Neverborn: Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha and taking lots of feedback!

So recently I decided to throw some ideas out there and see which ones are the most well received. Neverborn; my personal favorite got unanimously selected, and now it’s time to get the ball rolling on this thing. Here’s what you need to know

Following a world-wide EMP of unknown origins, mankind is plunged into a weird technological limbo state. To make matters worse, certain indivduals are being given “Patronage” by hell, or by heaven. Here’s what’s set in stone:

Will you follow the light of the arch-angel Micheal, or gain dark majesty by Lucifer himself?

Thats… It. Only that. The rest will be heavily influenced by you guys, TO A POINT. One quick question:

Would you rather have a character creation set before classes
or during classes?

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Depending on how you write either could work. Personally I’m partial to the “on the fly” method of during classes. Also I will be joining the dark side as soon as possible :smiling_imp:

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Well then! I’m thinking potentially reciving gifts from your patron, depending on which side you take. Micheal will grant “good” gifts, such as heavenly wings, an “aura” of trust or the legendary soulburn (One of his swords). Lucifer will gift “bad” gifts such as the ablility to flawlessly manipulate people, a hellmutt and lightbane (one of his swords). Wondering if it may be too much for a first story though…

I think in the act of writing your first story, you’ll find where your limits are. I’d suggest trying not out-smart yourself at this early stage by over-analysing and ending up with nothing to write :smiley:

Oh, mankind is left with technology in a weird state, and then angels and demons seemingly appear. Sounds fun. Are people given gifts by demons compelled to be evil, or can they be good?

One thing, can the MC be able to sacrifice themself at the end to save everyone (it doesn’t HAVE to end like that, just an option)

So is this based only on the Christian religion?

Are you going for only the binary good/bad option?

Do we make the decision straight away and then are tied into being bad/good or do we get given the powers throughout the game depending on choices?

Do you have much experience with coding?

Do you have an idea of what the aim of the MC is or just the setting at the moment?

You don’t have to have answers to all these questions but I’m interested to know where this is headed.

Lucifer and Micheal are patrons, they don’t transform you, only sponsor you. Yes, thrre will be a good/evil stat, and yes being patroned by Lucifer will obviously tip it towards evil, but they won’t force you to be totally good/evil. If you are consistently good/evil though, they will abandon you.

And yes, I plan to have a sacrafice ending for good characters.

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I like this forum software, it let me watch you change bed to bad :smiley: Was funnier as bed/good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok. To answer some:

Religion will play a huge part various religions will be arguing and fighting over which version of God they are referring to. The three big Monotheistic religions ( Christianity, Judaism and Islam) will all feature, as all of them have sonewhat similar central ideas.

Operating in a moral grey area is possible, but less rewarding, but with more flexibility. If you have basically been a saint the entire game, then start being evil, Micheal will be much more shocked, and the repercussions worse, than if you’ve always been kinda bad.

Finally, I do want patronage to be a big thing, but also be gradual. The patrons will need to “feel you out”.

And lastly: YOU ARE NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. Hell, I’ve storyboarded multiple romantic patroned partners! You are one pf many, and are therefore much, much more disposable.

It’s because I use my phone for it and the stupid autocorrect is always changing things when I’m not looking. Thought I was quick enough on the edit that no one would spot it :slight_smile:

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Heh. I hate phone autocorrect. So annoying.

Edit: It also appears to have a sense of irony

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Do you lose your power if they abandon you?

I’ve had a tab open on the forum for a few hours - always notifying me of new posts to threads I’m watching. Happened to be reading yours when it swapped the e for an a. Thought it was quite cool.

On the subject of autocorrect: <-- not responsible for asphyxiation by laughing too much…

Ya for neverborn woooo😃

Since the powers are permenant, no. They can take away gifts though.

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Will there be a choice to pretend to be on one side but really you’re just gathering information for the other?

Second question
If you’re caught would the Paton try to convince to stab the side you were gathering information and stay in theirs for good?

Werid questions I know but I always love options like these.

I would say befor classes as it allows you to already have your chareter plot out so that people remember who you are.

Quite simply no. You could go running to the other side if the patron abandons you, but you can’t start off as a spy.

The feedback is appreciated just far!

It’s looking good but could we have a chance to be Atheist or you’r officialy christian,islamiste?It woul be nice actually to be like: There’s no such thing as heaven or hell all of this is none sense!Oh and actually lucifer is satan and micheal an archangel.So what i’m saying is that you should choose a fallen angel not like the lord of hell or i don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:.Here’s some fallen angel name:Apollyon,Armaros,Asmoday,Asmodeus,Astaroth,Azael,Azazel.I’m going to give you the link just if you want to do a little bit of research. .Good luck :kissing_heart: