Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



You don’t have to stop. I was just a little confused about what was going on, that’s all :sweat_smile:. You can keep posting new information if you want.


It’s nice having question answer and learning more about the game but time spent talking about the game is time wasted from adding said info to said game but you do you it’s your game after all.


I’m looking forward to playing my Gunslinger!


Good to know that you don’t mind these bits of informations, but I should probably still try to focus solely on writing for the next few days. However, there was still one thing that wanted to share with you anyway. It’s about the part with the accesories for you character.

Since a lot of you seemed to like the idea I will now include a Option, that let’s you decide if you want to give your character glasses or not. You might also get certain reactions from some of the other characters if you decide to wear glasses. However, I would also like to include a few more accessory choices like Sunglasses, a Watch or a Necklace/Bracelet for your character. Maybe even something like a Fedora for your character. You know, like this:

However, I also plan to include certain accessories which would be only accessible for female characters like various hairpins or even a ribbon for your hair. Also, there is one accessory, that I really wanted to add as a possible option for the female MC. This option would be a Bell Collar, which might look especially cute at a Kitsune or a Cat Raiju, and which would look like this:

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for possible accessories for your character? If yes then please, post your Suggestion. As I said before, I’m open for possible ideas.


I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for my girl kitsune.


Try this


That reminds me of the funny scene between Illya and Shirou in Fate/Kaleid Prism Illya. Kuro was using her mana to create outfits for Illya to model/try on. Illya put on an outfit she liked and wanted to show her stepbrother Shirou. Kuro tried to stop her from running off, because her powers work just like yours, so she started to go after her, then was like “Meh, this’ll be good” So Illya runs down the stairs in her outfit to the front door where Shirou just came in, his back is turned as he is sitting down taking off his shoes.

Illya is now behind him asking him to look at her outfit and what he thinks. He gets up and turns around and notices she is …buck naked. He’s like “Uh, what outfit?” or something along those lines and she’s like “Huh?” and looks down at her naked body. Totally embarrassed she covers herself, but its too late, he already saw it all lol.


Would it be possible to add collar for us too?(not the bell one, just a normal collar, like a dog’s or something. You could add a tag if you want, dont think its necessary though)



Ah yes, I remember this scene. :joy:

Hmm, when i think about it, it might be quite funny to include a similar scenario for the Soulmancer. Maybe while spending time with the female cast you could try to convince them to try on some of your creations. Then something unexpected could happen (like losing your concentration or straining your power too much) which would let all your created clothes vanish, leaving the others naked.

How about a scene like this?


I would like a collar for the male mc too.


Wow imagine how Mia would react if this happened to her :joy:


That would be awesome, especially if they’re all the ones I like. Though, even though I like Sophia, I have to make sure not to have her try them on. I need my soul thank you very much. :rofl:

Poor thing would turn as red as the sun and pass out. :laughing:


That would be funny!


Yep, sounds appropriate. :rofl:

In Terms of how the other characters would react. Felicia and Maria would probably enjoy the unexpected change, Tara might flush a little but would keep up her stoic demeanour, Christina wouldn’t really mind the unexpected change (Chris is one of these characters who are impossible to embarrass) and Sophia, well I think her reaction might suprise you.


Sure, if you would like an option like that I could include a normal collar for both genders and all races (well except for the Grey Wolf, since you would already wear a collar as a Grey Wolf).


My Gunslinger is going to have a fedora.


I have a few more detailed informations about Sophia’s personality. So, if you might be interested in Sophia (either as a friend or a romance Option) this might be quite fascinating for you.

As you probably already know, Sophia is a complicated character, especially in terms of her personality. Sophia has actually two different personalities, which differ quite strongly from each other that. The “Outer Sophia” (the personality which she displays most of the time) is cold and calculating. In this personality, she doesn’t care about others. Neither about their feelings nor their views. The only important thing for the Outer Sophia are her duties as a Reaper, for which she puts efficiency over compassion, which let’s her appear to be ruth- and heartless. This personality is actually the result of Sophia profession as a Reaper. After being constantly confronted with death and decay she started to learn that both compassion and feelings for others are nothing more than a hindrance for her. Sadly, this is something that almost every Reaper learns at some point in their life.
The “Inner Sophia” (the real Sophia) however is the polar opposite to the “Outer Sophia”. She’s very kind, sweet, soft-spoken, polite and friendly towards others. She also possesses a bit of naivety that might sometimes even draw her into problematic situations and tends sometimes even to some “cute” behaviour. Sadly, she never shows this personality to others, mainly out of fear to appear weak or useless. Also, almost no one (except for her mother) knows about her separate personalities.

Here is a example for how the differences and changes between Sophia’s personalities might look like:

(Left Side: Inner Sophia // Right Side: Outer Sophia)
(Character: Moka Akashiya from the Anime “Rosario to Vampire”)


I thought she was the opposite?
Like I remember you said she faked being nice but was actually pretty cold on the inside


Actually, the concept of being cold and heartless on the outside while being kind and gentle on the inside and the idea with the two seperate personalities was my original concept for Sophia from the very beginning. Sadly I didn’t described it quite right in her character description, so I reworked her personality a little to make it fit with my actual concept.


Love this! Sophia was my favorite RO anyway and now even more! although I did like the “unbound” Moka in R+V :smiley:
The interactions with her should be very interesting, especially uncovering the two sides of her.