Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Dang. Sounded like it would be fun!


If only the phantom was called danny


I thought about it, but that would be to obvious.


This sounds so good can’t wait for the demo


Dont try any romancing in water :wink:


The undead variant? But that would imply they actually died at some point, wouldn’t it? Or is it a case of zombies being a natural species and not one you become if you’re not successfully resurrected?

I wonder how their dynamic would be with a human MC that are anti-non-human?


Ooo. This seems interesting enough at this point, so I’m gonna follow this. I’m a sucker for urban fantasy, anyway.

Just a couple of questions:

  • What sort of zombie would Chris(tina) be? Are zombies a separate species? Is romancing Chris(tina) considered necrophilia? :grimacing:

  • What are automata in this world? Are they like the ones from NieR? Same question about the tricksters.

  • Are the government’s aware of the supernatural’s existence? Or is it part of the plot?


The introduction for this sounds like the tv show Fresh prince of bel air


Zombies, in this case, are a natural species. Christian/Christina for example was born as a Zombie. In this world Zombies aren’t actually undead. They are living beings with some unique characteristics. Zombies have high regenerative abilities. As long as their brain isn’t damaged they can recover from almost all kind of injuries. They can even regrown lost limbs. They possess super human strength as well as elevated agility. Also, they have a long life span and a slow aging process, like most other supernatural beings in this world.
So don’t worry. There will be nothing weird about starting a romance with Christian/Christina.

A interesting question. However, the MC spend most of their life surrounded by non-humans, so I don’t think that they would be anti-non-human.

Automata, in this world, are living machines with an own conscious and even a soul. In their apperance, they look like a ordinary human. Automatas don’t age and are, more or less, immortal. But they aren’t a natural species. A few of them even were living beings before. Tara, for example, was a human before she was turned into a automata (I could post her backstory if you are interested). Sad thing to say, there aren’t much automatas left. They are hunted down for their rare mechanical and magical components. Tara is probably one of the last existing automatas.

Trickster are Spirits with a great degree of intellect and high magical abilities. They love to play tricks to others and to disobey all kinds of rules. They can create powerful illusions and can alter their apperance. You can describe them as some kind of troublemaker.

Yes, they are aware of the existence of supernatural beings and non-humans, but they still keep their existence a secret. Also, most governments have their own ‘Special Response Units’, who are able to deal with threads caused by supernatural beings. If, for example, a supernatural being would cause to much trouble or would go rampage, the appropriate government would send out their ‘Special Response Unit’ to “deal” with those threads. Those Units consists mainly of humans and even some non-humans. Also every country gives their Units an individual name. The US government, for example, calls their ‘Special Response Unit’ simply the “Hunters”.


Aww, I was hoping for some dilemma, like ‘where does your loyalty lies? Your friends or your ideals’ kind of scenario. Looks like a human supremacist and devout non-human hater playthrough is out of the question huh?


I will think about it. Maybe I will still find a way to create and include such a dilemma.


wouldn’t that just be a Ghoul?


Hmmm, I have thought about that. But Ghouls need to consume human flesh to survive. The ‘Zombies’ that I imagined don’t need to consume human flesh. I might work that over again or rethink about it.


Alright, as promised, here are the detailed informations about each of the seven ROs.

Christian/Christina Adams
Gender: Flippable
Age: 21
Species: Zombie
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Combat Expert
Height: 172 cm / 162 cm
Appearance: He/She has a slim and athletic figure with fair skin and short red hair. A particularity about Chris appearance is, that he/she has “Heterochromia Iridium”. That means, that he/she has two different eye Colors. His/Her right eye has a green color, while his/her left eye has a light brown color.
Personality: Chris has a rather outgoing and lively personality and might sometimes even be quite impulsive and sarcastic with some their remarks and actions. Due to their Zombie nature, Chris doesn’t possess many inhibitions and because of this, they are mostly focused on satisfying their own cravings and don’t really care for what others might think about them or their actions (well, except for the MC).Interestingly enough, Chris greatly enjoys watching films about their race (Zombies) and other horror/gore films and sometimes they might even take pleasure on other people’s unfortunate situations if they deem them as funny.
When in action as a Agent they display an immense love for violence and an avid interest in both martial arts and varying firearms. They also possess a quite sharp-tongued personality as Chris does not discriminate trading banter with their allies, or with their targets. Also, Chris greatly dislikes situations that are boring in their point of view. They simply hate it being in a Quiet or Idle state and usually prefer more “fun” and action-packed situations.
Chris and the MC are best friends since their earliest childhood. They know each other for almost their whole life and Chris cares deeply about the the MC. They would do everything to help the MC, even risk their life to protect them.
Abilities: Chris has high regenerative abilities. He/She can recover from almost all kind of injuries and even regrow lost limbs. He/She also possesses super human strength as well as elevated agility.

