnia still nagging. :sob:

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Yes, a lot depends on how Moravia is organised, for what it’s worth labour and welfare may not even exist as separate ministries, or they may be a combined one, or all integrated under “trade & economy” as it here at present or they may all simply still reside under treasury (for which my mc really wouldn’t be qualified), this is the 1930’s after all and most governments tended to be (significantly) smaller then.

We’ve already established how my mc would react to being offered culture, or culture and sports, or sports divorced from education or anything else more substantive (hell no!). Culture and sports, when education is not included, tends to be a joke ministry around here and the only thing that minister has to do is attend all kinds of profoundly uninteresting events, from soccer games to society parties. I really don’t think my mc here is the type to enjoy opera and society parties and he doesn’t care all that much about sports, he’s more of a low-culture type. :expressionless:
I also don’t think he’s the right politician to send to the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. :fearful:

Having googled “parliamentary affairs” it seems that over here most of what that does resides under either “general affairs” (the PM’s department) or the office of the speaker. I suppose my mc could go for speaker, though his knowledge of the minutiae of parliamentary procedures may not be up to snuff either, seeing as how in-game we’ll have only a couple of months in parliament as a regular mp to learn. :sweat:

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Well, my first decree as minister of culture would be to ban society parties. No capitalist entertainment in Workers Republic of Moravia. lol

:smile: , I am imagining your pc in Hitler’s Berlin. No comrade needs to suffer that much.

Parliamentary affairs’ minister works over here as the “political diplomat” of the government inside the parliament, serving as a government link to the parliamentary groups of the various parties. It isn’t required big expertise on the internal workings of the parliament, only an high degree of political negotiation.

It usually is one of the less important ministries. In Portugal we don’t really have a coalition culture such as in your country. The Left had never before agreed on a government, and the two right wing parties are too similar too need much negotiation between them, they just have different histories, mainly during our Revolution in the 70s.

Curiously in the current cabinet (from the socialist party and supported by the Left Bloc and the Communist Party) the parliamentary affairs are not a ministrie but a secretary of state (the office just below), and it has been a very important job in keeping the left talking and united against the social democrat party, which is in fact center-right and for those last government years had become a hugely pro austerity and neo liberal (neo liberals in all matters but the taxing of the common citizen, that they don’t mind, lol).

That being said, my MC is a moderate democratic socialist guy, who apparently is good with the unions and when it comes to negotiate with the Social Democrats. If some position like that one existed, maybe any left party wouldn’t mind having him in charge of it. That being said, trying to stand between Solidarity and Social Democrats isn’t probably very good for anyone’s health. :wink:

P.S. Sorry for the typos and errors, I am on my android.

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We have those too and it is indeed what we call our deputy ministers too, however if my mc wants to keep his profile as a rising star, I’m afraid he can’t accept a secretary of state or deputy minister position, those tend to be career dead-ends. :unamused:
They also tend to be even more detailed and require far more specialised knowledge as compared to the more generalist ministers. For example in the thirties we did have a secretary of state for labour working under the (minister of the) treasury.
Point is historically secretaries of state have generally tended to be more civil servant (more often than not they tended to be retired civil servants) then politician, which definitely is a profile that does not fit my in-game mc.

Or one’s political career, you’d be seen as a sellout by both sides most like.
While like your mc it is what my mc is doing in practice, he has no desire whatsoever to make it formal. If it is the best he can do for the country with his talents he will probably (reluctantly) keep doing it, but from a position as mp or speaker, instead of making it a formal, executive office that is highly visible and would be subject to all kinds of unwelcome scrutiny.

Unfortunately that goes against the democratic part of democratic socialism, that said if he can’t get out of getting stuck with the post don’t expect him to dress-up like a penguin, he’ll keep wearing his current, paramilitary worker’s overalls to all of those events.

Like I said handled within the parliament by the speaker, since the speaker is always a part of the governing party, and outside of it by the PM over here.

That’s okay I don’t discriminate against synthetic life forms or people who like to date them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course eventually, so long as your party reaches a position of power, you will be offered a cabinet post and my intention was for it to be the Interior ministry as that is one which will pose some interesting morale questions in terms of controlling the police force and what to do with your opponents. During your time in government there will also definitely be a bit of a clash with the conservative and traditionalist civil service, whether you are a scary red or a rabble-rousing fascist, they won’t especially want to work with either of you.

On the vote share question, the population of Moravia is about 8 million, of whom 2 million live in the capital Freistadt. There are of course other cities and towns which may get a mention later on. I guess with those figures there is an electorate of roughly 6 million voters and it is a pure proportional representation party list system, so 33,333 votes get you one seat (if there was 100% turnout of course), which is 0.55% of the vote. Whilst you are right in saying that Solidarity and New Order are strongest in Freistadt, their appeal is not limited to the city. Many landless peasants in the rural areas are dissatisfied and vote Solidarity or SDP based on promised of land reform and redistribution. The urban working class is split between Solidarity and SDP also. Of course many rural communities are deeply conservative and vote National Bloc, however New Order has made limited inroads into this group. The Anhaltian minority are also very Catholic and socially conservative and so those who don’t vote for the Regionalists usually vote for National Bloc as well. On the other hand, the metropolitan urban middle class generally vote for Centre or National Bloc, depending on their political sympathies, with a few left-wing intellectuals supporting either SDP or Solidarity. New Order’s primary demographic is the lower middle class and the better off working class. So as you can see, it’s quite fragmented and complicated! The winner will be the side that can unite as big a demographic base as possible.


