United We Stand - Political WIP

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Okay only a bit relevant but I just found this totally cheesy French election themed game, where you get to play as Melenchon taking all those evil capitalists to task. :laughing:


:joy: They should make that an AAA game!


Ok, so I have finished the latest chapter for Solidarity.

Bit of a problem however: on my end it works fine and it passes quicktest, but when playing it through the dashingdon link, it breaks. The problem is that all of the new variables I have added for chapter 3 do not seem to be registering for dashingdon and so it keeps coming up with non-existent variable. Have tried reuploading and even changing the name of a variable but not look. Any help would be much appreciated. I presume you all get this error once you try anything in chapter 3?

The solution was simply creating a new dashingdon, for reasons which remain obscure to me. So this is the new link. Enjoy the new chapter. As always all feedback appreciated, especially specifics re typos, continuity errors etc


^note the old link on the OP will not work, please use this here link


I will review it, and get back to you in a bit. Low and High level feedback? If you want I can send it to you via pm or whatever.

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low on here, high on pm if you like?


Will do. I am usually not fond of giving high-level feedback in public :wink:

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Looking forward to testing it out :slight_smile: also get the same issue for my yp I think that if you add anything new, like a new stat, or basically anything that affects earlier game files I have to create a whole new link.

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So here goes the first typo I found (I will keep editing this post if I find more of those):

You meant secluded, right?

And hey, I might have been distracted with the fantastic new chapter, but I didn’t noticed any other typo or even a single bug. :slight_smile:


Oh I think you were definitely distracted! Just shows how fantastic the new chapter really is :sunglasses: Although i don’t think there are any bugs I just corrected a few typos, as well as the one you very helpfully pointed out.

You will have noticed I also changed the page design on dashingdon, what do you think?


Ugh, I’m a wortless tester the only thing a remember coming across was a misspelling of the word politician somewhere, but I was too engrossed and forgot to copy-paste the line. :sob:
Otherwise it runs flawless, no bugs or gamestopping errors that I could find.
I wonder what the repercussions for voting for Kant’s motion are going to be, which I did not for Kant but because of the awesome speech working-class mc can give about it and it seems the right thing to do, since that budget was going to pass either way. It would have been different if we’d actually had the votes to torpedo the entire budget of course.

I just hope that with the popular front, Solidarity ends up as the senior coalition partner, because otherwise…well I come from a country where the social democrats were usually very adapt at eventually swallowing up their minor left-wing, democratic socialists and more left-leaning rival social democratic junior coalition partners.

Oh, only bit of high-level feedback I have is could you maybe squeeze something about the mc’s living situation in there, I mean our colleague Franz has got himself a fancy new apartment, but for some reason I don’t think my mc would, partly because he’d like to keep close to his prime constituents and partly because he’s probably saving up some of that money (likely in the from of any precious metals, gems and jewelry he can get his hands on, cause this is the great depression era we’re talking about) for his future fancy education.

I usually just follow the forum links, but I’ll have a look now.


Found this in the meeting with Kant
No, I’ve frequented Schiedplatz many a time, however the Select has always been a little too exclusive for my tastes. And my bank balence."


I like it, I can’t quite place why but somehow it fits the political/historical nature of the game. :smiley:

That choice is so hard. Lots of grey there, no “right vs wrong” dichotomy, which is great. For one side, the damned budget is awful from a leftist perspective and the approval of it with just that amendment isn’t going to sit well with our voters, and it leaves a really bad taste in our mouth (oh, and the reaction of Wulf, I feel such a capitalist infiltrator, a traitor to the working class :cry:). For other, that amendment does make the budget less awful, and it is the only thing that can be changed in a house where the right has the majority. :sob:

I got stuck in that choice, considering the consequences, for about 10 minutes, honestly. And it leaves a huge amount of guilt either way. I love it :grin:. [quote=“idonotlikeusernames, post:415, topic:19177”]
I just hope that with the popular front, Solidarity ends up as the senior coalition partner, because otherwise…

We can always make a coup against them after the fascists and their stooges are removed :imp:

What are we? The Caviar left? Social Fascists? You better gain some sense my dear comrade, otherwise I might have to send a letter to our little mustache friend in Russia. :yum:


You know as well as I do that the left has always thrived and traded more on intellectualism than the (fascist) right. The real anti-education luddites are most often found on the right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
After all there is nothing more dangerous then a disgruntled educated peasant, which is why the capitalists tried to prevent that from happening, historically. :wink:
Plus not getting the chance at a decent education is my mc’s biggest regrest thus far, what little English and other things he does know he probably learned from the library of that wealthy family he was a domestic servant to, he might have occasionally even gone so far as to “borrow” a book he knew they wouldn’t miss.
Improving Moravia’s public education would be one of his pet isssues.

All true, but my like I said the speech my working-class mc can make swayed me personally. After all my mc does come from a working-class background and ultimately that means that in cases like this one he will view a practical, achievable result that makes things a bit less awful over adhering to doctrinaire ideology to the letter. Particularly since, as his speech made clear, to the working-class mc this issue isn’t abstract and he and his family did suffer through the humiliation of a means-test before. Ultimately for my mc it leaves a lot less guilt and agony then it does for me as the player here.

I will now probably make a middle-class socialist who is more ideologically pure and goes the other way though.

