Paladin WIP ideas


Hey everyone. So here’s the deal. I’m thinking of doing my very first game. I just want to give a very basic layout of what I invision and what you people think and if any of you would actually like to see this come to fruition.
The main protagonist would of couse be a Paladin. Basically a holy warrior with some divine power.
I’m thinking that they shall only be a melee character with a few holy powers which will include repulsing undead, divine might, and bless/buff. -More may be added and these are subject to change.

The main focus of the story will be that you are charged to gather and lead a greate army against a evil force.

You are givin a old fortress which you must repair and upgrade to help prepare and equip your forces.
Side quest may be added here to help the region of your fortress and recruit soldiers, trainers, vendors and npc characters.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions/ideas. Like I said this is only a very basic idea but I’d like a little feed back.
Hopefully I should get some story penned down over the weekend and have more for you.



When I first read this I thought of fallout 3 (brotherhood of steel paladin)

But when I actually read the description it reminded me of dragon age inquisition (one of my favourite games ever), so I hope this gets made I’d love to play it


Yes abit of dragon age amd abit of base building from never winter nights 2. Also throw some baldurs gate paladin in there haha


I have one suggestion, (if you actually get to around to making this game) make an ending where we can sacrifice ourselves to kill this ‘evil force’.


I’ve got a few ideas running at the moment and that could very well be up there :wink:
Thanks for the input.


So, a Dungeons & Dragons paladin, then.

In the old days (1980s), there was very little attempt made to balance different fantasy character classes, and paladins were by far the most overpowered. This was on purpose, and the games’ designers made up for it by making the stat requirements to become a paladin so high that it was almost impossible to be one. (Remember, stats were randomly generated.) They were the superheroes of fantasy gaming, with crazy powers and a strict moral code.

Since this is an epic one-player game, maybe consider drawing from the old school, overpowered paladin: the one who is unstoppable with a holy magic sword, but who is forbidden from owning more wealth than they need.

Paladins also tended to creep people out because of their powers and their strict religious codes. A paladin could look into your soul and detect your evil intentions. Their passion for honor and virtue was great for leading armies, but not always good for making friends. When a paladin walked into a tavern, people tended to get real quiet.

It might be a good idea to have opposed stats for the paladin’s behavior (honor vs expedience, charity vs selfishness, strict vs lax, etc). An MC who is extremely virtuous might find some potential allies becoming alienated or distrustful, while an MC who is too lax might find their powers getting weaker. Traditionally, AD&D paladins who failed to live virtuously had their powers taken from them.

If this sounds like a good idea, you might want to google the 1st edition and 2nd edition AD&D paladin classes. The Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate paladins were watered down versions of this. You could even skim through the Complete Paladin’s Handbook, which has more ideas on paladins than anyone could possibly need.


Awesome ideas there. Thanks. And that handbook has already given me some good ideas which I shall be using :smile: