Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Well, she still has her natural abilities. Maybe, some day, she will get over her shy personality. Maybe the MC will or can help her with that.


…yeah but she won’t be as powerful as she should be on a bad day…

Oh yeah dontcha worry even though I won’t romance her, I’ll eradicate her shyness :grin:


Well at least the succubus has the crowd that likes the shy type to survive off of.

Should I be worried?


Well, thats good to hear. I think. :thinking:


Why’s that?

Also will it be possible to romance multiple ROs?


Vampire? Sorry, but you can’t play as a Vampire.


Oh misread… XD but I would love to play as the half dragon.


Becuase the jester Shakespeare is gonna be the one to break a succubus out of their shell
I believe that’s low powered succubus to chaos empress in 1 second flat…
A lust demon whith the personality of the joker equal a new empire of chaos.


I haven’t thought about that yet. As it stands now you can only romance one character at once and if you want to romance another one you need to break up with your current partner first. I will think about that.


What exactly would the half dragon look like and what abilities would they have?


I just imagined a Riju a kitsune and a succubus all in front of us telling us to choose them or else… :cold_sweat:
I’m doomed no matter what even if I say I love them all equally…


Hehe imo succubi are naturally conniving, unscrupulous, persuasive spirits and so I would be just exposing her true self

Ah okay was just asking as it could lead to a very awkwardly funny interaction/s with the ROs and…

that :rofl:


If you pick the half dragon as your species, you character would still have a human-like body. But your forearms as well as a large part of your legs (from your feet up to your knees) would be completly coverd in red scales. A few single scales are also spread over the rest of your body. You will also spot a dragon tail.
Your abilities are that you can make your skin as hard as steel. You can turn your hands and feets into claws, as well as let dragon wings grow on your back, which will give you the ability to fly. You can also create a powerful aura around you which will intimidate nearby enemies and weaken them.


A raiju technically somewat not like a kitsune because its can take the shape of a wolf or a dog, a fox, a cat or a weasel. The form of a white and blue wolf or dog (or even a wolf or dog wrapped in lightning)


At ‘Post 14’ is a Picture that shows how your character would look like as a Raiju (just for info).


I meant to ask this a long time ago, can we pick the
Beast form the Raiju mc can take because if we can i would take the cat form


Since the MC would be still in the ‘Adult Phase’ of the Raiju life cycle, their beast form would mostly consists of a long tail, markings on their face and slightly pointed fur coverd ears. Also your beast form is your real form, but the MC hides their true form like most supernatural beings.


I would really like to hear which of the seven ROs would interest you the most at this point.


For me so far it be Emilia McAllister Christian/Christina Adams
Or Tara Axton


She sounds so great. I love the irony in her being shy.
I love the descriptions for all the characters!