Yeah, which is why for my main mc voting for that amendment, was ultimately more important then making a symbolic but ultimately futile act of defiance.
Our constituents may not even like our symbolic act of defiance anymore then they do us voting for that amendment once they begin to feel the effects of that new budget. In any case I feel my working-class mc can largely talk his way out of the political fallout of voting for the amendment with his constituents, because he has a personally relatable reason and story behind it and one should never underestimate the appeal of “genuine” folksiness (I mean it has allowed both of the recent US republicans, Bush and Trump to win over their opponents with better, or at least less worse policies, just because they were viewed as more genuine and personally relatable).
In short I feel like my mc should be able to handle the potential fallout from this among his constituents. Rosa and the party, now that might be more difficult.

Yeah, again it helps here that because of his background my mc can by definition not be an “infiltrator” into the working-classes.

Well my main mc is ultimately committed to democracy, like I said I might make a middle-class alternate to explore some of the more drastic options.

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Quite happy to see this updated.

A few typos:

Capturing the New Order pubs:

Your party are armed with truncheons. You’ve brought along pistol, just in case.

Probably should be “a pistol”

The Greyshirts are also mentioned as “greys” without capitalisation, perhaps it should be?

Meeting Kant when going to the Budget debate:

“Busy,” she gives you a cigarette and takes a decanter from her draw, “Brandy?”

“her draw” instead of “her drawer”?

Their uniform is one you don’t recongise: they wear the blue shirts of the SDP’s Iron Guard…

“you don’t recongise” should be “you don’t recognise”

Stop this terrile idea every becoming law

Probably should be “Stop this terrible idea from ever becoming law”

Lady Howe’s budget speech:

It will balence the books

“Balance the books”

Also, isn’t “Mr Speaker” is usually capitalised?

When resolving the film union issue, “politician” is misspelt as “politicain” a few times.

“Independents” is also misspelt as “Independants” in the “Results of the Moravian General Election of May 1934” bit of the stats screens.

Wulf’s task, talking to the informant:

…I shall myself for the benefit of Becker here…

“repeat myself”?

I wouldn’t want to arous suspicioun

“arouse suspicion”

Some comments:
Perhaps personal popularity should be tracked (openly or not)? Some of the choices - particularly at the hospital - might seem more appropriate in boosting personal popularity than overall party popularity based on the nurse’s statements. It could also be useful if the MC has a possibility at trying to topple the existing leaders. Additionally, perhaps party cohesion as well? Supporting the amendment might not only piss off Wulf but also have an effect on party cohesion with MPs voting against the whip. Aside from that, the player’s party hasn’t really been ‘hit’ by anything major from the opposition, hope the ride is a bit bumpier in future chapters.

I would also like to see other routes of getting support. Bringing the papers on side (or burning the presses), arms smuggling (Moravia might not have the arms industry of Germany or Czechoslovakia and the Moravian Army was disarmed, so the guns have to come from somewhere and Solidarity’s hardly going to get them from national armouries). So far though I think there’s a nice variety of things for the player to do, even though there appears to be no limit (aside from accidentally choosing the option that goes to the next major scene):

For the second set of choices where you can go to the budget vote, perhaps that should be triggered after all the other options are performed, because currently if you attend the debate immediately you miss out on the rest of the chapter and it wasn’t clear the first time 'round; the same would apply for the paramilitary operations at the end of the previous chapter.


Well if we “win” the street fights before the crackdowns then Riga’s abilities and opportunities to hit at us are slim, for the moment anyway and we’ve kind of forced him on the defensive by making inroads into his turf. von Harzberg however would be another matter, since he controls the government he could certainly do things to hurt us and he probably already is doing them behind the scenes at the moment. If it becomes a true coalition government however and Riga gets his stooges in then well…
As for the media war that is probably already being fought but you’ve got to remember that the media landscape back then was different and less instantaneous, we are probably already being consistently demonized in the government’s own newspapers as well as those affiliated to rich media barons and the national block and new order’s own newspapers. The effects of that on our core support would be rather limited however however since few of our core supporters would read those things anyway and those that do are the more intellectually inclined ones who have largely made up their minds already too.

The emerging mass-media back then was radio and I don’t imagine the state and private broadcasters are too enamoured with Solidarity. However the effect of radio depends on how much it has currently penetrated Moravia. If it has good radio penetration then we might want to look into setting up our own radio station, though that would be fairly expensive, legally or otherwise. On the other hand if penetration is low and only the relatively affluent even own a radio in Moravia then likewise its abilities to greatly hurt us would be rather limited.


I can’t wait for the New Order update. Getting more power and a higher position of authority. :smirk:


I wasn’t so much talking about New Order’s paramilitaries as political opposition. Not only would the Government be more inclined to crack down on Solidarity as you’ve mentioned, trying to gain more widespread support, particularly among the SDP and the moderates might be affected by the blowback and sour chances of getting wider support.

If I recall correctly newspapers were quite a big thing in Weimar Germany precisely because of the lack of TV and radio not being fully exploited yet. Yes, every party had at least one paper, but these did have some effect, even if it was merely an attempt at making the average supporter more supportive of overall party policy. It is, I admit, more of a benefit to the New Order MC, especially an aristocratic one who might have the money or the associations for the big press houses to support New Order. Hugenberg was a paper baron and his papers kept the DNVP running both in money and support for quite a while.

Just got this from Google books (Bernhard Fulda, Press and Politics in the Weimar Republic p.44)

The question of the political significance of Berlin’s newspapers has many facets. Most contemporaries underestimated the political impact that mass papers had, while overestimating traditional political papers…

…The absence of a Social Democratic mass tabloid proved an important electoral disadvantage to the SPD in Berlin: Social Democrats generally failed to augment their appeal to younger voters.

…a newspaper did not need to have a large circulation to have a political impact…media coverage of individual politicians…decisively influenced individuals’ room for political manoeuvre.

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