Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I’m going to love eventually putting Jake in his place!


Hmm he seems a bit of a cunt tbh


I can think of several words to describe him.


At the beginning I thought i talk to him in a peaceful way. But after reading this i prefer the option “punch him in the face”

Wait that doesn’t exist? Naaw i have to wait till the end of the prologue


This is out of the blue but is there a yandere(ish) RO (hopefully a male lol)??? :laughing: Also is there a chance that the MC can be as strong as the first dragons???


Oh, it definetely will. That one satisfying moment when that arrogant Wolf finally realizes that his oh so superior powers are mere childsplay compared to the true capabilities of the MC.

I couldn’t have said it any better.

Also, that idiot definitely has it coming for whats going to happen to him. I mean (and I’m quite sure most of you will agree) no one can simply insult our friends without meeting the consequences.

Actually, there is a scene way before the actual fight with Jake that would give you the chance to humiliate him in front of the whole school. That would of course include the option to punch him in the face (if you pick Grey Wolf as your race). By the way, the way how you would deal with Jake in this scene would vary from race to race.


…He’s going down. The moment you pick on the shiest member of the group, you are lower than dirt. Since he’s a Wolf himself, would it be a extra dose of humiliating for Jake to be taken down by a former weakling who is the same being as him or more humiliating to be taken down by someone from another race?

Does anyone even really like this guy? Or they just more tolerate Jake and his adittude due to his supposedly superior powers? Because I would find it a little funny to see what the end result of MC delivering the much deserve karma is that he finds that he never actually had someone to rely/lean on. Or MC (before the karma delivery) casually goes passive aggressive on him and making some remark that he may have fans, but they have FRIENDS; and only a idiot with their head stuck up their wazoo wouldn’t realize what last longer in the end.


Wait is Jake only going to rear his ugly head in the prologue or is he periodically going to pop in at times?

Oh yeah, speaking of shy succubus:

So do each of these races end up acting in particular ways that makes their partner aware of the potential presence of the full moon (like do the females react to being in heat differently)? Since Lawrence/Laura can shift between two genders, does that mean the moon also has some form of effect on them as well?

This is more a joke on the fact that @Fay made me realize that Thanos cars are my limit. Look at the ridiculous mustache car.

Chris’ motorcycle sounds awesome though (feel like Sirius would be a dork about it and just want to race it first).:joy:

Why is this embarrassing for the lamias? are their thing that happen to other demi-human races that they often find embarrassing?

What is Lena’s idea of a perfect partner? What are the chances that a lamia would be born from the union (is it half a chance a lamia would be born and half the other parent’s race or is a female baby always born a lamia or is it something else)?

Do they do it by themselves or sometimes get some help from a friend/some person they are close to (like it being akin to a friend helping another friend tend to their really long hair)?


Quick question about the soulmancer, is it possible to absorb the souls of those, who died less than an hour ago, and receive a temporary boost in strength, etc. and a permanent raise in corruption?


Coward. Thanos car is where Sirius will find true love with Fear, remember?

Do Kitsunes and Grey wolves shed fur like normal foxes and wolves?

I wonder if Lena has asked MC or someone else to help her shed. Getting rid of 8 meters long skin sounds pretty difficult.


I try to forget. :joy:

Sirius deserves so much better; pairing him with Fear in a Thanos is like pairing him with Jake in a landfill. :sweat_smile:

Would that be embarrassing for them though?

I actually have been wondering that myself. But if Lena get really embarrassed about the idea MC seeing her while her tail skin sheds, I’m not sure if they ever really got a chance to see her like that or even help her get rid of the skin. Then again, we don’t really know why the skin shedding is embarrassing for her (maybe because her skin becomes really sensitive to touch while it sheds, so MC helping her just makes it extra embarrassing). :thinking:


YAY ٩◔w◔۶

More ways to end him too?
or when the time finally come we are going to be given the samee option to termitate him regardless of race?
me already wants to see all the possible outcomes of this scene for each race. :upside_down_face:

no need for reasons. he is dead already, he died the moment he hurt our friends. :neutral_face:

also is he beautiful? or at least accepatble. I mean since ugly people are already ugly it makes no real difference when you mess their face like " it was ugly then, its ugly now." maybe a bit uglier?
My point is that the more eye cathing the target is, the more difference we will see in the before/after.
Which makes the work all the more satisfying. :blush:
i good either way.

i imagine they would have to at least brush their fur regurlarly? I dont know if its the same for wolves and foxes, but for dogs, other than removing dead hair, it helps to keep the skin and hair helthy by stimulating blood flow and dstributing the oils, also clean and tangle-free.

