Type of Vigilante/Black market Help?


I decided to adopt an idea from the idea for authors post, but I need help with two things.

Number one, I need a 3rd type of vigilante, i just cant seem to think of one.

Number two, how would you go about introducing a black market for all sort of thing like weapons. I mean like who do you go to for stuff like that?

Type One vigilante: Sniper/Drug expert:

  1. This vigilante will not interact with the target personally unless the target is confirm to be 100% immobilized.

  2. This vigilante has a penchant for drugs that are dangerous, that also translate to guns which can be use with darts to administer the drugs.

  3. This vigilante will also have access to weapons such as mini bombs and throwing stars that can be use for a more aggressive tactic/approach if need be.

  4. This type of vigilante is not strong physically and has the personality of a rabbit. When shit hits the fan, the vigilante will most definitely bolt to get away from danger.

  5. Parkour is his/her life line. Unlike the other two, he/she will have miles upon miles of territory memorize and with it the many exits that can save his/her life.

Type two vigilante: Soldier/Martial artist:

  1. This is a no nonsense get to the point of the problem vigilante.

  2. He/She prefers to interact with the target personally.

  3. He/She have a body that resembles the properties of a tank and the punches of a bullet train.

  4. This vigilante has a perchant for close range weapons that range from knives,brass knuckles. steel bats and anything that can be use to bring the pain.

  5. This vigilante is very strong physically and some say has the personality of a bear.

  6. Besides strength, martial arts is the life line of this vigilante and unlike the others if his/her strength is not controlled, than there might be accidental deaths.

  7. He/She will not back out of a confrontation so easily

Type three vigilante:???


Schemer/Detective? A type of vigilante that prefers to learn everything about the target, reveal the target’s deepest secret and use what he/she knows about the target to exploit the target’s ‘weaknesses.’


Look at the markets in the real world and model your market after them… lawless places like Mogadishu is where you want to look.

The movie “Black-Hawk Down” gives a very detailed account of such a market as a side-effect of telling the story of the helicopter crash it is meant to tell.

Third type of Vigilante: The Scientist/Industrialist - examples here include Batman and Ironman.


Thanks for the help and the movie, i’ll watch it later tonight. :slight_smile:

I would love to write one of those, but aren’t Bruce and Tony filthy billionaires? The m.c wouldn’t be able to afford that type of tech.


People need to start from somewhere - not everyone starts out with the billions from father Bruce had or that grandfather gave Tony… you get to be original in your characterization…


If you like the inventor concept but can’t have an MC that’s very wealthy, you could use Virgil Hawkins (aka Static of DC Comics) as a template instead of Batman…


MacGyver is an inventor type, who was able to make do using anything he could get his hands on. You don’t need to be a billionaire when you can scrounge up every day items in order to turn them into useful equipment! And improvised weaponry, and using brain over brawn, is fun.


As well as various characters cast by Steven Seagal. I still remember that pistol-silencer made from one big bottle and a napkin.

Or maybe a Jason Bourne-ish mysterious, cunning type chara


Yeah, this sounds like a great option to balance it all out. The kind of person who plans but is also able to improvise on the spot. Someone who twists words into a noose around the victim’s neck—a mentalist of sorts.


Black hat hacker? Come on, hasn’t everyone seen the deep web at least once…


Black hat hacker vigilante? Out of curiosity how would he be able to fight?


He’d fight in the binary.


I second a vigilante that uses emotions and psychology to fight his opponents, instilling fear to prevent them from acting normally, knows their patterns and mentality inside out and is able to use it against them.

Mind you, I once heard of a Batman story where he basically stalks Joe Chill until he committed suicide. Such a vigilante would be extremely insidious. Though far more vulnerable outside his element.


Really, thank you all for the suggestions :slight_smile: I combined a few things and this is what came out.

Type three vigilante: Black hat hacker/ Detective:

  1. This type of vigilante never interacts with the target personally or directly, unless otherwise force to.

  2. This vigilante has a perchant for technology and food.

  3. This vigilante will have access to shall we say illegal programs that can be beneficial or destructive towards his objective.

  4. This vigilante is the weakest of the three, but unlike the others he/she is the most intelligent. They say he/she is cunning like the Fox.

  5. This vigilante life line is (his/her) Detective/Scheming work. Since this vigilante is not very mobile, (he/she) will need to hire others to do the dirty work. When I say hire, I don’t mean they will get paid. This vigilante recruits other vigilantes by finding everything about them, (he/she) will proceed to use emotions (appealing to the good side of the person) or psychology, instilling fear by threatening to reveal the target’s deepest secrets, endangering them at every turn, making it impossible for them to live normal life ever again.

I think i’m set, time to write!


I’d say engineer think Q from James Bond only angry and taking a personal role in using such tools.


Or one of your characters … the one that sits in the throne :wink:


Oh you mean massively powerful but is a walking hazard others must avoid or ZAP!! Not through any intent just cause of unstable power :wink: