Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



What do the new skills do?


Telekinesis is probably self explanatory. You can manipulate, influence or move objects/matter with the power of your mind.

Sub-Zero let’s you freely alter the temprature around you, which will influence your surroundings and also boost the effects of your ice powers.

Wormhole Creation gives you the abiltiy to create Portals, which will serve as a three dimensional conncetion between two points. You can use these Portals to move almost freely from place to place or to bridge great distances.

Hand of the Puppeteer gives you the ability to take full control over inanimate objects like furnitures, cars, machines or even various fabrics. You can basically control all those objects like a puppet.

Thunderclap gives you the ability to control and manipulate the acoustic powers of thunder.

Soul Creation is probably also self explanatory. You use your Soul Energy to create all kinds of objects.


Love all of the new abilities!


Ok, I will make it frank. Would you like to get the option to give your character certain accessories, like Glasses during the character creation?

I know this is only a small feature and might be not that important for some of you, but I reall like such features, since they help greatly to personalies your character even further. Also, I don’t know why, but I simply love characters with glasses since it gives them (at least in my opinion) a certain professional and charismatic aura.

I’m sorry if I bother you with these partly unimportant and ridiculous questions, but I simply want to include features, that are appealing to anyone. I swear, that this will be my last question for you.


I dont normally go for options like that but its always nice to see them in,it adds certain flavor to it (especially if other characters acknowlage their exsitance)


I think glasses can look cute on some characters
You could make a Raiju that looks like this


Forst off you don’t bother us with questions it can only make the game better and I would like to add a bracelet to my character


I always imagined my character wearing glassess…so i hope you will add it


I would like my half dragon using aviator sunglasses haha


i’m assuming their is limitations to what someone can create with Soul Creation. Also character accessories would be awesome.


i’m assuming their is limitations to what someone can create with Soul Creation. Also character accessories would be awesome.


Actually there are almost no limitation to the objects that you can create with Soul Creation. You can create clothes, food and even various Gadgets (like bombs or a grappling hook). However, you can only create inanimated objects.

How this entire process works and what your limits are will be explained to you in Detail at the end of the Prolog by either Lina or Caitly.


Is there a limit of how many creations you can make at the same time/in a short time period?
Also can you create really big things if there is no limit? Like an airplane or something. You could make a few of them and sell them then be rich for the rest of your life :fox_face:


Speaking of limits, does a soul creation have a time limit?


You could create several objects at once, though each new object would consume more of your energy.

You could create larger objects like a car or maybe even a tank. However, such large objects cost tremendous amounts of Soul Energy. Energy that you don’t have (at least not at first).

A nice idea, but sadly Soul Creation doesn’t work that way. You see, your creations are bound to you and behave similar to your Soulweapon. If your creation would move too far away from you, it would simply dissolve. Also, your creation use your Soul Energy to keep their form. If you would run out of energy (because you keep one of your creations active for too long) all of your creations would lose their form and would dissolve into nothingness.


No, your creations don’t have a time Limit. As long as you have enough energy to maintain their form you could theoretically keep them active as long as you like.


Will the game have an energy stat bar or something that starts at 100% and gets lower when you use powers? And you could later recover it by resting


There will be a energy bar for the Soulmancer, but maybe not in the way that you might imagine. This energy bar basically represents the capacity of your Soul and influences the strength of your skills and abilities. It also limits what kind of objects you can create. The game bascially suggest what kind of objects you can create without wasting all your energy.

At first, the capacity of your Soul will be quite restricted, however you can easily increase your energy capacity through training and exercise. If you train long enough you will even be able to create larger objects (like heavy machines or various vehicles) from out of your Soul Energy.


Sooooooooooo, not gonna lie but I skimmed through most of the posts here… anyways, I can’t help but notice that you guys were/are talking about things that aren’t in the WiP… I’m kind of lost honestly :sweat_smile:… I mean, you guys are talking as if there was an update to the WiP, but from what I can see it’s the same as it was when the link was first shared…


Oh, I’m really sorry.

You see, most of the discussions here are simply about some of my ideas and concepts, which I have posted to share something new with you while work and refine the demo (which sadly takes longer than I have thought).

I think I should probably stop with posting new informations until I’m done with the demo.