Nick Valentine
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Species: Phantom
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Researcher
Height: 176 cm
Appearance: He has a skinny body build with light brown skin, short black hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Nick is a kind-hearted young man, who loves to help others. Sadly, he is really clumsy and seems to have an unlimited supply of bad luck. He always trips over not existing objects, breaks things or manage to get himself hurt in different, sometimes even hilarious, ways. But he always tries to hide his embarrasment about his clumsy behaviour with a smile.
Abilities: Since Nick is a Phantom, he is a master in stealth. He can fuse with the shadows and can slip in almost everywhere without being seen. He can also create minor illusions to make himself invisible or to distract enemys. Sadly, because of his clumsy behavior he isn’t the most subtly Person, but he still tries his best to not make to much noises while he sneaks through the shadows.

Sophia Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Reaper
Affiliation: Death
Occupation: Soul Collector
Height: 165 cm
Appearance: She has a slim figure with lightly tanned skin, long raven black hair and grey eyes.
Personality: Sophia has a cold and deliberate personality and displays almost constantly a calm and collected nature. She takes her duties as a Reaper very serious and is known to lack much tolerance for rule-breaking and will react to it with violence at times. Like most Reapers she puts efficiency over compassion, which let’s her appear to be cruel and merciless.
However, while she might come across as quite heart- and ruthless, Sophia has a surprisingly soft side to her. In truth she is kind, sweet and gentle (and tends sometimes even to some “cute” behaviour). Sadly, she hides this “soft side” constantly under a mask of cold- and heartlessness.
Abilities: As a Reaper, she possesses enhanced agility, elevated reflexes and increased senses. She can materialize her soul energy in form of a large scythe. She can also look into the souls of other living beings to see their true intentions and personalities. Like every Reaper, she has the ability to collect souls from deceased beings.

Jayce Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Phoenix
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Pathologist
Height: 180 cm
Appearance: He has a tall athletic figure with olive skin. His shoulder length hair is blonde with a slight orange tinge and he has golden eyes.
Personality: Jayce often shows a arrogant behaviour while interacting with others and also tends to be a little bit narcisstic. But secretly, he is a kind hearted young man who cares for the people who are close to him.
Abilities: Jayce can create and manipulate fire as well as envelop himself in flames to protect himself from damage. He can shape-shift into his phoenix form, in which he has the apperance of a large bird which is surrounded by flames. In his phoenix form, he possesses elevated agility and speed, enhanced reflexes and the ability to fly. He also possesses the ability of resurrection. If he would get deadly injured, his body would turn into ashes and leave behind a young child. Jayce conscious still remains, even in his young form. After about a week he would be back to his old adult self.

Tara Axton
Gender: Female
Age: 156
Species: Automaton
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Sniper
Height: 135 cm
Appearance: She has a youthful apperance with a petite figure, pale skin, long white hair and light blue eyes.
Personality: Tara has a mature and stoic personality. She rarely shows emotions and always acts calm and calculating. However, even despite her stoic nature she easily gets excited whenever something cute is involved. Tara absolutely adores almost everything thats cute, from small animals to adorable clothes. She would sometimes even hug things she finds cute, like kittens or puppies. Also, she has a weakness for sweets.
However, because of her rather petite figure and youthful appearance she is often mistaken for a child by others, which extremly annoys her. She doesn’t like to be reminded of her rather young apperance or the fact that she has the height of a elementary school student.
Abilities: As a Automaton she has a wide selections of enhanced attributes like high agility, intelligence and accuracy. Tara is a extremly talent Arctech Engineer and possesses great inventive skills. During her years of service within the D.S.R. she created countless high-tech devices and Gadgets for her team, which provided great support during field missions and other assignments. However, Tara’s greatest talent lies in high magical knowledge within the field of the arcane Element Earth, where she has mastered the art of creation magic with a specialization in weapon creation. She can create all kind of weapons and can use them with her enhanced attributes in the most effective ways. However, while using her abilities she usually prefers to create heavy firearms, like Gatlings, Rocket- and Grenate Launchers or Heavy Machine Guns. However, as the Sniper of Team Bravo her prefered weapon type are Sniper Rifles. To be able to fulfill her tasks as a Sniper perfectly she even created “Dragonfall”, a costum made Sniper Rifle with an enormous firepower and vigorousity, which can easily break through the defense of almost all of her opponents, even through the scales of a normal Dragon.