i dont think it would be embarrassing, its the same when we brush our hair. Though i think they would prefer to do this at home? You dont go around brushing your hair wherever.
Do you?

i dont think so? i mean, according to my knowledge( i may be wrong) the skin sheds? mostly whole as long as the snake is properly hydrated or the ambiente humidity is favorable to the process.

i guess it would be embarassing becase she has to moisturize her body in order to shed?

i dont know about a help-lena scene as it sound personal?
but it would cool to have something like that for a grey-wolf or kitnune mc who doesnt groom himself or has trouble doing it.

like chris scolding them for not grooming themselves or forcefully doing it for “their own good”. Or emilia/lena asking if mc needs help/ or telling him he should take better care of his fur and trying to brush despite complaints. :slightly_smiling_face:

the mother’s race?
we had this discussion once. i dont remember the conclusion( if there was one at all).



Actually yes, my story will feature a Yandere who will be available as a potential RO. However, this character won’t appear anytime soon. Maybe somewhere in the second book.

Maybe not as strong as the eight Elders, but the MC still has a great potential to become one of the strongest characters within the world of my game.

The reason why no one does anything against him is because of fear. Most students are afraid of him and usually accept his harassment because they fear what might happen if they would oppose him.

There is actually a whole Story behind this, which is connected to the way how Jake managed to acquire the position as the strongest student of the whole school and which basically started his whole “reign of fear”.

It would be a extreme humilation no matter which race you pick, because it would Always be the famous Scenario of “the strongest is beaten by the weakest”.

For now Jake will only appear in the Prolog. However, lets just say that this definitely won’t be the last time that you will hear from him.

Yes, they do. The full moon affects almost all female demi-humans (with a few exceptions), which is the reason why most of them usually try to make certain precautions for these nights, For example, non-humans who are aware of their behavior and who want to avoid losing control often drug themselves with sleeping pills beforehand. Due to this, they’ll be too sleepy to indulge themselves.

Since Laura is a female demi-human she will of course also be affected by the influences of the full moon, a fact that Laurence isn’t all too fond of.

Its embarassing for them, because Lamias are left in a weakned and vulnerable state during this whole process. Thats why Lamias usually avoid others during these short periods.

However if, lets say, Lena might be in a relationship with someone she can trust and rely upon she might even accept if they would offer her to help her with her whole shedding procedure. To be honest, she could definitely use the help, since (as you probably already noticed) its not that easy to get rid of eight meters of Skin. Though, if you actually intent to help her I would recommend that should try to be extremly careful. The skin of Lamias is extremly sensitive during their shedding periods and it might create certain “complications” (if not excatly unpleasant ones) if you are to rough.

Yes, they do. Usually during spring time.

No, Soulmancer can’t absorb the Souls of deceased beings. Only Reapers or other races who stay in the service of Death are able to do something similar to that.

However, there is actually another way which would allow you to temporary boost your abilities as a Soulmancer. You see, experienced Soulmancers are able to absorb certain amounts of Soulenergy from other beings, which would allow them to copy some of the natural abilities or powers from the specific being for a short period of time


How did we met Mia since you reworked the school. Were we still one of the only ones who weren’t effected of her Succubus powers? If yes why and if not is there another reason or was she just too shy anyways and chris and the MC were the only ones who spoke with her?

Because if I understood it right we aren’t longer on normal school but on a Non-Human school


Since I reworked the part with the school, I did actually changed the concept of how Mia and the MC met for the first time as well. This new concept will be connected to the fact, that Seraphina (Emilia’s mother) and the mother of the MC are old friends who go way back (and I mean really way back) and that she visited the MC quite often when they were younger. Basically, the new concept will be that Sera introduced the MC and Chris to her daughter Emilia when they were all still children and that their friendship slowly developed itself from that point on.


I’ve finally read the whole thread :joy: :tada: (More or less :laughing:)
Can’t wait for the demo :smile:


Thats a good way to explain why mc and friends are less affected by her charms too i would guess? like they deeloped a resistance over time?



Yep. Basically, due to the light exposure to the Succubus pheromones of both Seraphina and Emilia since childhood the MC and Co. managed to develop a certain resistance against said pheromones.


I still would like to beta test please!?


That’s a neat adaptation. Still can’t wait to curbstomp jake though.


Is there any form of magic/device/weapon that would allow you to fully restore or siphon/steal/transfer magic energy?