Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)


Fascinating! I’m liking this game more and more!

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I plan to be a kitsune. Will that slow down the rate at which I learn water spells due to kitsune seemingly being a fire creature.@brachydiosX


Awesome! Been a while since I last caught up with this thread, it’s nice to see how the progress is going along, especially with the species’ skills and magic affinities.

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Well, partly. As a Kitsune you can still learn specific spells from the field of Water without any trouble, like Healing Magic. It would only be difficult for you, if you try learn Hydromancy or Cryomancy orientated spells.

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Kk thanks for the quick reply. So hyped for this game btw

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Will other agents be against you if you study dark magic? Will you have to keep it a secret from them? Also could you study two conflicting magic elements, like light and dark or fire and water?

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They won’t be against you, as long as you only study the fields of darkness. However, this might change when you use one of the dark magical arts. If you want to apply one of the arts of the field of Darkness, you have to act with cautiousness.

You can learn spells from each of the eight Elements, even from the conflicting ones. However you should know, that not all spells and magical arts are available for all species. For example, as a Grey Wolf, a species who is aligned with Ice, you can’t learn Pyromancy orientated spells.

Important Information: If you want to learn or to practice new spells, you must interract with a certain character ingame. This character would be Celica. She will give you a selection of new learnable spells, based on the magical knowledge and experience of your character.


Nice Magic categories, light and darkness sound very interesting, but not at much as the soulmancer


What is the Arkus Corporation?


I knew someone would ask that question.

The Arkus Corporation is a weapons manufacturer and one of the main fractions within my game. Their productline contains Firearms, War Machinery, Bio Weapons and even various Field Medications, which makes them one of the main suppliers of the U.S. Army. However, they don’t only produce normal weapons or machinery. The Arkus Corporation is the global leader for the development and production of so called “Arctech” Technology. “Arctech” Technology is the revolutionary combination of magical artifacts with modern technology. Examples for “Arctech” Technology would be enhanced bullets and firearms, which allow you to harm spiritual beings; special transmitter, which allow you to scan and to track various supernatural beings across the land; or simply various devices which enhance your attributes.
Since the Arkus Corporation is one of the few manufactures, who are able to create “Arctech” Technology, many governments and special instituations, like the D.S.R. or the Hunter Forces, are in need of their services. This need for support gives the Arkus Corporation and especially Director Neumann a lot of influence around the globe.


Fascinating. I like this!


I have another question for you. Would you like to hear a little bit about the lore of the world of my game, like the origins of Magic and the eight Elements or the reason why both Stars and Abyss are such rare arts?


of course, at least i do

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So does gunslinger’s weapon have interesting background as duelist’s?


Yep, it has. Each of the six species has it’s own unique story.


Great. Alrighty then, here we go. For the beginning, let’s start with some basic Lore, the origin of Magic and some informations about the “First Dragons”.

Warning: Long Post

The origin of Magic and the eight great Elements is a long story, which is connected to the “First Dragons”, the most powerful beings that ever wandered across the surface of our world. But enough talking for now. Let the Story begin.

Countless Millenia ago, during a time that is only referred to as the “First Century”, the world was still young and the beings that inhabited this world were still far away from their present strength. During this time the Gods ruled over this world. They controlled the fade of the world, it’s inhabitants and every other living being. They strived for the creation of the perfect world. A world that would match their own visions. However, these aspiration left the inhabitants of this young world without any kind of participation. Their needs, their feelings, their dreams, everything was dictated by the Gods and they had to obey. A few tried to rebell against them, but it was in vain. The young beings weren’t strong enough to stand up against the celestial forces of the Gods and those who did lost their lives.
However, as everything seemed lost, eight powerful beings appeared on this world. Were they came from or who created them was a mystery, even to the Gods. The Gods saw those new creatures as an unknown threat for “their” world and decided to destroy them. Though, what they didn’t know was, that those new beings possessed powers, that outclassed those of the Gods by far. The fight between Gods and those new creatures was extremly one sided. The new creatures were able to destroy the celestial forces of the Gods without much effort. For the first time in their existence, the Gods encountered serious resistance and in the end they even had to retreat, to avoid a complete extinction. Ultimately, the Gods vanished entirely from the new world, in fear that those strange creatures would kill them, leaving the world and it’s inhabitants alone.
Thanks to those eight creatures, the world was freed from the grasp of the Gods and it’s inhabitants were finally able to live their lifes the way they like.