Gender: Male
Age: ???
Species: Trickster
Affiliation: Hunter Forces
Occupation: Expert for the Arcane Arts
Height: 190 cm
Appearance: Since he can alter his apperance, no one really knows how he actually looks like. But he has mostly the apperance of a young man with a tall and slender figure, fair skin, long brown hair which he ties back into a ponytail and dark green eyes.
Personality: Robert has a humorous personality and takes absolutely nothing serious. He loves to break rules and to undermine authority. He is the perfect example of a troublemaker. He may be a little bit crazy too. He also loves to trick and fool People.
Abilities: As a trickster, he can create powerful illusions and can alter his apperance. He also possesses a great degree of intellect and, all in all, high magical abilities.

Emilia McAllister
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Succubus
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Medical Expert
Height: 165 cm
Appearance: Emilia is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, fair skin, aqua colored eyes and long dark brown hair that is usually tied into a loose ponytail.
Personality: Like most Succubi, Emilia tries to be seductive towards other beings. Sadly, she isn’t much successful in her aspirations because of her shy personality. It’s hard to seduce someone if you can’t even look them in the eyes. Everytime she tries to talk to others, she would either start to stutter or start to blush. In most cases probably even both.
Abilities: As a succubus, Emilia can become stronger through the emotions of other beings by seducing them. She can induce immense pleasure in any human and a variety of supernatural creatures. Sadly, she isn’t quite good at the gathering of emotions because of her shy personality, which makes her physically weak and vulnerable to physical damage. However, she possesses incredibily strong magical abilities, especially in the area of water based magic. She has a natural talent for healing spells and recovery magic, which makes her more a Supporter than a Fighter. She is also able to read peoples emotions and in certain situations even their thoughts.

I would like to hear your opinion about the ROs. Are you already interested in one of them?

  • Chris(tina) sounds like a sweetheart. I’m getting the feeling that even in-universe there will be people who ship the MC and Chris, and we’ll be blushing no matter how we answer.

  • You should’ve called Nick, “Manny”. Still a bit of room there to make a reference. :grimacing:

He also sounds like a sweetheart, but also gives me the impression that he’s the sort who’s way out of his league doing cool stealthy stuff or trying his best with love. Still, we’re probably gonna cheer him on anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I’m noticing a pattern, personality-wise, even if you clarify about the typical reaper personality. I’m also (probably overthinking) what “materialize her soul in the form of a large scythe” means.

Still, Sophia has a decent skillset description, as of now.

  • Jayce is a male tsundere.

“After about a day he would be back to his old adult self.”

Well, that’s quick.

  • Hmm, Tara…

Is a robot, loves cute and small things, hugs kittens…


Maybe an older version of Nano? :man_shrugging:

  • Robert reminds me of the theme song for Cops, for some reason. Probably appropriate given the context.

Other than that, I’ll wait and see on Robert.

  • “It’s hard to seduce someone if you can’t even look them in the eyes.”

Dude. Moe and kawaii are the way to go. There are always other ways to seduce people, even if not necessarily sexy in nature.

“Despite her shy personality she is kind, friendly, and polite.”

Ah, there we go, another friendly person on the RO crew.

“She is able to read people’s emotions and in certain situations even their thoughts.”

What are these certain situations if you don’t mind mind me asking? :thinking:


That will definitely the case. :grin:

Souls are the main power source for magic and other powerful abilities. Most living beings are able to use a portion of those raw powers to, for example, cast Magic. However, there are also some beings who are able to use those raw powers or energies in different ways. Reapers, for example, are able to shape this raw energy into the form of weapon, in this case a scythe.
If you pick the Gunslinger or the Duelist as your species you will also be able to shape your Soul energy into the form of a weapon.

Well, that was, more or less, the plan.:grin:

I will rework that.

Hmm, maybe a little bit. :thinking:

Sorry, it’s hard to create good personalities. I will also rework that.

Succubus are able see the deepest desires and feelings of each person they try to seduce. Those “certain situation” are those seducing attempts.


…Zombie is cheerful and full of life!? ironic

Also…succubus doesn’t seem to be succubi-cal at all :rofl:


I wanted to include a little bit of irony in these characters. I mean who has ever heard of a succubus who is to shy to be seductive. :grin:


Well noone did but it’d be bad for business right…if she can’t hook up with anyone then she’s just ‘less than human’ :stuck_out_tongue: