Under Dog, A Trip To Hell


I knew here and I was recently struck with what I would call a good concept for a game I wanted to create, and I wanted to know your opinion.

Okay, so you’re a newborn hellspawn starting life in this dangerous world were organic and inorganic life are often one of the same, but all equally trying to kill and eat each other. What’s odd about you is that you have full control over your appearence, able to change your form at will, or possibly the ability to control shadowy dark matter with ease.

The problem stems from the fact that this is a trait of high-ranking demons, something everyone makes sure to let you know you are not.

So it’s up to you to figure out why it is you have the talents that you possess, and how it is you’re going to try and survive.

Will you act with compassion, indifference, cruelty? It’s your choice after all.

Well, what do you think? It’s a kind of rough draft, but I’m proud of it.


Intresting concept :slight_smile:
Will their be romance options? :yum:

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Probably, but I feel they would occur much later in the story due to the fact I want the first chapter or two to be a world overview and character creation.

That, and I’m quite certain that if you have to worry about your fellow demon deciding you unfit to live because they said so, romance doesn’t really come to mind at first.

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This is a pretty interesting concept! I’m really interesting in knowing about the characters that will show up!

Okay still intresting i live for romance though :slight_smile:


Thanks! One thing I want to make clear is that not every demon will act like some baby-eating monstrosity or a cynical douchebag. Demons have just as many emotions as your fellow human, they just usually happen to have a cruel disposition.


Well I must say I love the idea of playing as a demon spawn, but plot wise, without giving anything away, how much have you got planned out?

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Like it says at the end, it’s mostly a rough draft. The main idea and power set is mostly finished, and I have a cast of characters planned as well.

My real problems lie in the conflict itself and fine-tuning the society. I have yet to have made any villains, but their motives are planned out.
Their society has a strict ranking system that puts powerful demons at the top and damned souls close to the bottom, just above their underdeveloped cousins, dubbed shoggoths as if this moment.

Anything else you might want to know about their reality, the Astral Plane, is planned, if vague. I’m willing to share anything you may want to know.


Oh dear. A world where shoggoths are the lowest of the low sounds quite scary indeed.

Jokes aside, the concept sounds mighty interesting. How big do you plan for the cast to be? Also, I presume there is some way of climbing the ranks of the society somehow, at least other than being powerful? What is “powerful” in that regard? Someone with great destructive power or just someone with an interesting and mighty power (like the protag), perhaps someone with a political clout?

Anyway, I’m quite interested in any further development to this idea. c:

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Interesting concept, though I think I’d like to know more plot-wise before getting invested😄

From what you described, the demon hierarchy seems to work like a caste system where everyone has a strict place in the world that they can’t really escape. An interesting thought, and before I forget I wish you luck in writing this, because hey, everyone needs a little luck on their side!

Sound like a fun read. The MC being a Hellhound is a great twist. Will we be able to rise up to be seen as a high level demon or reject Hell and side with the Angels? There is a ton of books hold that demons can be redeemed and they can be turned into humans or angels. There is a b-movie about a young demoness who gets the hell out of Hell and she falls for a human man. He’s a doctor and he got the feels for our girl. They do end up together.

Apologies, but the MC is just a demon, though hellhounds are definitely something I will include.

Now that I think about it, having them side with the ‘angels’ would be an interesting development, but I’m not sure how well it might work out plot-wise.

Regardless, you will definitely be able to choose between becoming a high-ranking demon or something a bit more humble. Like maybe just living your life, or traveling the Astral Plane.

Just putting it out there, humans are probably not going to get involved in the plot, at least not in any real direct way. Probably. Maybe.

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Will there be any actual way to fight back against those high ranking demons without joining the angels? I wont lie, just traveling for fun or living my life might leave a sour aftertaste considering we seem to have the kind power that could actualy cause some problems. It would be pretty hilarious to rebel against the angel who tried the same thing with god and succeed.

Okay. What about names and gender choises? I would play a female demon named Zone-tan, and she’ll be the biggest pervert in Hell!! :laughing::laughing:

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Again, it’s a rough draft, so some things are very much still in the unfinished stage. But I can answer this:

-Shoggoths is really just a term for what they essentially are: primative monsters able to slightly change form. They’re only strong if they are ‘solid’. Some demons are even shoggoths who became sentient overtime.

-The cast will be at least ten characters of varying importance.

-Brace yourself, this will be kinda long.

The average demon is able to make minor changes to their body, such as claws, acidic saliva/venom, or wings. One demon could probably be taken down by 5-10 armed humans with at least a couple survivors.

A powerful demon is usually defined as having a better version of such abilities or having a specialized power or magic.

It may not be necessarily ‘powerful’, as ‘effective’ or ‘skilled’ might be better words for this, such as one demon who has the ability to predict any direct hit coming their way. They have little fighting power, but such an ability makes up for it.

A truly ‘powerful’ demon is at least strong enough to take on several tanks and win. The strongest could take out entire armies with little difficulty, raise the dead from their graves, and transform into terrible beasts unseen on earth. Like Cthulhu, or example. Lovely image, wouldn’t you say?

The MC sure as heck isn’t going to start out able to do this, but they would be considered a powerful demon for their superior shapeshifting and ability to control Dark Matter.

-The MC will probably be able to climb the ranks by good old-fashioned training, favors and the like, killing those who get in their way, and using a certain ability demons seldom use to get strong quickly.


What do you want to know in particular? I’m happy to answer, as it lets me see my ideas physically and see how others think of it.

Well, what I know right now is simply a concept. You’ve introduced the main conflict, which is the driving force behind the plot, but I know nothing otherwise.

MC is tasked with figuring out why they possess certain talents, but how do they go about doing that? Where does this investigation start and in what places could it lead? What other characters will be present and how will they impact the course of events?

Though sometimes it’s easier to simply write what you have in mind, present it, and go from there:)

To answer your question, yes, you will be able to fight against them without the help of angels, you shouldn’t require their help at all to fight them; it would make it seem like you’re only way to rebel against them is to be a ‘good-guy’, and that’s suffocating in its own way.

On another note, mentioning God without spoiling any future plans of mine is a tricky thing. I’m not going to say much about it here other than the fact ‘God has many faces and many forms’. Take that however you will.

I would also mention something about angels, but I’d rather not at this point in time, it might make your experience underwhelming if I tell you how such beings function.

But I will say this: Who says there’ll be only angels and demons?


Names will be fully customizable, let your imagination run wild!
*I do suggest staying away from generic names, but that’s just a personal thing.

Gender is a bit complicated due to [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS], but it will be fully customizable, don’t worry.

And about being a pervert…

…Not sure about how you’ll go about that bud, but we’ll see.

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