This was the story of the origin of the “First Dragons” and their fight against the Gods. However, the first Dragons did much more than only that. Seeing the importance of Strength and Power, the First Dragons taught the creatures of this new world the basic principles of their powers during the following millenia. Each of the eight Dragons had their own unique powers and way of teaching, which ultimately lead to the creation of the eight Fields of Magic and the various magical arts.

Now to the eight Dragons themself. Each of them is alligned to one of eight Elements. The First Dragons also possess the ability, to change from their Dragon form into a more humanoid looking form.

Feng, the infernal Demon
Element: Fire
Dragon Form:

Humanoid Form:

Kaguya, the Priestess of Water
Element: Water
Dragon Form:

Humanoid Form:

Arkus, the progressive One
Element: Earth
Dragon Form:
Humanoid Form:

Tarik, the God of Weather
Element: Air
Dragon Form:

Humanoid Form:

Lyra, the Goddess of Light
Element: Light
Dragon Form:

Humanoid Form:

Darius, the banished One
Element: Darkness
Dragon Form:
Humanoid Form:

Mana, Queen of the Abyss
Element: Abyss
Dragon Form:
Humanoid Form:

Aurelia, the Wanderer
Element: Stars
Dragon Form:

Humanoid Form:


Wow that’s really detailed.
I think in the next update you should add a lore page in the stat screen and copy all these posts to there.


yep it is really detailed
i like how the humanoid form matches the dragon form


Love the new lore! :grinning:

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Ok. Here is a little bit more lore about the First Dragons. This time it’s centered around Feng, Arkus, Kaguya and Tarik.

Feng: He was mostly interested in the conflicts of the other species. He found it fascinating to see, how they would kill each other over land or resources and found a great pleasure in witnessing wars, riotings and other various acts violence. Throughout history he travelled from hot spot to hot spot. From the ancient China to the modern Europe, wherever war was brewing, he was there to witness it’s courses and even made sure to get involved. He taught the various fractions the destructive principles of Fire, showing them how they could easily eradicate their enemies and lastly simply watched how they would kill each other with the arts he taught them. Sometimes, he even took personally part in some of the conflicts. Disuguised as a normal soldier, he fought in several wars, often using his superior powers against his enemies and simply showing them how weak they were compared to him.

Kaguya: Compared to Feng, Kaguya is the exact opposite. She is a pacifist and values the lifes of all living beings. From all of the eight elder Dragons, she is probably the most kind-hearted one. She spend several centuries simply with wandering across the world, mending the wounds and diseases of the sick and tried to help wherever she could. Lastly she came across a land that caught her interest. A land of powerful warlords, honorable warriors and unique creatures. She decided to stay in this land and became a priestess in a small shrine, where she would heal the wounds of anyone who needed her help. No matter if it was a Adventurer, a travelling Samurai or a wandering Ronin, she helped anyone who was in need of help. She even taught those who were willingly enough the healing principles of Water and how they could mend the deadliest wounds or how to heal the worst diseases.

Arkus: Arkus was actually more interested in the progessive achievements of the various other species rather than the species themself. He spend countless centuries in the company of the Dwarves and the Goblins, who were already much more advanced than the other species, even during the early centuries. May it be the blacksmithing skills of the Dwarves or the already advanced technology of the Goblins, Arkus was extremly intrigued by their achievements and decided to create a bargain between him and the other species. He taught them principles of his Element, like changing normal stones into valuable gemstones or rare ores or how they could enchant their weapons in exchange for their knowledge about technology. In the end, Arkus used his gathered knowledge to create his own revolutionary inventions and devices. He was even the one who succesfully mastered to combine Magic with Technology, leading to a entirely new age of progress.

Tarik: From all of the First Dragons, he was the most adventurous one. He spend several centuries simply with travelling through the world, while constantly looking for new adventures. He climbed up the highest mountains, ventured into deepest jungles and explored the most secluded islands. During his countless journeys, he often used his powers as a little relief, like to provide for bright sunshine while climbing up the Everest or by creating a cushion of air to surf across the ocean. He even met countless other species during his many adventures, who were intrigued by his strange powers. Some of them even accompanied him on his journeys and those who were able to keep up with Tarik’s fast paced lifestyle got the chance, to learn the unqiue principles of the element Air from Tarik himself.

I hope you like those new bits of lore. Tomorrow I will post some more lore about Lyra, Darius, Mana and Aurelia. Also, you will know the reason, why the Elements Abyss and Stars are so rare in the world of my game. There will be also some new informations about the Half Dragon.