Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I’d like to test


Oh by the way, I have one last announcement to make. Relatively soon (probably somewhere during the next two weeks depending on my free time) I will post a short teaser for my story, which will contain the beginning of the Prolog, here in the main thread. Through this I want to give everyone a chance to experience at least a little of my story before I start with the whole testing plan. This teaser would also serve as a great foundation for future updates (and could finally give me the option to delete the old demo). The teaser will contain the character creation, the first appearance of Christina, Selena and the mother of the MC and the first confrontation with Jake (the antagonist of the Prolog) and his friends.


We get to meet Selena? Yes!!



Yep, but it will only be her character introduction. The actual interactions will follow a little bit later, so I hope that her introduction will be sufficient enough for now.


Yeah I’m still interested.


I would be interested


:thinking: sooooo who is jake bulling? can we kick his ass and teach not to mess with our people? Can we stare him down? can we treat him like shit? can we ignore him completely, as if he was just an insignificant insect? trucidate ? :upside_down_face:

me want read

the wait makes it better :triumph: . or something like that.



He bullies and insults anyone who he sees as weak or inferior compared to him. However, for whatever reason, his bullying is often focused on the MC and their friends.

I don’t want to spoil to much of the Prolog, but let’s just say that the whole story with Jake will have a quite satisfying conclusion.


Can you add character introductions to the game? Thanks <3


Umm this might sound a little bit stupid, but what exactly do you mean by “add character introduction to the game”.


I say the characters in the game sample
Gender: Male/Female (depends on your choice)
Age: 21
Species: Zombie
-Your childhood friend.


my English is bad. Sorry


Oh, so you mean something like a detailed profile to each character in the stats screen. If yes then I can assure you, that I already planned in including such a feature in my story.


Evet teşekkürler


YAY. ヽ(。◕‿‿◕。)ノ



Guess he’s never learned about letting sleeping dogs lie, eh?

I’m going to take a wild, baseless guess and say that some sort of jealousy or rivalry toward the MC makes him act like this (or maybe he’s trying to impress someone whose more impressed by the MC and hates that).

Hope it’s Loki’s encounter with Hulk satisfying in regards to the wolves. :joy:


Seens Jake will literally fit the trope “bullying a dragon” haha. He is one of the supernaturals?


Hmm, probably not.

Nice guess but sadly not really accurate. I can assure you, that Jake feels nothing but hatred towards the MC. You see Jake was gifted with relatively strong and potent natural powers, which set him apart from other children. For his whole life he was treated as a prodigy and praised for his natural talents, which ultimately turned him into a arrogant ass who thinks of himself as superior to everyone else. He treats everyone who he sees as weaker compared to him with nothing but disgust. Though, as I said before, he is especially cruel towards the MC and targets them in particular. The reason for this are the unusual circumstances regarding the natural powers of the MC (only during the Prolog). You see, every young non-human has a important moment during their life which is called “the Awakening”, the Moment at which they manifest their natural powers for the first time. Usually the Awakening goes off without a hitch in most cases. However, the Awakening of the MC was a little bit more complicated. Their powers manifested themself, but only partly. Because of this the MC was only able to use a small almost insignificant portion of their powers, which made them a oddity even amongst the non-humans. Because of their rare condition the MC was often treated quite differently by other kids or their fellow classmates. Especially by Jake, who sees the MC as nothing more than a living failure.

Hmm, not entirely accurate but already quite close.

Yes, he is. Jake is a so-called Shadow Beast, a sub-species of the werewolf race with the natural talent to control and manipulate shadows.


Is jake a little bit like Katsuki Bakugo?


No, he isn’t aggressive or anything like that. He is just arrogant prick who treats almost everyone like shit because of his relatively strong and potent powers.