Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Thank you for the kind words. :grin:


I like them all. Now is the MC human or non human?


so you’re telling me that he is a tsundere.


Tara’s appearance is a little uncomfortable given that she is a romance option. I get that she’s a automaton and has a naturally youthful appearance, but just stating that she’s 228 while keeping her appearance that of a child is unsettling.


The MC is a non human, but how much depends on your choosen species. The Duelist and the Gunslinger are more “human-like” than the other four species.

More or less. :man_shrugging:

Tara was sixteen when she was turned into an automaton. That was over two centuries ago. Her automaton body was modeled after her real body and since she doesn’t age the apperance won’t change.
But I get your Point. Maybe I will rework that point with Taras apperance.


Cool. I’m ready to become a wolfie. :wolf:


The shy succubus is definitely a new concept for me. I kind of like it. In a good way


Thank you. With Emilia, I wanted to create a character whose personalities doesn’t match with her species.


Definitely A New Perspective I’ve never encountered before nicely done.:ok_hand: :ok_hand:


sophia is definitely interesting. i’m down to be her partner in crime


Nick Valentine is a Synth companion in Fallout 4. Name a coincidence?

I mean i guess it’s fine your Nick has the same name.


It is a coincidence. But I knew I heard that name before somewhere. Well, now I know.


Jayce sounds compelling to me because he can transform into a fire bird, and become a kid aww that’s cute :blush: I kind of wonder if anyone could touch his phoenix form due to the flames, for I think it would be cool if the MC can be on phoenix’s back.
Anyway the concept and characters are interesting. I am fond of heavy romance, so Im really looking forward for this part :smile:


Jayce flames, in his phoenix form, are supposed to hurt only those which he considers as enemies. Those who are close to him won’t get hurt by the flames.

That would be pretty cool. I might include a scene like this in his romance.


Here is a little update regarding the ROs in my game.

As for now, there are seven RO, but I would like to include two more options. The question is: “Why do I want to do that?”. Well it’s quite interesting to be honest.
During one of my previous posts I spoke about the “Hunters”, the Special Response Unit of the U.S. Goverment, which deals with threats caused by non-humans and supernatural beings.
Since the MC will meet some members of the Hunters during the story, I thought it would be intersting if there would be some interactions and maybe even the option, for the MC, to start a romance with one of these Hunters.

As for the options, there will be a male and a female option. Those options are:

Laurence Redfield
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Species: Human
Info: Commander of Hunter Unit “Alpha”

Maria Hawkins
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Nekomata
Info: Second Commander of Hunter Unit “Alpha”

I know, these are not much informations right now, but I would like to hear your opinion about those two options and my idea about including them nevertheless. Don’t worry I will post their detailed informations later on.


Nekomata you say? That’s certainly…interesting. tries his hardest to suppress his nekomimi complex


Interesting. Anything with dragons in it I’m down. But what’s a nekomata?


A nekomata is a cat demon from the japanese yokai mythology.


Okay here



Oh wow! This is my first time seeing a Nekomata in a game!! I can’t wait for the demo!