Oh man, I will plagiarize the hell out of that line!!! Huge LOL.

Oh gosh, it seems someone has discovered my canon romantic interest in the “Versus” games. :grin:

What? Is there anything else worth doing to our opponents besides facilitating their departure to the afterlife? :imp:

Is there any chance to focus our PC’s political program on the rural class? My pc would be a big fan of getting all those landless peasants against the elite of landowners (during the Carnation revolution in Portugal the Communist Party’s main support was not only the working class but also the mass of landless peasants from the southern part of the country, so that could be interesting).

And thanks for the detailed feedback on the electorate of Moravia. You created a very interesting country.

So i decided to spend this afternoon writing this brief (ok, its not so brief) political history of Moravia over the last century. You might find it enlightening…


On its own the interior ministry cannot technically do too much to our opponents, legally that is, as we’ve got to work with the (presumably social democrat controlled) ministry justice to actually get them charged and prosecuted for anything.
Though I suppose we can set policing priorities in such a way that a blind eye is turned towards our own paramilitaries, assuming my poorly educated mc can get that past the civil service of course.
Speaking of the civil service I really hope they won’t be able to just run circles made out of legalese past my working class mc. :worried:

But the fascists are essentially traditionalist conservatives on steroids and coalition partners of the national block conservatives, so why wouldn’t the civil service want to work with them? Unless they form a majority outright fascist government of course.

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Not sure if this was always the case, but there’s a typo right near the beginning.

new1, line 15: Herta, a close friend of yours and fellow newly-elected MP, is sitting by your side, “There days are numbered,” she whispers in your ear, “We’ll wipe those Red scum off the map.”

Should be “their” days.

Line 38: “Centre Party just 11. 8 for the Regionalists and a few for independents etc.” - should probably have the full “et cetera,” since this is a character speaking, and you can’t really say “etc.”

New2, line 84: Needs a period after $!{fn}. And it feels like it would flow better with a comma before it.

Line 203: “Beyong” should be “Beyond”

Line 210: “decedant” should be “decadent”

line 236: “entirity” should be “entirety,” “resisdence” should be “residence.”

Line 451: “Captial” should be “Capital”.

Line 455, 460: “privilaged” should be “privileged”

Line 530: “scandelous” should be “scandalous”

Line 793: “destory” should be “destroy”

Line 1195: “alligences” should be “allegiances”

Line 1207: “Assasinate” should be “Assassinate”

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I would assume that a fascist government would probably try to control the police a lot more and put their own people in the police place. If I’m not wrong they are way more demanding of the cops than capitalists.

I loved those pages about Moravian history. It helped a lot in understanding the country and its political landscape. You should add it to the stats page and even as an option at the begining of the story. This isn’t a kind of game in which there is anything to gain (when it comes to roleplaying) from going head on into Moravian political landscape.

That being said, you made me create a New Order character. One whose father was one of the martyrs who gave their lives so that their brothers in arms (Riga and co.) could escape the german army.


Cyanide is right. One of the first things Goring did as Nazi interior minster in 1933 was make the brownshirt stormtroopers into official police auxiliaries. In one fell swoop you can legitimise your paramilitary violence and make it illegal for anyone to attack your people. Plus as Interior Minister you have the Civil Guard at your disposal so you can cause your opponents some serious bother.

I would say the traditional elites from which the civil service was drawn saw fascists as useful thugs. Very useful for beating up communists but thugs nonetheless. That was certainly how the German elite viewed the Nazis. There was quite a lot of disagreement between the civil service and the Nazis once they had come to power, especially over foreign policy. For instance at the start of the Spanish civil war, the German foreign office saw no benefit to Germany getting involved and tried to prevent it, but Hitler persuaded himself it was a good idea and overruled them. Also, think about the horror with which the pentagon and security establishment in America seem to regard Trump at the moment. So the Moravian civil service would not look with much enthusiasm at the prospect at having to serve the upstarts from New Order.

Thank you so much @Dominic, you are exactly the sort of beta tester I love. I’ll correct those errors soon!

Thank you @ruhenri, I’ll defineitly think about how I can add that document into the game.


@AlexClifford1994, There is a typo in the sp2 scene, label G, in the *else check if we have a working class background, instead of Social Fascists you typed Socail Fascists. Is it easier for you if I identify the typos using the code as a location reference like this?? Oh, i could have said the line. Don’t know if I can on my tablet, I will check it.

Edit: Found it. Line 1390.

But that’s nothing compared to the apoplexy they’ll get from having to serve Solidarity a red movement. Honestly on the Solidarity path I’m fully expecting the massive amount of “passive” resistance from the civil service at the very least.

I know, but given that Solidarity cannot win outright and has to keep a coalition with the social democrats, I’m expecting that shit won’t fly. The best we can do is probably try to get some of our militia members into the police and Civil guard but not much more then that.

Assuming the civil service relays the orders correctly and on time that is. Honestly if the civil service wants us to look incompetent they probably can, unfortunately. It has happened to a select few of our own ministers and secretaries of state since WWII.

Thank you for the short jot about its history, those bits make it all the more enjoyable in terms of imersion


Another typo:
When Herta asks about your background and you answer working class it says this: Fmaily of seven in a couple of rooms

New chapter for Solidarity. New Order next week (hopefully).


Yay! It’s back! To victory!


Arise ye workers from your slumbers! :smiling_imp:


You see what I’ve done there is place an artificial deadline on myself so that I definitely, definitely will get the next chapter done by tomorrow.
I hope.