Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



i’d be happy to test through to the end


Still very interested


I hope its not to late to say that im interestet, too. I love this WiP. I would be happy to stay till the complete end


Nope, you are still on time and there are still open spaces.

Well then, welcome on board.


Umm, I think you misunderstood something. Only the eight elder Dragon’s are related to each other and stay in no relation to the other Dragons besides being of the same race. So, if you want to date a Dragon as the Dragon MC (which is actually possible since there is one Dragon among the ROs) you can do so without any kind of trouble.


I for one would gladly stay for the long run😀


I would also like to stay for it all


I’m in in it to win. (Meaning I’m still interested)


oo i kinda though they went down the human path and that all dragons where related well ok then. tho it still messed up my original plan to try and flirt with mana (this was the plan before i heard she was my aunt well sorta aunt since im prob 10 generations down the bloodline) well what can you do.


I’m interested in testing, but I would want to know if you aim for a specific kind of feedback or if it doesn’t matter at all


Wait, who is it? I don’t remember this, do you already talked about him/her?


What I’m looking for is mainly help with grammar and spelling errors as well as technical and continuity errors. Of course a little bit feedback for the story itself would be also nice. Maybe you find a scene which could still be improve. I’m also open for your own improvement suggestions, if you might have any.

The Dragon RO is Laurence/Laura, the leader of Hunter Unit Alpha. I talked about him before, but its been a while and since then I also changed a few things about him, so it probably should be no suprise that you were a little bit confused (I should probably update both of their character descriptions).


I’m in for the long haul.


Wait Laura’s a dragon?
When did I missed that?


Hello, I was one of the ones that expressed interest in testing and still want to if that’s ok


Well, I mentioned it before in one of our discussions, but its been a while since then. Also as I said before, I also changed a few things about Laurence/Laura and gave them both a small rework.


Whoopsie daisy
Probably missed that somehow


I want to test it


If you don’t find your current amount of volunteers satisfactory I’d be happy to offer whatever assistance I can.

It’s been my experience playtesting some games that sometimes people are just less useful than others.

Might not even be any wrongdoing, mind you, but some games it’s “Okay, I don’t like this, have you considered this? Adding this would be cool. That doesn’t make sense, etc” and other times I’m struggling to find more than “Erhm, I like the game,” because while I’m sure that’s nice to hear, isn’t really useful, I know.


Well to be honest I already have quite a few testers, but I’m grateful for all the help I can get so you are welcome to join as a tester. Especially since you seem to be quite expirienced with beta testing.